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Sight Loss in Dog
Thu, 21 Nov 13 14:40:57 -0600

11/20/2013: Toby from U.K.: "Hi,

I am wondering if anybody might know how to help my Jack Russell dog. He is about 9 years old. He seems to have difficultly with his sight lately and bumps into doors when closing, or if I put food on the floor he has to sniff for it as he cannot see it. His vision seems to be mostly impaired from the sides. His brown eyes, seem to have developed into a blue almost misty blue covering the surface on each eye. I would take him to the vets, but I have just been with him regarding what I would describe as a urinary tract infection. I firsts noticed it when washing him and it feels like there is an obstruction(almost like a rodJ) from where he pees from - penis I guess - dunno the vet term. I have been washing him for 9 years before and he never had it and now it is there all the time. Anyway 200 euros later and antibiotics, scans etc, still no improvement. My mother took him to the vet so I dunno what the condition is called. Does anybody know a remedy for either. Thanks."

  Re: Systemic Yeast Infection
Wed, 20 Nov 13 11:35:50 -0600

11/20/2013: Sherrie from Tampa: "Check into Bilt-jac dog food available at pet supermarket and petsmart. It's used by the trainers of Pets Ahoy show at Seaworld Orlando. We have had great success for the last 7 years with it Also consider that your dog might have mange mites causing severe itching from their biting. They are so small as to be invisible. Imagine if you had something biting, and biting."

  Re: Canine Megaesophagus
Wed, 20 Nov 13 10:09:02 -0600

11/20/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey JB!

I am sorry to hear of your dog's affliction.

I am sure you have already read up, but this may have some additional helpful tips for you including a link to a support group:

Consider antacids to help minimize the damage to the esophagus, and nausea medication - homeopathic nux vomica - to reduce the feeling of nausea.

Additional ideas:

"based upon treatment of a similar condition called achalasia and people) These include Ypsiloheel, Spascupreel, Atropinum comp, Nux vomica Homaccord, and Gastricumeel. Whole food supplements may also be helpful in include the following from Standard Process: Organic Minerals, Cataplex B, and Paraplex. Supplements such as choline which have a direct positive effect on nerves may also be tried"


The Great Dane Lady discusses reversing this condition with thyroid medication and nutrition - see if this may apply for your dog:

‎Lastly, some report good results with Reiki and craniosacral therapy, and cures with accupuncture. It may be worth your while to check out a holistic vet for these types of therapies. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association has a search function to find a holistic vet in your area:

This is one I found in Atlanta:

Please keep us posted on your pet!"

  Re: Natural Remedies for Dog with Valley Fever
Wed, 20 Nov 13 09:32:27 -0600

11/20/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Christie!

Valley Fever - Coccidioidomycosis - is a fungal infection of the lungs.

To start, it would be a good idea to alkalize your dog's system to create a hostile environment for the fungus. This is easily done by adding baking soda to your dog's water. Read up and choose a formula here:

Sublimed Sulpher may be an option for you - info here:

Consider Oregano Oil for its antifungal properties:

Colloidal Silver may also be indicated for your dog:

Consider treating nutritionally for Candida, as yeast and fungus are one in the same:

Lastly, consider inhalation of food grade hydrogen peroxide:

These remedies are commonly available and may be found at your drugstore, whole foods co-op or health/vitamin store. I find when I need to dose many pills that it helps to put the pills in a ball of canned wet food. You can even dose the liquids in this way by putting them in a size 00 gel cap available at most pharmacies.

Please keep us posted and report back!"

Canine Megaesophagus
Tue, 19 Nov 13 22:00:35 -0600

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/19/2013: Jb from Atlanta,ga: "Greetings, one of my canine companions has Megaesophagus which I am managing naturally but, would like to hear from other people that has a pet with this malady.

I feed a raw diet, elevate the food, avoid activity after eating, serve smaller meals multiple times a day. Encourage my pet to sit for a while after eating. Recently, I have been adding homemade fermented cabbage (Sauerkraut) & this appears to help.

I will not use any Rx drugs, they have a history of bad side effects."

Natural Remedies for Dog with Valley Fever?
Tue, 19 Nov 13 15:12:33 -0600

11/19/2013: Christie from Las Vegas: "I just found out our almost 3 year old mixed dog has valley fever. She didn't show any of the symptoms until the infection spread to her bones. Treatment is expensive and she would have to be on it for the rest of her life, which could cause more health issues including liver failure. Are there any other natural remedies for this disease I could try?"

  Re: Vaccinating in New York State
Tue, 19 Nov 13 13:36:48 -0600

11/19/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Megan!

The *only* vaccination required by law in NY and all other states is Rabies. You are not required by law to vaccinate for anything else, however boarding kennels may have a policy requirement that your pet have the standard vaccinations and kennel cough prior to accepting your business.

Most states DO have a rabies exemption or waiver IF vaccinating the animal with the rabies vaccine will endager or adversely affect the pet's health or life. The waiver can only be obtained with a written letter from a licensed veterinarian.

Link for NY Rabies law:"

  Vaccinating in New York State
Tue, 19 Nov 13 12:39:28 -0600

11/19/2013: Megan from Horseheads Ny: "A natural vet just told me that in the awful state of NY that even here you can get a letter to not vac your dog. She does't get hers done. However it's all or none in NY so I won't be able to get out of it for my dogs. but the next ones I will. Course I will be in NC by then out of this awful state!"

  Re: Chihuahuas with Parvo
Tue, 19 Nov 13 09:21:45 -0600

11/19/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Juwilin - I am saddened by your losses. Were you able to administer any of the activated charcoal? I am sending prayers for Yonna that she will pull through. Please keep us updated."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats
Tue, 19 Nov 13 09:15:55 -0600

11/19/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hello Sai - I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved cat.

I have to agree with your holistic vet on this; your cat died from his tumour, not the ACV. While it's possible that taking your pet to the vet at the first signs of illness - repeated vomiting and voiding large volumes of urine - you may have been able to diagnose his underlying tumour condition, it is also just as likely that the tumour could be missed as they can be difficult to detect until they grow to a noticable size.

I am very sorry for your loss - it sounds like you gave your cat the very best care you possibly could - may he rest in peace."

