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Hydrogen Peroxide: General Uses

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Bill Munro sent us the following excellent article on Hydrogen Peroxide.

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The two basic types of oxygen therapy are ozone blood infusion and absorption of oxygen water or hydrogen peroxide at very low concentrations. It turns out that the AIDS virus, like other virus, cannot tolerate high oxygen levels in its victims' blood. Not only that, every other disease organism, tested so far, apparently has the same weakness. Even cancer growths contract and disappear when the oxygen saturation is sufficiently increased in the fluids surrounding them, since these growths are anaerobic.

The Basis of Bio-oxidative Therapies.
For many years, the health sciences have been seeking to identify the primary physical cause of all diseases, and the cure-all that this basic principle would yield. Now both have been found, but their utter simplicity makes them difficult to accept at first, since it seems like if it's that easy, we should have been using them all along. Our bodies are composed mostly of water, which is eight-ninths oxygen. Many studies of nutrition get caught up in small details of bio-chemistry and overlook our most essential and abundant element, with the fundamental role of its depletion in causing illness. Boosting the oxygen level revitalizes normal cells while killing viruses and other pathogens. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed purely of water and oxygen. Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation as it spreads through the patient's tissues. Hydrogen peroxide, further more, destroys cancerous growths, which are also anaerobic. The Nobel Prizewinner, Dr Otto Warburg, demonstrated over fifty years ago the basic difference between normal cells and cancer cells. Both derive energy from glucose. Whereas the normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, the cancer cell breaks down glucose without oxygen. However, the latter yields only 1/15 the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces. This explains why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar and also why people, who consume excessive quantities of sugar, may be more at risk of contracting cancer. This anaerobic breakdown of glucose, by cancer cells, forms large amounts of lactic acid as a waste product, the same substance formed by fermentation of lactose, as in spoiled milk. The liver converts some of this back into glucose in an attempt to salvage a food source from a toxic waste. In doing this, the liver only uses 1/5 energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell can then derive from it; but that's three times the energy a cancer cell will get from it. The more that the weak, deranged cancer cells multiply, the more energy is un available to the normal cells. Thus we find that low levels of both oxygen and energy tend to occur where cancer is present and vice versa. This wasteful metabolism becomes self-sustaining and dominant unless the oxygen and/or energy levels are sharply increased, or the cancer's food is eliminated.

Heart Transplant Pioneer recommends Oxygen Water
Dr Christiaan Barnard, who performed the first heart transplant operation, said in March 1986 that he was taking peroxide and water, himself, several times daily to reduce arthritis and ageing. He had been recommending it highly at that time. Since then, he has come under heavy reviewed medical articles on the applications of hydrogen peroxide, some dating back to the 1800s. They received the National Health Federation's Pioneer Award in Medicine some three years ago for this ongoing research. Walter Grotz, in particular, has been touring and lecturing extensively on the benefits of self-administering hydrogen peroxide, literally saving lives wherever he goes, and bringing hope to people who had been told their cases were hopeless. Dr Kurt W. Donsbach at the Bio-Genesis Institute in Rosarita Beach, Baja Mexico (Tel: 0011-1-619-428-8585) has achieved a remission rate exceeding 70% in over 300 patients, at last count, most of whom had been previously told they were beyond hope, and had 'tried everything else'. Bio-oxidative therapies are now applied to all cases that arrive at this clinic, and all respond except for some of those who arrive already very close to death.

The Guadalajara Medical School, Mexico's largest, is currently initiating its own tests, and will add it to their curriculum upon verification. As Dr Donsbach has pointed out, no US clinic or institution has ever tested intravenous hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for cancer, so that any claim it is not effective, is not based on clinical trials, and amounts to willful dis-information.

The Gerson Institute and La Gloria Clinic in Mexico are also using hydrogen peroxide therapies on their patients, after their staff tested it upon themselves and found it to be beneficial. Hydrogen Peroxide in Nature Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally in rain and snow, from atmospheric ozone and water vapour. It is found in mountain streams where rushing, tumbling water is continuously being aerated. Most of us learned at an early age to drink from a stream only where it is running clear and sparkling because that is where it gets cleansed of germs. The reason is that hydrogen peroxide is forming there due to the water's agitation. The naturally occurring vortices of energy have been studied by Viktor Schauberger and many of his works have been they do not get cancer. In recent years, it has become popular in the US, and it gets by the FDA regulations as an herbal tea. Its distributors wisely make no medical claims for it. Again, much of its effectiveness is apparently due to its high oxygen content that is released into solution when brewed as a tea.

