Hydrogen Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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[YEA]  03/07/2008: Ashley from Memphis, TN: "'I too have suffered with bv for about 4 years now. I have been to the doctor several times for this and my doctor always prescibes metronidazole. It works for a while but the bv always comes back. I was so fed up with going back to the doctor that i decided to see if there were other remedies and I found this site yesterday. I am so very happy. I purchased some folic acid pills, acidiphilous and peroxide and I am proud to say that the itching has gone away in less than 24 hrs and the discharge has become less. I will post updates on my road back to normalcy. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing this remedy."

[YEA]  03/07/2008: portia from warner robins, ga: "I tried a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 10% povodine iodine, and water. I made a douche of it w/ about 2/3 peroxide and the rest iodine. This has worked unlike anything else. I have been battling bv for over 4 years and i have taken the metrogel, clindesse, and tons of over the counter vitamins and minerals and probiotics.I have not had a recurrence and I use the douche once a month after my period. I hope this helps someone."

03/09/2008: Michelle from Baltimore, Maryland replies: "Exactly how much Hydrogen Peroxide, exactly how much Povodine Iodine and exactly how much Wter was used for the douche for Bacterial Vaginosis. Did it work with 1 douche?"

[YEA]  03/04/2008: Leah from Shawnee, Oklahoma: "I've tried the Folic Acid 800 MCG, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide/water douche 50/50 mix, and Acidiphilus Probiotic (500 Million Organism/tablet) remedy for recurring BV. I'd suffered and suffered from BV. I didn't know the cause, my Doctor didn't know the cause. I felt like a broken record. I felt gross and dirty. I felt I was not treating this problem properly. I was going to keep shelling out money for products and medicines that were only temporary fixes. I'm DISGUSTED that our doctors don't take this BV problem more seriously. They should be recommending this natural remedy and stop filling us with antibiotics that are so harmful. THANK YOU SO MUCH(!!!) for helping not only me, but my fellow sisters in our fight against recurring BV"

03/25/2009: Jodie from Edinburgh, Scotland replies: "Hi ladies & concerned partners,

Thankyou for sharing, your combined information is incredibly valuable!!

When your body seems to be letting you down, remember your body is trying to always keep a balance in this crazy old world of "short-cut" living and eating, and unappreciated stresses.

Many people rightly seek a Doctor's opinion and care, but when the advice and treatment is not giving you the results you hoped for or getting to the source of the problem, consider seeking another opinion from a different health philosophy, such as a Naturopath. A qualified Naturopath will spend about an hour getting to know you, and asks a lot of questions to consider many aspects of your health, lifestyle, diet, emotional state etc. Their treatments aim to helps the body heal itself by supporting your systems & considers you wholistically. Herbalists, Nutritionist and Homeopaths can also be very helpful depending on your health concern. Horses for courses and all that!

Most cities have a professional listing of registered practitioners in your area. Find one that suits you. I hope this information has helped you to steer you in a new direction with your health and self-empowerment, be it for BV or other issues.
Best Wishes to you all."

[YEA]  02/07/2008: sothankful from Dallas, Texas: "Thanks to someone that pointed me to this site and the site itself I tried the 1/2 peroxide and water douche. I saw immediate results no odor what so ever. I felt so fresh and clean. I also took a double dosage of Folic Acid and Acidophilis. I will update in a few months on my progress. However immediately I can tell a difference. Thank you so much to all!"

08/07/2008: Lauren from Belpre, Ohio replies: "I have a question to everyone using the hydrogen peroxide douche. Are you using the food grade peroxide or the 3% peroxide found in drug stores?"

EC: 3% drug store, definitely not food grade!

11/13/2012: Lala3 from Las Vegas, Nevada replies: "I personally use food grade hydrogen peroxide as the pharmacy bought stuff (generally in the brown bottles) is full of toxic stablizers. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is purchased online or at natural food stores. I recommend getting the 35% and diluting down (with distiled water only! ) to 3% (3% is the same strength as whats in the brown bottles. Using 35% straight without dilluting will burn you, and should be handled with care. It is very concentrated).

Once diluted to 3%, I use that straight. I don't do a 50/50 mix with water. I also took acidophilus, and in one day it cleared up a combo yeast and bv infection. First go. I've never experienced anything like this before. It took about 3 days to heal the damaged tissue on the outside of my vagina, but once the infection was gone (instantly) it started healing, and was better in no time. I can't say enough good things about it. YAY for sure!!!"