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats
Mon, 18 Nov 13 09:49:22 -0600

[DEATH REPORTED]  11/18/2013: Sai from Virginia: "I want to write to you today to let you know that I am placing a massive warning on ACV for cats. I gave my cat, after reading your message board, acv, just a few drops in his food as he was throwing up a lot and running out of kitty litter after peeing. Three days later he stopped eating. One month after force feeding, sub q fluids, appetite stimulants, pain killers, I had to put him to sleep. The vets felt a tumor. The first vet said that ACV contributed to liver failure and quick demise but holistic vet said no way. I just think that if your cat has an unknown underlying condition you could be playing with fire by giving him acv.

Rest in peace my love, Sai, the best cat in the world ever and never again."

  Chihuahuas with Parvo
Mon, 18 Nov 13 07:57:29 -0600

11/18/2013: Juwilin from Philippines: "Last friday my other chiuaua died because of parvo. :( It is too hard for us to see them suffering. Our vet said that our 3 months old chiuaua should be confined in the hospital. As of now she is still fighting. I hope for her recovery. We love her so much. her name is yonna. Still want her to live with us. Her mom was vaccinated 5 in 1 yesterday. Still hoping that she didnt get affected with the virus."

  Re: Probiotics to Cure Dog's Ear Infections
Sun, 17 Nov 13 21:43:12 -0600

11/17/2013: Jeri from Hamilton On: "Your dogs have chronic ear infections, and YOU ARE BREEDING THEM???"

  Kitten with Cystitis
Sun, 17 Nov 13 08:00:22 -0600

11/16/2013: Johana from Talent, Or: "Hey guys thanks so much for all the good advice, I pray my kitten doesn't get as bad. I think he has a start of a UTI, he was only peeing 1-2 times a day, now he is rained in the litter box so I can't really tell how often he is. I don't think he has today. Im gonna try to ACV hopefully tonight if I can get some. (if not, then first thing tomorrow.)

I found him by my dumpster in my apt complex last week. He is a handful, quite a few health problems and I cannot afford a vet. I would never plan on getting an animal when I didnt have money to take it to the vet, if need be.... But he would have dies if I didn't adopt him. He was so lethargic from starvation and dehydration. :( He is doing much better, but I'm still concerned about a few things... He also just has a cyst or abscess on his cheek pop last night. (it showed up like 4 days ago and got big, about 3/4 of and inch in diameter. I am having issues cleaning it properly and can't shave it because Im scared of cutting the loose excess skin. he has long hair and its matted up. I can't actually find the drainage hole, where it burst... All I can see is a little tiny scratch. I clipped his back claws so he cant dig at it but he is still trying."

  Re: Activated Charcoal Dosage for Puppy with Parvo?
Sat, 16 Nov 13 18:56:23 -0600

11/16/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Bianca!

You can find AC at your local drug store; aquariums stores have some in a pinch, but its granulated and you would need to use a coffee grinder or food processor to pulverize it into fine powder.

Activated Charcoal works especially well when used with electrolytes to combat the dehydration that occurs with the diarrhea. You can make this recipe at home:

Homemade Pedialyte
4 cups of water (boiled or bottled drinking water) 1/2 teaspoon Morton lite salt (because it has potassium in it as well as sodium chloride) Can use regular table salt if you have to. 2 Tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon flavored jello or sodium free broth to add some flavor

Start with 1 cup of electrolyte solution in a small jar with a lid; add 2 heaping tablespoons of AC and then put the lid on and shke to blend. This goes into a syringe well and then can be placed into your dog's mouth; tip the head back and gently depress the plunger to allow him to drink it slowly.

If your dog has an appetite, you can mix the AC into canned dog food and make that a bit wetter and sloppier by adding the electrolyte solution to the wet food. The virus generally does not kill the dog - its the resulting dehydration that does the damage - so make sure you get those electrolytes down.

Give your dog the wet AC and electrolyte loaded food am and pm for 5 days and up to 7 days. If he is hungry between meals, give him extra AC and electrolyte feedings.

Please keep us posted!"

  Re: Post Heartworm Symptoms
Sat, 16 Nov 13 16:15:52 -0600

11/16/2013: Teri Of T Town from Tacoma, Washington: "Your dog needs some restorative health measures to heal the damage done by the heartworms. Give your dog some CQ10 a few times a week and put your dog on a quality raw food diet. Be careful with raw food. It needs to be nutrionally complete with vegetables and must have the right fat and protein balance to be most beneficial.

Grandually begin an exercise routine that will start to build the heart muscles back. Good luck to you and your sweet dog."

Activated Charcoal Dosage for Puppy with Parvo?
Sat, 16 Nov 13 16:15:29 -0600

11/16/2013: Bianca from Oahu, Hawaii: "I just have a quick question. My puppy is 6 months and has contracted parvo. I also cannot afford the treatments so I want to try the activated charcoal. How much would I give him. He's 26 pounds?"

  Distemper Shots in Cat
Thu, 14 Nov 13 13:13:17 -0600

11/14/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Therese!

I'm sorry to hear about your ill kitty; I'm even more sorry to hear about the reaction by your vet! This is a person who is supposed to be your team mate in your pet's health, and they are failing to take into consideration the first hand feedback from the team member who spends 100% of their time caring for and observing the pet! [Head:Desk]

It makes perfects sense to me that if one sibling had a bad reaction, that the second sibling might react the same way; its familial.

You might consider dosing both cats with homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis; also dosing some activated charcoal - mixed in with wet food am and pm for a week.

If these were my cats I would NOT vaccinate again, ever. Particularly since they are both indoor kitties.

I would also consider changing vets; the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association lists several holistic practitioners in your area. I find the website hard to use, so a few options if you are interested:

These vets may be able to help heal via nutrition some of the damage done. Please keep us posted on your cat's recovery!"

  Bufo Toads and Dogs
Thu, 14 Nov 13 12:47:15 -0600

11/14/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Kudos, SKB for following your intuition and icing your boy down!

Thank you for this info!!

... "Sadly ALL toads are now poisonous due to cross breeding so be very careful, small dogs do NOT do well and will die if not treated, normally they die due to the body temperature rising [from seizures] and killing the brain and organs.""

Thu, 14 Nov 13 12:41:12 -0600

11/14/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Jewilin!

I'm sorry your baby is going through this infection.

Activated Charcoal has worked for folks, and also supplementing with electrolytes to combat the dehydration that occurs with the diarrhea. If you can mix and administer the AC with Lectade - an electrolyte formula for pets, or make this recipe at home:

Homemade Pedialyte

4 cups of water (boiled or bottled drinking water)
1/2 teaspoon Morton lite salt (because it has potassium in it as well as sodium chloride) Can use table salt if you have to.
2 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon flavored jello or a little juice (I used sodium free broth to add some flavor)

Dissolve the ingredients in the boiling water and cool before serving. You can also freeze it into cubes.

