Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

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03/21/2010: Melanie from Ankeny, Iowa: "I've used ACV for about 2 months, and feel good. No weight loss, like I hoped, but aches and pains have gone away, and high energy throughout the day. I usually mix about a week's worth in water bottles and store in my fridge. I have never used baking soda, but want to start. Can I pre-mix the ACV and baking soda in water and store in my fridge, or will this cause one or the other to not be as effective? Thanks for your advice!"


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[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  04/25/2009: Bill from Covina, Clifornia: "I've been on your ACV/Baking Soda for some time, and it has worked great for my psittacosis infection...better than any antibiotic I've been on, and I've been on 17! I'm having a problem though, the amount of salt seems to be building up and I'm having a hard time getting rid of it! The mucous I'm coughing up is actually burning and I'm not feeling too good. I'm getting intense muscle cramps, spasms and soreness which I believe is from electrolyte imbalance. I've been drinking a lot of water, about a gallon and it doesn't seem to be helping much. Is there something I'm doing wrong, like not enough vinegar, or something?


EC: More on this condition here:

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11/16/2013: Mark from Las Vegas: "I have taken this for a few years. I can hardly stand ACV without backing soda now. I also take my Logol's Iodine in the mix of Water ACV and Baking Soda.

Unless you're trying to combat food poisoning then it's better full without the Backing soda as the Acidity is what kills the bacteria. How ever it's not the best food poisioning remedy. A teaspoon to a table spoon of Activated Charcoal mix in water is the best food poisoning remedy.

Honestly I have had ACV without baking soda actually give me indigestion.

Now I have a question. My mother recent emailed me and told me "never to take ACV with baking soda that a Natural Doctor on TV said it was just like drinking Coke-A-Cola and that it would damage your organs."

That was not my experience however I did do some research and when you mix ACV with baking soda it does create Carbondioxide which is in carbonated drink and softdrinks.

So that may have been what he was talking about. No I do not know how harmful carbondioxide is but I have heard it's bad for the eyes and it's also a waste product that we exhale.

So this might be a consideration on this remedy. I'd like ot hear Ted's answer on this or any one that has actually knowledge."

11/17/2013: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello Marie, Sorry to come in late on the thread, but I've been on ACV and Baking soda for years and have no side effects and haven't read of any."
11/17/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Mark: Carbon dioxide has a myriad of functions, mainly by forming carboxylated adducts with macro molecules. Carbon dioxide is produced in the process of energy generating metabolism. The amount of carbon dioxide produced in relation to the amount of energy consumed is the respiratory quotient. Sugar oxidation produces a higher RQ than fatty acid oxidation. The stress metabolism, in stark contrast, wastes carbon dioxide. Fructose generates more carbon dioxide than starches. Blood clotting proteins, for activity, require carboxylation of their glutamate residues. The enzyme catalyzing the first step in the synthesis of fats, uses carbon dioxide, forming malonyl CoA."
11/17/2013: Marie from Long Island New York replies: "I dont understand what you said.. Can you simplify this? I use Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda .. So is it safe or not..? I was using it to stay alkaline and lower blood pressure and all... Its confusing with conflicting reports as to what is harmful and what is safe. How can we ever know what is right or wrong? Thank You."
11/17/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "Marie: Your idea is very good. Please let me explain my point. I take 700g of the best food concentrates. They enable me to function at peak performance. I walk 10 miles per day and have not been to the doctor in 7 years. Eating regular food and taking some sb and Apple Cider Vinegar is not going to enable you to do that. Take my mother for example. She fell and broke her hip due to osteoperosis. I said take some hawaiin spirulina. She puts a piece of iceburg lettuce on her chicken sandwich for the vegetable. She has gout in her hands. I say take a herbal remedy. She drinks a beer for some folk medicine. She is so funny she could guest star on snl. Thank you."
11/18/2013: MJones from New York replies: "Oh; not sure what you are taking? 700 g. of food grade.. what is that?? My diet is mainly vegetarian and organic .. I do walk and bike and do the best I can.. I also do supplements and some herbs.. do veggies and fruits and sometimes use spirulina.. I drink lemons and try and stay as alkaline as I can. I drink alkaline water..still need tweeking but working on it... So what is your regime?? Thank you."
11/18/2013: Mike 62 from Denver, Colorado replies: "MJones: I take concentrates because they are less costly and more convenient than produce. I take 1/2 gallon water kefir from 60g organic whole cane sugar and 60g organic buckwheat flour, 200g organic whole dried cane sugar, 200g raw wildflower honey, 8oz. organic berries, 7g Hawaiian spirulina, 3g chlorella, 10g nondefatted dessicated liver, 20g nondenatured whey isolate, 5g absorbable colostrum, 30g raw organic cocoa powder, 60ml thai fish sauce, 1oz. organic tomato paste, 20g expellar pressed coconut oil, 30g black chia seeds, 1tsp. sesame oil, 3g cold processed maca, 3g yucca powder, 2g 90, 000hu cayenne, 3ml. skate liver oil, and drink 2 gallons of water. This is the way us simple country bumkins here in rocky mountain high just live naturally as God intended like our hunter gatherer ancestors. Happy and cheerful and joyful living everyone at fabulous E.C., the best place for God's Goodies."
11/18/2013: Marie from New York replies: "Hi, well that is a lot of stuff you take.. wow.. Not sure I could do all of that..

