Cayenne Health Benefits and the Cayenne Diet

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Multiple Cures

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03/03/2008: John Bayne from New Zealand: "Hello Deirdre. My name is John Bayne and I have been interested in cayenne pepper ever since 1991 when I was discharged from Auckland Hospital, after my third and final episode, in about March 1991, of duodenal hemorrhages, after 8 days and 4 transfusions later, and still losing about a pint of blood a day in passing Melina stools, without any reason given, but I knew that it had to do with my refusal to have an operation (no operation no transfusions). The very day I arrived home, on a Sunday, wondering what I would do, a friend gave me two capsules of the hottest cayenne pepper that I have ever seen to date (they advertised them as African Bird Pepper) and I never have seen a Melina since. About six weeks later the surgeon, who had kept me waiting about an hour and a half to soften me up, nearly choked when he saw that my blood pressure was normal, and of course had no desire to know how I had overcome me slow bleeding to death that their cimetidine had been unable to stop. Charcoal is definitely prolife as is shown by the fact that it can take the hottest tincture or powder without any apparent diminishing in its power to kill flu viruses. Usually take only 20 minutes with a cayenne 150,000 or over, to get rid of headache symptoms 100% of the time over 12 years with quite a few people as we have spread the word.

I have been getting my powdered charcoal from within NZ, but considering that I now use the Internet I am looking for other sources in case this one dries up.

So you sell powdered charcoal and in 1KG lots, and if so how much, and what is the range of sizes. Is the charcoal, only the right kinds of wood, no non vegetarian products such as bones. I would think that the right kind of wood, from a tree, is what I am looking for, for consumption of course.
My main use if to take the sting out of the cayenne, tincture or powder, when dealing with flu, especially, it works every time (for the last 12 years since I discovered the use of charcoal with it). Just as important I am finding it exceedingly difficult to find sources for genuine full strength African Bird's eye pepper, in powder or tincture, as near to 300,000 British Thermal Units. Unlike Dr Richard Schultz, my preference in cayenne is for the Bird's Eye pepper over the Habanera.

Can you get hold of this pepper in a bulk like quantity or in industrial strength tincture (with the water removed without heat), and in a larger amounts than usual but not at a price that would cause me to mortgage my house. If so could you give me data on the amounts, hopefully strengths in BTU's if you can, and prices.

Much appreciated.

PS: For nearly 15 years I had a wonderful supply from a local herbalist who used to import this industrial strength dehydrated cayenne tincture, and I found that there is containers full of full strength Bird's Eye pepper for sale in internationally, @about US$70.000 a container load about $4.00/kilo and on the other end much weaker cayenne at anything up to $100/kilo on the consumer's level and I am looking to intercept this special cayenne, if I can before it goes exponential or gets watered down, and charged more for. We can save lives with this and certainly not with anything under 150,000 BTU's so I would much appreciate it if you can be of any assistance."

02/23/2008: Amanda from Terre Haute, Indiana replies: "Thank you so very much for providing such a helpful website. I am a 20 year old girl, I feel like MRSA has taken my life and shattered it to pieces. I am against taking harsh, expensive drugs from the Doctor because of the side effects and price. I have been taking Turmeric tablets, and magnesium chloride tablets for a while now. I have one boil on a sensitive part of my body for months now, almost a year, and it's both painful and big. I have taken natural vinegar with honey and put it on the effected area. It seems to clear it up, but it shortly refesters and swells. I have no energy, I sleep a lot and am in a serious depression because of what this has done to me. Is there any way I could take a supplement to regain my strength? I would love to live again. Thank you again for such a great website and tips.""
03/04/2008: John from New Zealand replies: "It is like a well known saying declares "Truth is stranger than fiction."

I have seen people over the last 12 years react both ways, the skeptical go on suffering and the open minded get the same benefit as myself.

For those too far away to see me personally and try these things out, I would say this, "That at the end of the day personal judgment that is built up on the solid rock of knowledge plus experience, enables one to tell with much greater certainty than those who haven't bothered, which of the only three possible categories that I and what I am claiming fall under. A lie, some form of delusion or the truth.

It is easy to tell if you are truthful yourself and organized because of another self evident truth: "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

So if I pass consistency tests in my explanations and even better if you happen to be very honest yourself (It is true that it takes one to know one, so that if one has the Spirit of Truth in them they certainly can recognize someone else that does) but for the benefit of those yet to aspire to that blessed moral estate, but who well could, given time, the consistency test is as effective, as it is readily available, to people that are consistently truthful themselves, after all it is a privilege to know the truth at any time.

So, essentially, for me, as an illustration of what I am saying: "When I read the Bible, I come to the conclusion that the people that wrote down each book come across as; too honest to be lying, too wise to be fooled, leaving only the option that they are telling the truth."