Another contributer used Colloidal Silver [available online or even at your local drug store] to cure a litter of pups with Parvo:

The silver was 70 to 100 PPM [the drug store variety is usually 10 ppm - if its the only one you can, get it and use it]
Given twice a day for a week
Feed canned wet food

Keep us posted on your baby please!"

  Bufo Toads and Dogs
Thu, 14 Nov 13 12:09:39 -0600

11/14/2013: Skb from Loxahatchee: "Sorry for your the loss of Moose.

We had an extremely close call in 2007 late at night with a toad, my Pekingese came into the house and what looked like a fountain of white bubbling spit coming out of his mouth...Within minutes he was in a massive grand maul seizure and the emergency vet 20 miles away.

We had just moved to Florida and we had no idea what was going on. I first thought he had somehow over heated but we were still unpacking and could not find the thermonitor but my instincts told me he was, I wrapped him in ice and we drove 90 miles an hour to the clinic.

He continued to seize and seize over and over as we drove along and while we got there. He seized for at least an hour maybe longer.

He was hypothermic in his body temp when we got there but when we found out that the seizures would have increased his temperature and thus killed his organs and his brain we were very lucky that I thought to do this for him. The intensity and the length he seized should have killed him.

He made it but it was scary, he had brick red gums and it was confirmed he was in contact with a toad.

We came home that night ( it was the day after Christmas) and we killed every toad in the yard. Our dog released the next day. We have since became very vigilant with watching over our property for them as we have moved and once again have a huge pond ( live on 2 acres)

Dogs go out with supervision at night and I kill ever single one I see, I have no bleeding heart for this creature that doesn't even belong here. Sadly ALL toads are now poisonous due to cross breeding so be very careful, small dogs do NOT do well and will die if not treated, normally they die due to the body temperature rising and killing the brain and organs."

Distemper Shots in Cat
Thu, 14 Nov 13 12:07:29 -0600

[SIDE EFFECTS]  11/14/2013: Therese from Wadsworth, Ohio : "I took two of my cats (siblings) for their distemper shots about two weeks ago. One of them is currently at the vet for what I beleive is a reaction to the shot (high fever, no appetite, lethargy, nausea). Prior to this shot he was perfectly healthy. Just got off the phone with the vet and shes testing for kidney infection/failure because of his labwork. This is now my second cat that had the EXACT SAME THING happen. Three years ago I took my cat Buddy for his distemper shot and exactly two weeks later he was rushed to the vet with high fever, lethargy, no appetite. After a couple days on fluids he was fine and has been 100% healthy to this day. My vet is in Medina also. After Buddy's incident I spoke with the vet several times explaining that I beleived it to be a reaction the the distemper shot. She refused to believe it!! She finally said that if I felt so strongly we would not vaccinate Buddy again. Now I just called back and left a message for her that this appears to be another shot reaction just like Buddy's. We shall see what she says THIS time!! I'm wondering if these shots are worth the risk at this point since my cats are indoors."

  Activated Charcoal for Parvo
Thu, 14 Nov 13 11:59:29 -0600

11/14/2013: Juwilin from Philippines: "Jewel from philippines, we have 6 dogs 5 chiuaua and 1 shih tsu. May 2 chiuaua died because of parvo, one chiuaua is still in the hospital. While my other 3 months old chiuaua is also suffering from parvo, she's vomitting and has a diarrhea. My vet said that we can give her imodium for her diarrhea. So did I. But she still vomiting. Im going to buy activated charcoal tommorow. Hope it will help her. It is too hard for me to lose anorher dog. :("

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Eye Infections
Wed, 13 Nov 13 12:02:44 -0600

[YEA]  11/13/2013: Colleen from North Vancouver British Columbia Canada: "Hi, I tried the ACV treatment on my dog Hailey, 8 1/2 month old lab cross. She has had reoccuring eye infections. Instead of the antibiotic drops, I tried the ACV placed on the back of her neck with a cotton ball. I held it in place for 30 seconds or so, gave a squeeze. After 2 treatments her eyes are so much better. I was having to wipe them every hour at least, big gobs of gook. I also added about a tsp/capful to her drinking water, she didn't seem to mind it. I used organic Omega ACV, unfiltered, with the mother. I'll certainly be telling everyone about this miraculous cure. Thanks so much."

  Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur Caused Screams/ Seizures to Cease
Wed, 13 Nov 13 11:37:06 -0600

11/13/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Lisa!

You have probably already seen this, but in case not, here are some home made diet ideas - scroll down for the one for cardiac issues:

When supplementing potassium for dogs with CHF, the form used is potassium gluconate; this is available as an OTC supplement.

If you feel you are observing the side effects of low potassium - hypokalemia - in a pinch you can give him banana.

I cannot stress enough the need to work closely with your vet on this; blood levels should be monitored regularly -its possible that at this point no potassium or mineral supplementation is needed.

Another thought is to ask your vet about using spironolactone instead of lasix - spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic.

This is the dosage for supplementing potassium for dogs I found searching online:

The typical dose would be 468 mg per 10 lbs of body weight - adjust as needed.

Question: when you dose the Standard Process Cardio Support or Bio Support, how much do you give - the whole table in one go, or do you break it down?


  Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat's Ear Infection
Wed, 13 Nov 13 09:34:10 -0600

11/13/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Thank you, Fiona!

I did not know about TMG:

There is some dosing info if you scroll down.

I admit I was surprised at your giving a coffee enema to your dog; granted, I must admit to having given a douche to MY own dog so I should not be one to raise an eyebrow! :-)

My first thought about gunky black ears was yeast; when I looked up the benefits of coffee enemas I found they can help get a handle on yeast! Too cool!

Thanks for the feedback, Fiona, and please keep us posted on if the gunky ear returns!"

  Re: Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur
Wed, 13 Nov 13 08:05:43 -0600

11/12/2013: Lisac107 from Port St. Lucie, Usa, Usa: "Hi Theresa,

I appreciate your suggestions and research, thank you kindly.