Right now I eat organic veggies and fruits and take some spirulina when I remember. I also drink green tea and other herb teas.. I take the acv, baking soda and use astragulus root..Oh; I do not eat red meat or chicken or turkey and soy in very very low moderation when I know its sneaked in some food.. LOL..

I take Taurine, magnesium, vit.E, D and use chia seeds, cayenne pepper and turmeric .. I also use beet root powder and Olive Leaf Extract..

I think that is it for now. I am going to add COQ10 and thinking of some omega although I use olive oil and eat fish. I also drink lemons and once in while get some veggie juice at health food store..

Most of my diet is good and never eat out or eat fast food. I am 59 and female.. I just wonder these days what is good or bad. LOL"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/10/2013: Teresa from Tennessee: "After reading the posts about all the benefits of ACV I finally decided to try it this morning when I got up. I used 2 tsp of the organic ACV with the mother and 1/4 tsp baking soda in about 10 ounces of water. After about 30 minutes, I started burping like crazy off and on for what seemed like an hour. Is this normal? I am wondering if I should omit the baking soda next time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I really want to do this for my health. Thanks in advance."

08/11/2013: Anonymus from Canada replies: "Acv and bs in a half a glass of water it is a traditional, old east European natural remedy for stomach upset, indigestion, to help you burp. Mix with a teaspoon until you get it fizzing, you get the same reaction like shaking a soda, don't wait the bubbling to subside, drink it right away. There is no recipe for it just add some Apple Cider Vinegar some Bs until you see its starting a reaction, you can also use just bs for indigestion so next time throw those Tums away and use with confidence this remedy."

06/28/2013: Dessy from Rockhampton, Australia: "Hi Ted, For the last 6 months I have been taking ACV and bicarb both morning and night to balance my PH. I test my saliva and urine with Litmus paper, first thing in the morning and my saliva is usually around 6.4 with my urine around 7.6 or higher. For about the last 5 weeks my urine has been very, very cloudy, sometimes dark, and othertimes can be a thick cloudy yellow colour. This does not happen daily, but when it does it is quite alarming. Could it be a side affect of the remedy I am taking? I am thinking of changing over to the lemon/lime/bicarb treatment. I hope you can advise me. Thank you for your good work, it is much appreciated."

03/03/2013: Vancie from Lusaka, Zambia: "hi, am on Bicarbonate of soda and ACV but my joints are feeling funny. Is it because I am also taking a slimming tea? Please advise. Also is Bicarbonate of Soda the same as Baking Soda? Am I taking the right type of soda, I want to reduce my weight."

EC: Hi Vancie. Yes, Bicarbonate of Soda is Baking Soda.

03/03/2013: Kojo from London, United Kongdom replies: "No EC... Bicarbonate of Soda is not the same as Baking Soda. Baking Soda has additives like Aluminium in them.

Hi Vancie I read that Bicarbonate of Soda depletes Potassium in the body... Fruits like banana could help replenish it."