Causes of Oxygen Depletion
Of all the elements that the body needs, only oxygen is in such constant demand that its absence brings death in minutes. There are several very common practices that reduce a person's oxygen level to a value far below where it should be ideally. At sea level, a 20% portion of the atmospheric constituents is supposed to be oxygen but city air goes down as low as 10%, owing to smog and the removal of trees. Air that
smells and tastes bad induces a tendency to breathe more shallowly, getting even less oxygen to the blood. So, too, does a lack of exercise. Carbon Monoxide (CO) in smog, which normally does not occur in nature in much quantity, arises because of incomplete oxidation of carbon compounds in all internal combustion engines. It is electrically unbalanced and thus seeks to bind with any available oxygen to form the more stable compound, carbon dioxide (CO2). Those who breathe too much carbon monoxide tend to die fast or slow depending on the concentration of the gas. It removes oxygen molecules from the blood to form carbon dioxide. The latter cannot be used by the body which therefore exhales it, at least until the oxygen runs out.

Tap water is very low in oxygen, having had no chance of becoming aerated during its passage through the miles of plumbing pipes. It is also loaded down with chlorine and various other contaminants. The cooking of foods expels any oxygen present in them and if your daily diet is high in cooked foods, you have lost yet another oxygen source, what to say of vitality (chi), vitamins and enzymes. Over-eating, as well as just the daily consumption of foods, without ever giving the gastro-intestinal tract a rest, loads down the blood with toxins and impurities, especially uricacid crystals. Under a microscope these resemble tiny coffin lids, another clue, interestingly, to our century. The simplest substances available for restoring your oxygen balance to a healthy range are ozone (O3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the latter being much easier to obtain and use. Both these items are highly toxic, when concentrated, which has tended to obscure their germicidal value except as a skin antiseptic. When diluted appropriately to therapeutic levels (for H2O2 being half of 1% or less), however, they are not only non-toxic but also uniquely beneficial.

It turns out that the spring waters at Lourdes in France, long recognized for their remarkable healing properties, are very high in natural hydrogen peroxide. The spring is fed by high altitude snowmelt, so the snow apparently absorbs unusually large quantities of ozone on its way from the upper atmosphere. Other less-known high altitude springs are said to be like-wise effective.

Hydrogen Peroxide can be Self-Administered
The oral and skin applications offer the option of home treatment as no blood needs to be drawn; H2O2 is cheap and plentiful. Keep it diluted though since, in high concentrations, it can irritate sensitive skin and induce vomiting when ingested. (Veterinarians routinely give common 3% H2O2 to animals that have swallowed poison to make them throw it up).

Hydrogen Peroxide is the heart of the Immune System
Mother's milk contains a high amount of hydrogen peroxide, especially colostrum, the first milk secreted after the birth. This activates the newborn's immune system and is the body's first line of Creator's whimsical sense of humour. When the volume of waste products exceed the cleansing capacity of the kidneys, the blood just ends up having to just haul it around the body and store it wherever possible. These toxins literally take up so much room in the blood cells that these cannot take up enough oxygen when passing through the lungs. The blood's primary purpose of picking up and distributing oxygen becomes blocked through the over-use of the garbage-hauling function.

Fasting can restore health by giving the over-loaded blood cells a chance to dump the toxins and inert matter through the normal organs of elimination at a rate they can handle, instead of through the skin, as in acne, or other inappropriate places. Once the blood is cleansed, the red corpuscles have a lot more room for oxygen molecules; the oxygen saturation of the tissues becomes higher with health and energy being boosted considerably. Each breath now gives more life than it was able to in the blood's former state.