I have been giving him the Lasix, 1/2 and 1/2 but in quarters if I can. I make the organic chicken broth, add organic spinach, carrots and celery and let it cook for 4-6 hours. I give him some of that broth every day which should have some minerals in it but for the replacement of the potassium and magnesium, I can't find how much to give. Anything I've read, for dogs, is in micrograms.

I ordered a homeopathic supplement that is a diuretic, also got Apis Mel 6c to try but have to wait a bit before I give it him since I gave him the Lasix less than four hours ago.

I really want to try him on the Cardio Support again but the last time I tried, it made him cough hard when he hadn't been coughing. Maybe it wasn't the supplement but he did the same thing when I gave him Bio Cardio instead.

Does anyone know how much potassium and magnesium I can give him or is the broth enough? As I mentioned, I tried the sweet potatoes, not going to happen, he did not like them at all. I could add more potatoes to the broth when I cook it, did the the other week.

Thank you in advance for any input and/or suggestions.

Sincerely, Lisa"

  Dog with Skin Issues
Wed, 13 Nov 13 08:00:24 -0600

11/12/2013: Fiona from Tustin, Ca: "I suggest you give your dog bath with aquarium salt with methylene blue. Or it can be magnesium chloride.The skin needs balanced minerals. Also these baths will draw toxins out. I have tried this with my 2 dogs. I think the older dog can run much better after this bath."

  Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs
Wed, 13 Nov 13 07:59:19 -0600

11/12/2013: Fiona from Tustin, Ca: "A year ago. I feed my 2 dogs tons of food grade diatomaceous earth for 2 months. I have seen how they detox. I mean at some point I can see a piece of leather(I don't know how to explain in other words.) will fall off from their skin. and I saw some gunk in their stool. And then I noticed after 2 months both dogs are alot calm. one of my dogs used to chase his tail alot. Guess what? comepletely stopped. After this experience. I give my dogs DE at least once a week. Other supplements are extremly difficult to feed them. I just mix big 2 table spoon with organice whole milk. They absolutely love it!

I rub into their ears too. this will go to their internal and also kills the bugs. I highly recommend DE for anyone who has pet. It is a must!"

  Re: Dog's Ear Infection
Wed, 13 Nov 13 07:57:43 -0600

11/12/2013: Fiona from Tustin,ca: "A few days ago, I found out my dog ear had black gunk and the pink ear is now brown. First I cleaned the black gunk out and then a fistful Diatomaceous earth rubbed inside his ear. Right before walking him I did this for several days.

I gave him 2 coffee enemas two days apart 60 ml syringe with one single packet of pure instant coffee.

And then I gave him 2grams of TMG.

TMG basically detoxes heavy metal. and my dog is less than 10 poounds. 2 gram might be twoo much? yesterday and today my dog is especially playing hard..So I think not.

It has been 5 days. His both inner ears are pink. And I will not give him a bath another week or so just to be sure."

  9 Week Old Puppy With Severe Pulmonary Valve Stenosis
Tue, 12 Nov 13 12:15:21 -0600

11/12/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Blue-nosed Pit Pup Person!

A couple of thoughts for you.

First things first: If you are indeed dealing with a serious congenital cardiac issue with your puppy you should inform your breeder ASAP. Your pup's sire and dam each carry the trait and should never be bred to the other again - else they will produce more unhealthy puppies and further heart break to those who buy them. Your breeder may also wish to contact those people who have littermates to check to see if any other pup in the litter is affected.

Next, it's difficult to recommend *how* to move forward without a proper diagnosis.

Most any vet can grade a heart murmur; the part that requires the cardiologist and the expensive diagnostics is determining the murmur's importance and long term prognosis. If your vet is not highly skilled, the diagnosis could be way off base; this would make a grade 2 innocent murmur appear like a serious congenital defect, ie grade 4.

I'm leery of bombarding a baby with all the supplements you listed; don't get me wrong - they look like 'good stuff', but all at once and the dosages listed might result in side effects that may further cloud the issue: I would hold off on them for a little bit to determine if they are actually needed.

If this were my puppy I would first make sure he is healthy in all other areas of his life. He needs to be wormed and parasite free - so keep up the wormings [every 2 weeks for 3 treatments]; he should be on high quality groceries - no grocery store kibble, and probably on adult chow, not puppy chow. Things like the stress of a new home, being removed from the litter, changes in diet and routine all have an impact on your puppy's health and may contribute to a temporary murmur condition. So give your puppy a chance to settle in his new home and make sure he is thriving. Keep an eye out for demodex [red mange] - and while allowing him exercise and sunshine do not let him over do it. And then wait. Wait until 12 or 16 weeks and bring him back for his boosters and have the vet take another listen to see if the murmur has graded down or changed in any way. It also would not hurt to get a second opinion - so if you saw a partner at the clinic, have the owner do the re-check exam. If at 12 or 16 weeks you still have a grade 4, then a specialist is indicated - to determine the importance of the murmur and the long term prognosis: at this point you will have the information necessary to build your nutritional arsenal.

Please keep us posted!

Websites you may wish to read and review: Education Handouts/Cardio/Congenital Heart Disease.pdf"

  Colloidal Silver Cured Puppies of Parvo
Tue, 12 Nov 13 09:49:51 -0600

11/12/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "This is awesome news!

Thank you for this feedback! "

  Seeking Natural Wormer for Horses
Tue, 12 Nov 13 09:47:39 -0600

11/12/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Rosa!

In addition to the excellent recipe provided by MTM,

these are additional resources to consider:

The main ingredient in most natural wormers - be it equine or canine or what have you - is food grade diatomaceous earth. DE is a mechanicide and works by abrading and eroding away the parasite; this will take time, and repeated dosing to be effective, ie its not like chemical wormers where one good dose does the trick.

One source offered this info for dosing:

Horses........... 30 to 90g (approx. 1 to 3 oz) per/head/day

Ponies......... 15 to 30g (approx. 1/2 to 1 oz) per/head/day

First 15 days than reduce by 50% for regular use

One helpful tip: Adding a bit of raw honey or molasses enhances the flavor for finicky horses. This will also allow the powdered product to stick and adhere to the grains and will prevent settling to the bottom of feeding bowls.

In addition to DE many products also included a probiotic. The probiotic is not a wormer, however it will contribute to a healthier gut, whicn in turn aids the immune system and healthy immune systems are less attractive to parasites than a compromised one."