EC: Hi Kojo, This is a common confusion. Bicarbonate of Soda and Baking Soda are without question the same product, and under neither name does it contain aluminum. Whether mined or chemically produced, sodium bicarbonate is composed of nothing more than sodium, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

For no very good reason, one small brand of baking soda decided to declare itself aluminum-free and succeeded in confusing all of us. Truth is, Baking Powder may and very often does contain aluminum. Baking soda never does.

[SIDE EFFECTS]  02/27/2013: Lorica from New Albany, Indiana: "I am puzzled as to why one needs to use baking soda with apple cider vinegar in order to bring up the ph levels to more alkaline. For me personally the baking soda, even at what seems like a small level, often causes me a concerning, though slight, pain in one kidney. In addition, if taken with food, baking soda can interfere with good digestion.

I have found that taking 1-2 tbsp ACV in a quart of water, sipped throughout the day, keeps me perfectly alkaline. I do take extra potassium as I know it can cause a deficit there, & I use a brand that seems to work well for me personally, for that, namely Twinlab.

For times when I am away from home I have ACV capsules, one brand that smells especially strongly of vinegar so I know it's the real deal."

02/20/2013: Sandy from Kolkata: "Hi, I am following this site from a 15 days and have question about one of the TED's remedy ACV + Baking soda to alkalize the body.

As per TED, one should drink 2 tablespoon ACV + 1/4 tablespoon of baking soda + 1 cup of water to prevent from tooth enamel and throat problem on empty stomach for 5 days and the discontinue for 2 days and then start again the same routine.

Is it safe to adapt this remedy? Are there any sideeffects? I have gone through this post and have found several negative comments using the combination of ACV + baking soda.

Few of them are dryness etc, hairfall etc."

10/14/2012: Caterpillergirl from Wonderland: "I have just finished a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection. I have been plagued with sinus problems since my early twenties (I am now 62) and when I was younger the infections seemed to take care of themselves but as I have grown older they have gotten worse and have needed medical intervention. Two and a half years ago I ended up with bronchitis for 18 months due to an untreated sinus infection. I am determined not to be a senior with COPD and am doing all that I can to defeat this recurring ailment. Over the past several months I also developed a minor candida fungal infection which seems to be under control now, but of course from a medical point of view, only the symptoms have been treated, not the underlying cause, which is lying in wait inside my body for the right circumstances to flare up again. I do take a powerful probiotic and I believe that has significantly contributed to my recovery, and going to the bathroom is a pleasure now. I have never been so consistently normal in my entire life! I have slowly over the past ten years been taking more responsibility for caring for myself holistically and nutritionally and am really grateful to have found this site. I have begun using the ACV and oil pulling treatments and just have a couple of questions. I have been advised to drink the ACV and water through a straw so as to protect the teeth, but worry about ending up with an acid stomach as a result of the vinegar. Is this likely? Are the ACV and oil pulling cures recommended to do everyday for the rest of our life, or just until whatever ails us is cured? I've always had a fascination for the art and science of natural cures but have never had enough knowledge or courage to try them. I am an otherwise very healthy person and want to stay that way. Thanks to Earth Clinic for providing a safe forum to share information and experiences."

10/14/2012: Diane from Riverside, California U.S. replies: "The only remedy for me regarding SINUSITIS is to wear a warm cap or hat at night or even when fans or air conditioning are on! I discovered my sinuistis misery was caused by the back of my head getting very cold! The cold would start an attack!

Sometimes I have to wear 2 caps to stop the sinus attacks. But this works like a charm for me!

Wear a hat or cap at night while sleeping! I found this out after 10 years of doctors pumping me full of antibiotics and spending a fortune for over-the-counter sinus aids.

A vaporizor also helps with minor sinus problems. But keep that hat on if your head is cold. Don't let your head get cold! Hope this helps someone!"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  02/26/2012: Rina from Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa: "Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux: Dear TED, I went to my pharmacy for a blood test to see what my acid count was. 5.9 it is very high. Today I bought a swimmingpool test kit, to test my urine and it was 7.6 the acid count. My friend told me about your Apv and bp drink, I've been taking it for 4 days now. Yesterday my legs and fingers was swollen. I take 2 tbsp acv, 1/4 tsp bp in a 1/2 glass of water. Why the swollen legs an fingers. Can you please advice me. My fingers are very stiff in the mornings.