In conclusion this is my account of why cayenne pepper 150,000 - 300,000 BTU's kills the flu virus in significant numbers within 20 minutes, and with the use of activated powdered charcoal, is able to continue to do this, yet without hardly any hint of a burning sensation while yet maintaining the same power to kill the flu virus, as though one had taken the same amount of cayenne without the charcoal. It is one thing to know that powerful cayenne tincture or powder is sudden death to the flu virus that attacks so many tens of millions or more times a year around the globe, but just as vital is that mixing of it in a ratio of at least 1cay:4char making this remedy available to everyone other than the "super human's" that only could prefer the hot mix to the flu symptoms, besides, those kind of freaks of nature are unlikely to succumb to the flu anyway, so you can see how important the inclusion of charcoal is, if the remedy is to be of any use to the average person that has too much apprehension of the burn to take it in sufficient quality and quantity to kill the flu virus.

Fact one is merely a matter of observance: That if one is fortunate enough to be in a position to take at least one heap teaspoon of African Bird's Eye pepper (good quality and condition that is), and it has been mixed with at least four equally heaped teaspoons of activated powdered charcoal, and even better, had at least one to four spoonfuls of powdered barley green added (making sure that there is enough water in the mix to make a watery slurry rather than a paste, because this is to be drunk not eaten), that aesthetically removes the grittiness and helps lessen the need for as much charcoal, if it has been obviously a flu virus, the headache and fever symptoms drop off 100%, with loose stools possibly remaining, for 3-7 days but more in the case of the less serious flues. It seems, to my experience, that the more deadly flues have been the easiest to kill. Like the common cold the milder and more common varieties seem to cause diarrhea (although losing headache and fever just as quickly, as the more serious strains).

Fact two is: Anyone denying this assertion, while at the same time not supplying a better account, for why this observable fact one occurred, is telling us more about themselves (and the insufficient way that they view the world) rather than truthfully disproving the efficiency of cayenne and charcoal to painlessly and healthfully solve a very uncomfortable problem with horrible headaches, fever and loss of work time either in the work force, home care or the school attendance.

Just think of the number of hours lost to a nation's economy from all of the strains of the flu virus alone let alone other possible "bugs" that this remedy could also deal to. One I know for sure is pneumonia, which I think is bacillus. I think that it is unacceptable that there is many container loads of the best quality African Bird's Eye cayenne in the pods still exported from Africa at around $4/kilo, making $70,000 a container, to disappear into the confusion of middlemen, certainly never to be seen in health shops or such like where it can save lives more than as bottled hot chilli sauce or something useless like that.

Feel free to post anything that I say at any time. Like Martin Luther, I am prepared to stand for what I believe in and be honest enough to put it to any test, while assuming responsibility to either defeat all comers or admit if someone can really show me where I am wrong. You cannot lose with an honest attitude because where you are right you have offered an opportunity to your neighbour, where you are on an equal footing you experience the unparalleled joy of sharing with an equal, and where one is wrong one moves up higher than one could otherwise have moved (to a higher perspective) where the price is one of the highest (in terms of human ego in that one has to be prepared to accept being wrong enough to discard where one is wrong and substitute with what has shown up one's error). It is certainly true then that we learn from our mistakes and largely teach from the mistakes that we once made ourselves and still see others making."

11/29/2007: Rani from Brookville, Ohio: "I will have to try the ACV, but I have found cayenne to be fantastic for many things. Energy definitely. And also good for colds and sinus. For really bad colds and sinus, I like to mix, garlic, cayenne, lemon juice, a little honey and a little orange juice with some boiling water and it does miracles!!"

06/07/2007: Paul McGregor from Wallsend, Tyne: "My mum is on cayenne pepper for medical purposes and the amazing results are remarkable simply amazing. my mum was saved from a brain operation (very serious). After a car crash and my having spinal problems she was born with after the crash she developed arnold chairi malformation. Magum decompression was the order of the day Brain operation until a herbalist saved her. Cayenne pepper was one of the herbs use and other herbs also in use together herbal teas. and capiscum and marsh mellow tinucure. If anyone has these problem please see a professional herbailist as it is complicated please see my website at or if you want to this link to your site then you are welcome:"

[YEA]  04/27/2007: Ewan from ef70a697fa03c03df31168b79e16f708: "I tried cayenne pepper remedy and I would have to say I'm very satisfied with the result that I got. It cleared of my sinus and open my passageways and helped with my ear infection. Try see if works."

[YEA]  09/17/2006: Vince from Philadelphia, PA: "A friend told me about cayenne for cuts and infections. I added salt to it, because that's what I used to use and I liked the taste with salt, and it has cured everything I have used it on. I even broke up completely blocked sinuses with the mix, squirting it in my nose. Go easy and dilute it a lot more than for gargling, since it is Hot, but it works SO fast, and the burn doesn't last very long.