  Re: 9 Week Old Puppy With Severe Pulmonary Valve Stenosis
Tue, 12 Nov 13 08:01:22 -0600

11/11/2013: Guest from Florida Fort Myers: "hello, saw your post , , , , , our dog , , , is only a 8 week old , , , bluenose pit , , , and he was diagnosed with #4 heart murmurs , , , on both sides of the heart... They said it might go away with growing older , , but the chances are not good that'll happen , , they recommend him to a cardiologist ......then possibly surger. I'm willing to try the holistic approached , , , since I myself am really into natural cures for humans and dogs ..

Please anything you can suggest would be great ..

This is what someone suggested on the website .. what is your opinion of these supps .?

  • D-Ribose - By Doctor' Best. 1 heaping scoop, (twice a day sprinkle on food).
  • Ubiquinol QH-absorb (CoQ10) - By Jarrow Formulas 200mg, (1 pill twice a day)
  • Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCI – By Jarrow Formulas 750 mg, (1 pill twice a day)
  • Magnesium Taurate – By Cardiovascular Research -125 mg, (1 pill a day)
  • Mega Red Extra Strength Krill Oil, - By Schiff, 500mg (1 pill twice a day)
  • L-Arginine - By Jarrow Formulas, 1000 mg (1 pill a day)
  • Colon Green Fiber Supplement with Probiotics and Enzymes, - By Futurebiotics (Sprinkle 2 pills twice a day)
  • Esther C Vegetarian Capsules, - By American Health 500mg (1 pill twice a day)
  • Milk Thistle, 200mg (1 pill twice a day)
  • Senior Vitality Multi Vitamin, - By Optimal Pet (1 pill a day)

Thank you."

  Seeking Natural Wormer for Horses
Mon, 11 Nov 13 20:17:15 -0600

11/11/2013: Mama To Many from Tennessee, Usa: "Dear Rosa,

We have tried many natural wormers for our dairy goats in the last 8 years, some of which I have seen with directions for horses. Here are some things we have used.

Molly's Herbals - she also sells a wormer for horses. (I have a friend who uses this very faithfully on her goats and her goats' fecal counts come back clear.)

Here is a recipe for an herbal wormer that has been used for farm animals, including horses. There is a caution at the end of the page about using Black Walnut for horses.

Joel Salatin uses Basic H soap (an organic product) in the drinking water of his cows. We recently tried it on our goats. We found directions online.

There is also a product we recently tried called Garlic Barrier. They have dosing recommendations for sheep and goats, but it might work for horses, too.

For years we used the Molly's Herbals and it seemed to work for us. This year, however, we had a terrible time with worms and lost a number of goats. Apparently, the weather pattern was just right for worms and lots of experienced farmers (which we are not) lost goats. We had gotten lax in our worming. Then we tried everything including chemical wormers, but we still lost some goats. I think with natural wormers, you have to be diligent to keep up prevention as it isn't so effective once the animals have worms. Pature rotation is also really important, at least for goats.

I will be watching to see if anyone has more ideas.

~Mama to Many~"

Seeking Natural Wormer for Horses
Mon, 11 Nov 13 13:02:21 -0600

11/11/2013: Rosa from Wesley Chapel, Fl: "i was looking for a natural wormer for my horses. I use the manure for compost"

Colloidal Silver Cured Puppies of Parvo
Mon, 11 Nov 13 09:45:27 -0600

[YEA]  11/11/2013: Nancy Cogar from Jacksonville Fl: "My neighbors dog had her litter of puppies and the puppies contracted the parvo-virus, one puppy had died. He was desperate to find a natural cure due to the fact that the vet bill would have been staggering for 7 puppies. He searched the web to find a natural cure and kept finding that colloidal silver helps cure parvo. He called me, knowing that I make colloidal silver. I treated all the puppies and the next morning they were up and playing and eating again.. My neighbor and I were both quite shocked at the sudden turn around. I continued to treat the puppies for a week.

The silver was 70 to 100 PPM
Given twice a day for a week
Feed canned wet food, since parvo dehydrates"

Rooibos Tea for Pets with Skin Issues
Mon, 11 Nov 13 08:39:13 -0600

11/11/2013: Solveig from Cape Town, South Africa: "Hi there,

Dogs & Cats with skin rashes or seasonal skin irritations apply luke warm Rooibos tea with a cotton swab to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day for approx 2 to 3 days. The rash will scab up and heal. Don't use Cortisone creams for rash treatment unless it is very nasty.

One teabag in a cup, pour boiling water into the cup and leave it till it is luke warm. Then apply it with a cotton swab to the affected are, you can also use it at room temperature. Just leave the tea bag in for a nice strong concentration.

Regards, Solveig"

  Re: Need Help for Dog's Tumor
Sun, 10 Nov 13 09:51:03 -0600

11/10/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Barb!

Despite the yucky experience, it would seem healing has been taking place and the body is working to expel this tumour.

Keep a closer eye on this thing. And keep doing what you are doing.

Is the bleeding stopped? Change dressing daily if not oftener to ensure the bleeding is in check.

Scroll down below/latest pet posts for "Jack Russell with Cancer" - Dennis from Mississippi posted his "Magic Milk "Tonic" that will fight the tumour from the inside via nutrition.

Consider adding turmeric to your castor oil - mix them 50/50.

Please keep us posted!"

  Help Requested... Using Turmeric for Dog's Tumor
Sat, 09 Nov 13 16:59:08 -0600

11/09/2013: Barb from Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050: "Help Needed.

14 year old Shetland Sheepdog has/had a large growth above Left Front Elbow. (Hard to tape it shut)

Vet said she would need to take blood sample to determine what it was. We didn't have the $ to pay her. We left the vet.

Got on Earth Clinic.

Poured Castor oil on it and taped packed it the best I could and taped shut - 1 1/2 day gone buy with that on it. Went for more supplies today, , , Sat. 11/9/13 to remove bandage.

put in tub to wash and remove more hair and the dried blood on the Tumer.

Then the tumor or what ever it was just started squirting out all this chunky debre that was inside of completely emptied out the cavity is empty.

I poured provadine iodine in it, on it and waited till it somewhat stopped dripping blood, lots of blood.

We have it with gauge pack and tapped shut.

I need help.. Don't know what I should do with it. The cavity is loose hanging empty .. Has 2 small holes in it where the chunky cottage cheese debre squirted out of it.

Help, help

Thank you in advance"

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Mastitis
Wed, 06 Nov 13 17:35:06 -0600

11/06/2013: Dancerdeb from Langley, Bc: "Does the ACV not sour the milk the calf is drinking?"