11/14/2013: Allison from Canada replies: "Wow! Hydrogen Peroxide seems to work for me. I've battled yeast/bv for the last 4 years, and I am 23 now! It seems to me that it's my boyfriends chemistry. I have always been the relationship type and have had 3 serious boyfriends. The first.. I had noooo problems with yeast, or bv!! The second, and now my current one... Like whoa.. Every time we have sex I get worried... Which is a lot. I'm not over weight, or unhealthy... So it sucks to face a reoccurring problem and not be sure of the triggers!!! Anyways ladies, I feel your pain... It's no fun to smell, or be itchy... Or feel unsexy!! Luckily I don't have much trouble being open about this sort of thing. I volunteer at a sexual health service... And I'm in my last year of a cell and molecular bio degree... Sooo I know... A lot... A lot... About stds, gential infections.. And microbes!! And I know.. Regular douching is definitely not recommended... It can induce new oppurtunisitic bacteria into your vaginal canal, which may even bypass your cervix. Problems.. PID, or parasitic bacterial colonial growth! Not fun, and dangerous!!!!! Shower heads actually contain these oppurtunisitic bacteria I am referring to, in biofilm for! Biofilms are up and coming in biomedical research as the films make it difficult for antibiotics to penetrate and kill the colony. So, for the love of your lady parts, do not m------e with a shower head!!!!! Only use clean, sterilized toys!!! Anyways, with my knowledge about bacteria... This may help you guys... Bacteria have particular growth phases, which begins with a lagging growth, exponential growth, a peak and then death as all the nutrients of the surrounding environment are usually 'used' up. Some bacteria do survive, of course.. And this is what causes the next flare up when conditions in your vagina are favourable for the bad bacteria causing bv (ie. Good temp, abundance of nutrients, no toxins). Basically bacteria are at a tug of war in the vagina... Producing by-products from their metabolism to keep one another at bay... Hydrogen peroxide is produced by lactic acid catabolizing bacteria.. So we want these guys nice and healthy to combat the guys causing the fishy, odour and slight discomfort. I was never a fan of antibiotics... They are over prescribed sadly, and bacteria replicate so quickly, it's no wonder they've evolved and adapted so quickly to maintain their replicative properties in regards to antibiotic exposure... Anyways, that's why I believe hydrogen peroxide is a great solution.. Rather than dosing the entire body with an antibiotic that has side-effects and also may inhibit growth of the good hydrogen peroxide producing bacteria we are deficient in during the time of infection!! Anyways, I tried it with a douche (50 3% h2o2/50 tap h20). Also, I soaked a tampon in it over night.. I've got to say.. This was my first time ever douching, and it was a bit uncomfortable... But I feel like even this morning my vagina doesn't have an odour, and looks really great! So, I don't recommended douching of you are healthy.. But as a local treatment for bv, I feel like there are significant advantages over metrodiazole... 1. Doesn't kill the bacteria we want, 2. No nasty stomach upsetting side effects, 3. Immediate results and relief, 4. It's mimics the lactic acids bacteria natural defense to the bad odourous bacteria. I do want to touch on the lactobacillus acidophilus as well.... I talked about the growth cycle of bacteria earlier in this discussion and this is reallllyyyyy reallllllyyyyy important to keep in mind when purchasing 'active/live' bacterial cultures! If they are in a bottle on the shelf at room temperature.. They are dead.. Gone.. Do not buy it!! Do not waste your money!!!!!!! Incubation temps of this bacteria are notttttttttt at that temperature, and without a complex medium to serve its metabolic needs (as it's stuffed in a capsule) it is goooonnnnneeeeeeee. Only buy ones chilled/from a fridge so that the live cultures have been basically stunted in growth(kept in lag phase) until they reach favorable temps. So only by chilled capsules and keep then in the fridge until uou use them, also check the expirary dates (look for the newest batch! ). In yogurt their growth is also stunted because of the low 4-7 C temp of your fridge! They are lactic acid bacteria (produce hydrogen peroxide) which is what we want, and they survive best at body temp 37 C!!! Anyways.. I can't remember if I have much else to say, I wish you all good luck in yor vaginal health, and sanity!!! I feel your frustrations, as this drives me crazy sometimes!!! Just talk to your doctor if you have reservations, but use every source available to you! You have to be the advocate of your own health, be educated, and know your body! I hope I helped some one :) peace and love!!! Xox"

[YEA]  01/25/2008: Sarah from San Jose , CA: "For over a year I had been experience itching and smelly vaginal discharge after my menstrual cycle and intercourse. It would eventually subside but it always came back. Finally I decided to go to the doctor. She perscribed a very expensive ($75) one time vaginal cream. It worked for about two days and the symptoms returned. I decided to go to earth clinic to see what I could find. Immediately I found a cure. The best thing to do is use the hydrogen peroxide, acifidopholis, and folic acid method. Imediately upon purchase I took two acifidopholis pills (100mg ea) and 800mg of folic acid. The itching stopped in about 15 minutes. I ran home and did the 1/2 H2o2 1/2 H2O douche and the discharge was gone. To stay on the safe side I douched one more time the following day and have been on the pills twice a day. It has only been three days and I feel great! Thank you to all the readers who share their remedies!!"