Oxy-Water may cure Stupidity
Perhaps the greatest potential benefit is the reversal of the slight brain damage caused by long-term oxygen depletion, which can be observed in the 'average' human and which is sometimes not all that slight. It's well known that after about nine minutes of no oxygen, from drowning or whatever, you can kiss your brain goodbye. Yet the implications of gradual oxygen starvation in our cities somehow escape notice, despite the tiredness, depression, irritability, poor judgment and health problems affecting so many citizens. Increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and nervous system will reverse these conditions. The oxy-water regimen improves alertness, reflexes, and memory and apparently intelligence, and many offer the elderly a new weapon against senility and related disorders. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases are reported to be responding to it. Alcoholics who start taking oxy-water soon lose interest in alcohol and the thirst does not come back. Look up what alcohol does with your blood oxygen, and your ability to use, it and you'll see why. It also oxygenates the blood to a greater degree than is usually attained, considering the general poor quality of air we have to breathe as well as poor breathing habits. The treated blood is then given back to the patient. This treatment varies from twice a week to twice a day, depending on how advanced the disease state has become. The strengthened blood confers some of its virucidal properties to the rest of the patient's blood as it disperses in the vascular system. The disease will not return as long as the patient maintains his blood in an oxygen positive state, through proper breathing, exercise and a clean diet. A Dr. Preuss, in Stuttgart, has written up ten case histories of AIDS patients who have been cured by this method.

Oxygen Water
A much simpler type of oxygen therapy uses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is what ozone forms on contact with water. It can be taken orally if diluted with water to 1/200 or less. It can be absorbed through the skin by bathing in it (anywhere from 1-8 pints of 3% H2O2 in a standard size bathtub half full). In severe cases, it can be injected (250 cc of 0.075% to 0.15%, or roughly 1/1300 to 1/650). Injections obviously require a physician's assistance but self-treatment is possible with oral and skin applications. The principle is the same as with ozone blood treatment. All hostile micro-organisms prefer lower oxygen levels than the body's cells require to remain healthy. The starting dosage is 25g(~1 oz) of 0.5% (1/200) H2O2 in water but some people may find they will need to start with less. As the peroxide contacts organic pathogens in the stomach, it liberates free oxygen. Thus those persons with high levels of virus and streptococcus in their stomachs may feel a slight nausea while the reaction is occurring. The dosage is increased by 25g per day up to 125g on the fifth day, then finally up to 125g three times daily for a week (or until disease is no longer present). Then the dosage is tapered back down over a five-week period. Food-grade or Re-agent grade (these are 35% strength and dangerous if undiluted) hydrogen peroxide is better for internal use because the common 3% grade contains small amounts of chemical stabilizers and other impurities. It can still be used if food-grade is not available; it just isn't as pure.

An alternate dosage regimen provides three drops of 35% H2 O2 in an 8 oz (300 ml) glass of water taken three times a day. This is then increased by one drop per dose per day (3 drops per day) up to a maximum of 25 drops per dose per day (75 drops per day) in extreme cases. Candidiasis cases should start at 1 drop per dose and build up their tolerance gradually. Some find the taste rather bleachy and unpleasant and may wish to chase it with plain water. It can also be mixed with fruit juice - citrus juices, in particular, mask the taste quite well. By adding 7 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of drinking water and shaking it well, this will purify it well and gives it a pleasant waterfall-like flavour. Defence as well as many other metabolic processes Under conditions of optimum health, hydrogen peroxide is produced by the body's immune system in whatever amounts are needed to quickly destroy any invading hostile organisms. It is made by combining water in the body with the free oxygen that is supposed to be constantly available. When the body is oxygen starved, it cannot produce enough hydrogen peroxide to wipe out invading pathogens, which can then get the upper hand and produce visible disease effects.

Veterinary and Agricultural Applications
Humans are not the only life form that benefits from compensation for their oxygen-deficient air, water and/or lifestyle. Hydrogen peroxide in animals' drinking water, not enough to taste unpleasant, knocks out a growing list of illnesses. Locally, cats have rid themselves of their feline leukemia and chlamydia, and are back to their old energetic slapstick selves. Distemper in dogs has been reversed with hydrogen peroxide, and a growing number of farmers are applying it to their livestock to cut losses from disease and infected wounds. Plants grow better with an ounce of 3% hydrogen peroxide per quart of water they are given. Spray the solution on their leaves as well. Seeds germinate faster, with bigger sprouts, when they are first soaked in 25g of 3% hydrogen peroxide to 500 ml of water. Instead of cutting trees that are diseased or otherwise struggling, spray them with oxy-water (1 part 3% to 32 parts water).



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