I had a operation 3 years ago my small intestine died 10cm. I am fine after the operation."

02/26/2012: Deborah from Chino Valley, Az replies: "Hi Rina, try the ACV with water by itself and see if that helps. Sometimes the addition of the BP can cause stiffness and swelling for some people. You'll still get a lovely alkalizing effect from just ACV with water. 1 TBSP in 8 oz. of water goes a long way toward alkalizing the body.

Good luck ~"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  09/20/2011: Lt from Boston, Ma: "Hi:

I've been taking apple cider vinegar (2 TBlspns) along with 1/4 tsp baking soda in 8 oz of water. I seem to be having diarrhea and stomach cramping. Is this normal? I've taken it for once a day for two days on an empty stomach in the morning. Should I stop taking this or am I doing something wrong?

Please help! Thanks!"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  04/03/2011: Ella from Edgbaston, Uk: "Hi Ted,

I started taking ACV with BS a couple months ago and I feel I have seen some positive results ie: my skin etc. The problem is I noticed since I started this regime I feel like something is crawling under the skin on my upper back. This doesn't happen everyday, but enough for me to notice it.

Have you heard of this before? What kind of reaction is this? I am anxious to hear your opinion and advice.



[SIDE EFFECTS]  11/23/2009: Emarie from Indianola, Wa, Usa: "I get a constant headache when I use the ACV. I lowered the dosage to 1t ACV with Baking soda but still get the headache. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a normal temporary side effect? I am trying to get rid of candida."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  12/06/2009: Sunshine from Pasadena, Nfld. Canada replies: "Well I have tried this as well, and I find it makes my face twitchy and red and I just do not feel good when I take it. Also, I have tried the baking soda and water with lemon juice as well as just with water, but it still seems to give me a headache and yes, somehow I suspect its because of Candida."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/19/2009: Golditoo from Rockport, Mass., Usa: "Hello:

I wonder if someone could shed some light on this: I've been taking the ACV and baking soda together: (1 tbl and 1/4 tsp) and actually enjoy the taste. Ironically, my father, who lived to be 100 and took no medications but baking soda for upset stomach his whole life, lived independently until his late 90s. I never suspected a connection between his health and longevity until I started reading all the posts on this site.

Anyway, since taking the ACV and BS, I suspect it has an affect upon my thyroid. I've been taking thyroid meds for hypothyroidism for decades. Lately I've had a terrible problem with sleep; I'm awake the whole night. And I'm sweating a lot. IN the past this was a sign that my thyroid meds were too strong. I've lowered the dosed (my endocrinologist thinks I'm wacky, doing this on my own) because this wakefulness is a torment, night after night.

What I would like to know--from Ted, if he is available, or others--is if anyone has experienced this situation. I suspect the ACV has increased my metabolism.
I hope to hear from someone re this situation. I'll add my praise to this site: there's nothing else like it.

All best,


[SIDE EFFECTS]  04/07/2009: Carol from Kimper, KY: "Dear EarthClinic-

I am so confused about what this is. I started taking baking soda(1/4 tsp.) mixed in 2 tblsp of ACV. I let it set about 30 minutes and then add about 4-5ounces of orange juice and drink. I have done this for about 7 days 2 times a day. Lately I am having big time JOINT PAIN. Today I had pains so sharp in my knees that I couldn't stand on them until it quit.When I wake in the a.m. my fingers are very stiff and my knuckles hurt. Is this a possible side effect of the Baking soda and acv? I have been using it to try and balance my ph as i have candida (mouth,scalp and vaginal). Any suggestions?"

07/28/2009: Alicia from Madrid, Spain replies: "I'm sorry you are feeling the joint, knockles, stifness program. It is not going to make you happier but... I also have those and it is horrible, it is like your bones are suffering from a major disease, your mind goes through arthritis, arthrosis, weird flu, etc- Now; I'm not taking the BS and my question is: Are we cleaning our system in such a manner that this detoxing our bodies has to be suffered or are we ill? Please someone tell us about it. I'll be checking up on you to know how you are doing and if we found something out, meanwhile let's hope for the best. we'll find out don't worry- Best wishes, Alicia."
07/29/2009: Pat from Ktown, WI replies: "Try this for the oral problem:

and perhaps this will help with the rest"



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