  Re: Dog with Skin Issues
Wed, 06 Nov 13 12:33:12 -0600

11/06/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Meile!

The pimple/pus/bald spots sound like a staph infection. Staph infections may warrant a vet visit for a prescribed antibiotic if you cannot get it under control.

This is Ted's Anti-Fungal and Staph solution:


  • 1 - 16 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 bottle Milk of Magnesia
  • 1 box Epsom salts
  • 1 box Borax
  • Filtered or distilled water


Dilute the 16 oz brown bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a 1% solution by dumping the bottle into a jug and adding 32 oz of filtered or distilled water; I just fill up the empty brown bottle with water and dump it in the jug twice. Now you have 48 ounces of a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Add 4 table spoons EACH:

Borax, Epsom salts, and Milk of Magnesia.

Shake the dickens out of the solution. I usually run a tub full of hot water and set the jug in the tub, and then when the tub cools where I can bathe my dog the solution is by then an agreeable temperature for the dog. Bathe the dog in doggy shampoo or what have you, get all the crusty lesions gently scrubbed up and loose skin and scabs off and rinse well. [Caution: if your dog's skin is in a reactive state, rubbing and scrubbing may raise more hives - so again, gently work the scabs and crusts off and watch the skin in the area to see if it calms or raises more bumbs the next day.] Now drain the tub and when empty plug it up again and now pour the jug of prepared solution over the dog. I use a plastic cup to scoop up the solution and keep pouring over the dog. I try to keep this up for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I pull the plug and let the dog drip a bit in the tub, and then I take the wet dog with bare hands and put her in a crate with no bedding. Do not towel the dog off - you want as much of the solution to stay on the dog as possible, so it can 'work'. I allow the dog to drip dry in the crate with no bedding. It helps to have the house heat ON, and a nice tasty bone or high value chewy in the crate to distract the dog for a bit. After half an hour I let the dog out and towel dry as best I can and then let them work themselves dry by running all about the house. You do NOT rinse the solution off - you let it dry completely and that is it, until the next bath.

If you have a tiny dog, if you do not wish to make up such a large quantity of solution, the single batch is as follows:

  • 1-1/2 cups of 1% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tbsp MOM
  • 1 tbsp Epsom salts
  • 1 tbsp Borax

You may be able to put this into a spritzer bottle and spritz problem areas on your dog, but I find it best to tackle the entire dog with a full body treatment first, before using the spritz bottle for a spot treatment approach.

You may find with your dog that you will have to bathe him every other day, or every three days; find what works so that the skin is able to start healing.

And what diet are you feeding? Careful consideration should be made for the diet of your dog - no grocery store brands, no grain based diets, no diets with dyes and colors. Probiotcs are generally indicated with skin issues; consider DDS w/FOS for a full bottle and then switching to PB8 for another full bottle to start."

  Re: Dog with Skin Issues
Tue, 05 Nov 13 23:59:39 -0600

11/05/2013: Meile from Dallas, Ga : "My dog has had a skin infection and just got done with her steroids and now she has the same thing again. I want o know if there is anyting I can do to be able to fix it myself. she has bumps that look like pimples and when you squeeze them puss comes out then blood and then the next day she has a blad spot from the scab that forms. I have tried hydrogen peroxidie sprayed directly on her skin. I haven't seen any changes with that. I give her a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with her food a day. She is a 14 lb. chihuahua mix dog. She is a rescue dog that I got 5 weeks again. So I don't know much about her history."

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Allergies
Tue, 05 Nov 13 23:58:18 -0600

11/05/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Tina!

What, exactly, is your lab suffering from? Skin breakouts? Gunky ears? Feet chewing?

So she is on three meds currently?

What are the weekly shots? Cortizone/steroid shots or ??

What is her current diet? When did her allergies start? What is her vaccination history?

Please give this info to start.


Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Allergies
Tue, 05 Nov 13 17:09:20 -0600

11/05/2013: Tina from N. Olmsted, Ohio: "Our 3 1/2 yr. old lab has allergies. She is on a shot once a week, cyclosporine 25mg. 3x a day and 100 mg. of ketconazole a day. After reading... we want to get her off of the ketoconazole, don't like what I read.

My dad is 91 and has been a faithful user of apple cider vinegar all his life, along with tons of garlic. I will check with my vet first, but do you think if we stop the "Keto" and started the vinegar, it would take it's place? We worry about liver damage and reading about the "Keto" it is not even fda approved for dogs.

The cyclosporine seems to be a litlkle more safer.

Thank you, Tina

P.S. She was tested and allergic to dust mite, weeds, and grass. and to top it off is an outside dog"

  Ted's Dog Mange Cure
Tue, 05 Nov 13 10:53:29 -0600

11/05/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Matross!

Whoo hoo for APBT Muttley!

Now that you have seen a drastic improvement, you may wish to cut back bathing to bathing 1x week for 8 weeks. The mite lifecycle is about 21 days, and so you want to treat once per week for at least 3 weeks, and then a few more weeks after your dog seemed cured to ensure the mites have been eliminated. Remember - Ted indicates that the borax solution be a saturated solution, so keep heating and stirring until the grains fail to dissolve to create the proper strength solution.

I like using the hydrogen peroxide to induce vomitting too; these bulldawgs are just so naughty they seem to get into *everything*! Do consider keeping activated charcoal [available at drug stores, or aquarium stores] on hand in cases of poisoning where vomitting is not indicated. "

Ted's Dog Mange Cure
Tue, 05 Nov 13 10:33:03 -0600

[YEA]  11/05/2013: Matross from Coobowie Australia: "Today is the 2nd wash my pet dog (muttley an American Pit Bull) has had in 3 days. Hydrogen Peroxide has been too expensive to buy in any event I have not been able in isolated rural to purchase larger amounts, and as Hydrogen Perixide or vinegar is the vessle for getting Borax through my dogs skin I have purchased 2 litre bottles of vinegar and if I may make comment for what it is worth from personal observation, the Borax/Vinegar remedy from the outset has been very effective against Demodex mange, Muttley has stopped scratching a complete turnaround , I intend to continue the treatment METHOD: In a metal bowl I empty 1 to 2 litres of vinegar and heat on the stove (this raises the solubility of borax in solution= more potent)and add and stir 250 -300 grams of Borax. After showering Muttley thoroughly with shampoo and scubbed with a soft brush and rinsed, the Borax /vinegar solution is applied thoroughly, and left to dry naturally (No Towels) Note : the small bottle of 3% 100 ml Hydrogen Peroxide is kept in my medical tool kit is used if ever Muttley were to eat poison. Hydrogen Peroxide is used to induce vommitting (apply 1ml to 1 kilo body weight DYOR) Cudos to Ted from Malaysia for sharing his research and remedy"

  Rose Geranium Oil for Ticks
Mon, 04 Nov 13 14:33:01 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Ajan!