09/07/2010: Schenderson22 from Castaic, Ca, United States replies: "This absolutely works!! I experienced the same issues and had to buy a cream that cost over $100. I found this site b/c the symptoms came back. Using the folic acid with the Acidophilus and the 1/2 H20 and H2O douche will resolve the issue. It seems as though the Acidophilis and Folic Acid is key. The douche will help get a grip on the smell and itchy irritation. I ended up having to double up on the Folic Acid and Acidophilis. Once I was confident it was gone I started taking two Acidophilis pills and 400 mg of Folic Acid. Chances are your doctor is correct. It is most likely the lack of Folic Acid in your diet that is causing the BV."
[YEA]  08/08/2013: Chris Bee from Flemington Nj replies: "I was first diagnosed with BV when I was 18... Nothing worked to cure it. I too was on antibiotics and finally told there was no cure. I was desperate and sick of having it. When I turned 30 I stumbled upon a remedy similar to the one above. I used the douch for a week 3x's a day. Instead of taking the folic acid orally I inserted the dose 2x's a day into the vagina after each douch. I took the recommended dose of acidiphillous orally. I finished the bottle of probiotics and that's it. Two years later the BV still hasn't come back!"
12/23/2013: Murron from Ventura, Ca replies: "Oh my goodness I am going to try this. I think I've been dealing with BV since I was 21 and I'm 26 now. So what...five years of itching, disgusting discharge, gross.

In the past 9 months the discharge has been HORRIFIC. It's a horrible color (greenish yellow) and very watery and drippy sometimes. I've also noticed that it seems to be worse after I have sex with my current bf and there is a disgusting fishy odor that has NEVER been present before. It makes me not want to sleep with him or anyone.

I've also noticed an ammonia-like smell to my discharge sometimes. It seems to be the worst right before my period, clear up during menstruation, and then returns in the middle of my cycle. The discharge and the odor is the worst, it is quite alarming.

My STD tests always come back negative, but I'm almost positive that I had a re-occurence of BV somewhere in those 4 years that was never properly cured, then was aggravated by someone, I don't know who. I don't want to put antibiotics in my body only to have them not work when I desperately need them to. It's happened to me before with yeast infections. So I am going to try the Hydrogen Peroxide, Apple Cider Vinegar and water douche, along with some Greek Yogurt on the 'off days'. Tired of dealing with this!!!"

[YEA]  12/20/2007: Jo from Norfolk, England: "Thank you all for your valuable tips. I had been on four courses of antibiotics (metronadizole) in as many months. After finishing my last course on Monday morning by the evening the symptoms had re-occurred just as badly. I was at my wits end and finally decided to try to find a cure myself after being told by my doctor that it was caused by an imbalance in my system. I had also had a swab taken to confirm the presence of BV. I had tried the yogurt approach and although it worked for a few weeks my BV returned. After reading all your comments I went out on Tuesday morning and bought the hydrogen peroxide and made up the solution with water and used it to treat myself, as well as the folic acid. I had already been taking the Acidophilus capsules. However, all this combined seems to have made a remarkable difference. My symptoms have improved dramatically and I am going to continue with all of the above in the hope that it will finally rid me of it. This site was a godsend to me and I cant thank you enough. I wish you all well out there in our fight against this!"

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda

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[YEA]  12/19/2013: Nessy from New York (ny): "The Hydrogen Peroxide Absolutely Works! I've have this probably for 3 years now. it started after having sex with my current boyfriend, who is not circumsized..... ugh. But desperate to find a cure I came across this remedy. But I will say the other thing to do along with this is to wash your vagina with baking soda. Any kind of soap or perfume will irritate your vagina and will add to the problem. Baking Soda is a life saver. I use it all over my body It even totally cleared up my minor acne on my face. I use it every day. It might seem harsh, but it is totally natural and wonderful for your skin and boda. Removes all odors. It wo't cure you but it will help prevent further reactions."

Sea Salt Soaks

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[YEA]  11/21/2013: Meagany from Tn: "I love this site! I tried the 1:1 mix of hydrogen peroxide to water with the tampon method and it works! Another one that has worked for me is salt water soaks. I use 1 cup sea salt to about 7 cups HOT water and mix in a plastic basin. Sit in it for 10 min and repeat for another 10 min. I found this on YouTube and it has worked for a milder case of BV."

12/14/2013: Becka from Seattle, Wa replies: "Hi, thanks so much for this info . I just did a Hydrogen Peroxide tampon and I can't believe how "clean" I feel unreal...QUESTION please ladies..i want to know how often to do this? Daily? Nightly? How long max can we leave the tampon in? How long should we do this for..weeks? It seems scary to stop doing it when symptoms subside because BV is that ugly stepmonster that never ever goes away..especially when you think its safe and gone bam..unclean once more. THANK YOU :)"



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