I'm with you all the way in avoiding applying poison to my pets!

To keep your pets parasite free, you may wish to use cedar granules /cedarcide in the yard - you will need to reapply from time to time, but cedar does a great job at keeping fleas and ticks at bay in the yard.

Next, daily grooming is essential during the flea and tick season. Comb with a flea comb targeting the areas where fleas congregate; the groin, armpits and then ears, eyes and mouth.

And then as you know, using a repellant prior to going for walks outdoors.

For one person, 1 drop of rose geranium oil applied at both base of tail and between the shoulder blades of her dog worked well for this gal:

She goes on to offer a variety of essential oil based repellants that you can easily make at home:

Not every remedy will work for everyone, so see what works for you and please report back!"

  Amethyst to Repel Fleas
Mon, 04 Nov 13 13:41:03 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Savanna!

Sue posted in June, so in case she doesn't see your request I will offer some advice.

Amethyst comes in different grades, the highest being a jewelry grade with the deep purple color and clear with no milkiness in the stone. All grades of amethyst *should* work for repelling fleas. That said, out of the responses in this topic I counted 13 - including you - who have tried the remedy; it worked for 8 folks, though did seem to wear off on their dog the second year, and for 5 folks it didn't do a darn thing. It doesn't seem to matter if its the 'raw' chunk of crystals or a nicely polished high grade stone. Drat, I say, for those it didn't work for, as it does seem too good to be true to toss a crystal in your pet's water bowl and be able to forget about fleas!

Now, for your kitten - no need to get rid of your cat because of fleas, just give that kitty a bath!

Extensive directions on how to check for fleas and treat your home for fleas as well as bathe your cat are in this post, if you scroll through it until the end [ignore post title, it covers fleas I promise! ]:"

  Rose Geranium Oil for Ticks
Mon, 04 Nov 13 12:36:07 -0600

11/04/2013: Ajan from Cape Cod, Ma: "I have been following your posts and would like to know if I can apply rose geranium oil on my dogs in areas that they may lick ? We have a terrible infestation of Lymne ticks in the area and I am in need of something stronger than garlic which Iuse everday and refuse to use Frontline. Thanks"

  Re: Amethyst to Repel Fleas
Mon, 04 Nov 13 12:34:21 -0600

[NAY]  11/04/2013: Savanna from Ottawa Ks: "I just got a Kitten and I might not be able to keep her because the fleas are so bad. My friend tried the amethyst stone but it didn't work, I was thinking it might be because she bought it in the wrong stage. What stage did you get yours in?? I really wanna keep her so if you could get back to me asap or email me that would be great. Thank you."

  Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur Caused Screams/ Seizures to Cease
Mon, 04 Nov 13 12:05:42 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Incorrect title for this post. Should be: Re: Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur

Thanks! "

  Re: Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur
Mon, 04 Nov 13 11:13:20 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Lisa!

I can't fault your vet for prescribing the Lasix; 14 year old geriatric senior dog with severe heart murmur = Lasix in *any* vet's book. The herbal diuretics can take weeks to show their effects and their efficacy is far out shadowed by the Lasix.

That said, you paid good money for a visit, and you should provide your vet the feedback; dosing Standard Process Cardio per his advice and the dog is coughing - the vet needs to hear that and offer his take on it.

Its true that other remedies can negate a homeopathic remedy; you may be able to work around this by dosing the homeopathic remedy 4 hours before or after the other remedies or medications.

I know funds are limited, but it might be worth your while to consult with a different vet. I do think you should provide feedback to the first vet and allow them an opportunity to remedy your disappointment in their treatment plan. But its certainly possible you got a bum [quacks are found in all fields of medicine, yes?] so consider calling and interviewing these holistic vets in this search of your area:

I did search the site of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

There is one vet in Miramar - almost 2 hours from you - that does have a mobile practice. It might not hurt to call this vet as well for an opinion: Jeanette Basto 305-467-4185.

And, if your boy has an appetite, then the laundry list of nutritional support Katie has posted is in order. Read all the posts and jot down all the nutritional remedies and the doses. See what you can include in your boy's diet to help support his heart.

Keep us posted on your boy please!"

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas
Mon, 04 Nov 13 10:21:36 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Ruth!

If you are taking the ACV internally, the most effective kind is the one that is raw/unpasturized and unfiltered/contains the active culture or the 'mother'.

The best way to make sure you have the right kind is to read the label and look at the contents - the *right* stuff will be cloudy with sediment at the bottom of the bottle."

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats Instructions
Mon, 04 Nov 13 10:18:17 -0600

11/04/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Catmomma!

Feline herpes is a virus; antibiotics are dosed not to treat the herpes but to prevent secondary bacterial infections, ie pneumonia.

As a general rule, antibiotics given 5 days or less *usually* do not majorly affect the internal flora of the GI tract. Antibiotics given 5+ days tend to remove all the "good" bacteria in the gut and set the body up for yeast overgrowth and yeast related issues down the line. So keep that in mind as you dose the doxy.

The L-lysine is something that is dosed as an ongoing daily supplement in herpes positive cats. For flare ups some dose 500 mg 2x day - so 1/4 tsp and pm. Once the flare up is under control you can reduce to a maintenance dose of 250mg am and pm - so 1/8 tsp am and pm.

Stomach ulcers are not typically associated with feline herpes, however cats treated with certain medications during a herpes flare up may develop them. Why is it you feel your kitty has stomach ulcers?

If this were my cat I would up the dosage of L-lysine to 500 mg 2x day. I would stop the antibiotics if I saw him really improve; I would be on the lookout for respiratory complications that would require the continued use of antibiotics [7-10 days]. I would continue mixing ACV into the wet food, and use the syringe to ensure he is getting hydration. To check for dehydration use your thumb and pointer finger to grasp the skin over his shoulders and pull it up, into a tent shape - then release. In a hydrated cat the skin snaps right back into shape; in a dehydrated cat the skin sinks back slowly: if you can count to three for it to sink back [ one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand] you need to get more hydration into your boy. Consider getting Pedialyte for babies [for electrolytes] and mixing that into some tuna oil from the can and getting him to drink some of that.

The flare up may last weeks or months, depending on the age of your cat; if your boy is a kitten then once the flare up calms switch to the maintenance dose until he is a hale and hearty adult and discuss possible side effects or elimination with your vet."

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats Instructions
Sun, 03 Nov 13 22:55:25 -0600

11/03/2013: Catmomma15 from Cedar Rapids Iowa: "What is the recommended time frame for using ACV for cats? It is believed that my cat has a stomach ulcer and a mild upper respiratory infection and after the past research I've done the last few days, his behavior and symptoms match up except with the being finiky of drinking water normally. I can't get my cat into the vet right now due to low funds. Im looking into getting him feeling better on his own if I can. I have him on doxycyclene 1/16 of a teaspoon with 1/4 of L Lysine. He has responded to this so far 4 days of this twice a day very well but If I can get him feeling better the rest of the way using ACV, should I do this twice a day and for how long? Also because he has a couple of small sores in his mouth, he will only drink water from a syringe or if it's mixed into his food to make it like a chili consistency but let me assure you his water intake has NOT stopped completely he just finds it more acceptable to drink from the syringe or have it put into his food. I trust that this will help and I've mixed the applecider vinegar with tuna and he took it very well..This was actually easier than giving him meds. He is much more active than he has in the last 4 days since I've been doing the doxy and L Lysine mix but I'm willing to try a secondary method or replace my current one. So please let me know how long you would recommend trying the ACV when the doxy-l lysine combo has made a huge difference. Also can I continue to use both or 1 and again the biggest thing is since I introduced it to him tonight, how long would be a good time frame to give before setting an appointment. I'd like to see him get a vet appointment, but money is low and won't have any til the end of the week but would like to try and save some money if possible. please help. Any suggestions would be good. Will his drinking go back to normal also?"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas
Sun, 03 Nov 13 18:53:48 -0600

11/03/2013: Ruth R from Chesapeke, Va: "Does regular apple cider vinegar that you get from Walmart work?"

  Re: Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur
Sun, 03 Nov 13 18:48:25 -0600

11/03/2013: Lisac107 from Port St. Lucie, Usa, Usa: "Hi Theresa,

I appreciate your reply and suggestions, thank you!

My comment about the vet and holistic was based on him not even offering something natural to go along with it if nothing else. Nothing about the potassium loss, etc. Agreed that sometimes you need to use meds but there are usually other more holistic ways that either compliment or do the job.

I am giving him 1/2 Lasix in the morning and the other half at night. Also giving him the organic chicken broth cooked with spinach, carrots and potatoes to help replenish the potassium.

Reading a comment about homeopathy on this page, it was said that it didn't work because of the meds out-doing the benefit. Now I'm not sure if finding a homeopathic vet will be of benefit or not.

I am overwhelmed with all that is going on. Thank you again for your reply.

Sincerely, Lisa"

  Re: Diet Change Help Requested for Cat with Fleas
Sat, 02 Nov 13 11:23:53 -0500

11/02/2013: Dharmony from Ny, Usa: "Greetings. I am not sure why you are looking for a diet change for your pet for fleas. To rid of the fleas, you should look into FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. Do not confuse it with the stuff they use in swimming pools as that one should NOT be ingested.

Food grade diatomaceous earth can be purchased at feed stores. It is considered a natural non-toxic flea control. It works by dehydrating the insects. It is NOT a chemical that poisons. You can rub it into the cat's fur, sprinkle it and rub it into the cat's sleeping areas or on carpets etc. If your cat licks it, it won't harm him as it can also be used directly into their food as a natural de-wormer.

If your cat won't let you rub it into his fur directly, you could sprinkle onto a towel and wrap your cat in the towel, then work into the fur. It can have a drying effect on the skin. Take precautions to not breath in the dust while applying as it is an irritant to the lungs. Good luck and please let us know how you make out."

  Re: Supplements for Dog's Heart Murmur
Fri, 01 Nov 13 14:58:31 -0500

11/01/2013: Theresa from Mpls., Mn: "Hey Lisa!

The dosage for Ubiquinol on the site sourced below is as follows:

"According to Karen Becker DVM, a good heart healthy maintenance dose is:

About 10 mg per day per 10 lbs of body weight
(for small dogs and cats you can cut the capsule, put a drop or two in food and take the balance of the capsule yourself so you don't waste it)"

Interestingly enough, if you follow the link to her article on a test for canine heart disease she states the dosage as follows:

"CoQ10 supplements come in two forms: Ubiquinone and Ubiqunol. Ubiquinol is a reduced form of CoQ10 and is the supplement I recommend for my dog and cat patients. A good heart-healthy maintenance dose is:

  • 50 mg per day for cats and small dogs"


I cannot make a recommendation as to which is the best brand; there appear to be many good choices out there.

I find your comment about your holistic vet prescribing Lasix curious: why ever would your vet NOT prescribe Lasix? Any good vet, holistic or 'western' [as my holistic vet calls it] uses the full range of available therapies to heal and support an animal, and Lasix is the "go-to" treatment drug of choice. Remember, all diuretics by their very nature - naturally derived or not - risk depleting potassium levels in the body.

I really like this site for how well it covers topics; this is their page for Lasix:

They recommend compensating for the possible depletion of minerals by giving your pet a mineral supplement. It might just be that easy, to offer your pet the "go-to" drug of choice [Lasix] and avoid mineral depletion by upping the nutrition in the diet you feed. And I am sorry if it appears I am trying to push you into using this drug. Its just that your boy is 14.5 years of age, in a breed where the median lifespan is 11.4; his long life is a testament to your very good care! But I would hate to see him fail to live out his life to the fullest in comfort and breathing with ease, for fear that the conventional treatment will cut his lifespan.

I do think you should give your holistic vet another chance when you get back to town. Bring up your concerns over using Lasix, and that you are have modified the prescribed dosage; discuss the most effective schedule for dosing based on what you have seen in your pet. Check out the heart murmur to see if it has changed from 5-6; has it improved under your current therapy? Ask for his opinion on dosage for Ubiquinol. Scan through the pages here and list out all the supplements and their dosages provided by Katie and other posters, and show this list to your vet and ask if he would recommend additional nutritional supplements for your boy.

Sending prayers for you, your mom and your boy~"