I have used it on so many infections, and had a hound that had some chronic digestive problems. I had cured most of them with yogurt and tripe, but he still wasn't right. When he got diarrhea and it was in to its 5th day and Nothing was working, I thought, maybe he had been harboring some bad bacteria all the yrs, and they increased. I had been giving him rice so mixed some cayenne in. It was a funny scene as he took a bite, shook his head, snorted, and walked around the yard, always coming back to eat more till he finished it. The next day his stools were firm!! I made up 2 capsules and gave them just to make sure the cayenne got into his intestines, but I don't think they were needed. His food sensitivities disappeared AND what had been a Very Skiddish animal after a bad scare when I first got him, and he had many before, became brave, and he became a normal, confident animal that I was always trying to create, and Believe Me, I am a Master at desensitizing scared animals, and in minutes, but this guy was a Real challenge. His problem was he never felt well enough to be bold, and he would go aggressive when he felt threatened.

Try cayenne And salt for Any and every infection, or what you think may be one. Boil it and drink it for urinary tract ones. Vince F"

[YEA]  Ray from VA: "Any time I am stuffed up, I add a little cayenne powder to my food and instantly my sinuses clear up! I also add cayenne to apple cider vinegar and water... that too is another good remedy for sinus congestion."

Nasal Congestion

11/06/2010: Dan from Austin, Texas, Usa: "First of all, I love the site. Browsing through here has definitely helped my overall health and wellness and definitely cured a few ailments over the past few years. Next I would like to say that the most unpleasant feeling in the world for me is nasal congestion. I absolutely hate it when my nose is plugged.

One day, I awoke and couldn't breathe through my nose at all. Unfortunately it stayed like this all day. I headed to Earth Clinic where I found the suggestion to snort some cayenne. I could hear my mother's voice in my head questioning whether this was really such a good idea. I didn't listen to mother, and used the "it sounds the most extreme and must therefore work the best" logic. I started off by taking about 1/4tbs of cayenne and split it into two separate piles on my right and left index fingers, prayed to every religious figure I could think of, and snorted as hard as I could, one index finger into each nostril. At first it burned. I told myself to man up and deal with it and it will be fine. Then, it blazed. My eyes were watering attempting to put out the fire that was now in my nasal passages. Being the genius that I am, I attempted to wipe the tears with my hands. Turns out there was still cayenne the fingers I used to wipe my eyes. I've been poked in the eye, punched in the eye, spit in the eye, kicked in the eye, scratched in the eye--none of which compared to what I was experiencing. Frantically trying to rinse my eyes out to ease the pain and gulping down milk as the blaze had gone down the back of my throat I had nearly given up hope. I was convinced my eyes were ready to fall out and I had destroyed what was left of my sinuses. Ready to end it all I headed to get my rifle (or possibly some whiskey) when I took a deep breath through my nose. Sweet clarity. Sweet, sweet nasal clarity."


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[YEA]  01/11/2009: Mak from Perth, Australia: "Dear All,

Most of us only believe something if it's happened to us or we 'saw' it with our own eyes. Cayenne Pepper helps me with my neutropenia condition (low white cell count) in that, it doesn't raise the count but keeps bacteria away and stops food bacteria from making me sick. I got those empty gel capsules from most health shops and shake a small amount in a dish and then fill about 1/2 the capsule with it and then close capsule and swallow with juice. Always after eating a meal, and it never burns and stops your food bacteria in it's tracks if you have been out for a meal and come home and your tummy is churning and you know whats going to happen!! Take a capsule as above and it won't get to the vomit stage if you take within 1/2 hour of feeling unwell. Only make as you need not storing them. Keep cayenne in it's packet till you need to make up a capsule.(Caps size vary, get small ones).

Also my husband cut himself deep on his hand and was bleeding bad, I said "at last we can see if that cayenne works"!

Wow we covered it and it was all red and like a crust, left it on for about 1/2 hour then cleaned and re-applied then covered with bandaid and within a few weeks he just has a thin line like a faint scratch. I swear by cayenne but even that amazed me, he said it didn't hurt but just felt warm.

Famous saying: Above many graves grow the herbs that could have cured those that lay below them.

How true.
Mak "

07/10/2011: Barbara from Manchester, Uk replies: "I have neutropenia (low neutrophils), I have read on this forum that shark liver oil and lithium help, has anyone experienced and positive inreases.... PLEASE any advice would be helpful....."
11/28/2011: George from Melbourne, Vic replies: "I was taking shark liver oil for about 7 months but have stopped as I believe it caused me watery eyes, but I do believe it helped me with loe neutrophils. I also take AHCC which I believe has helped me tremendously. I also have a glass of honey with garlic every morning and I believe that has helped me as well for low neutrophils..."
09/11/2013: Amy from Perth replies: "Hi. My mother has recently been diagnosed with neutropenia with associated multiple myeloma. She leads a very healthy organic life and is not interested in any way shape or form of having the Chemo. Can anyone suggest anything natural to help with either of these conditions. Thanks"

Nose Bleeds

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[YEA]  10/30/2009: Matt from Millbrook, Ny: "Every winter for several years now, I would get awful nosebleeds, and they were very difficult to stop. Sometimes they would stop only to start again within a few minutes. After reading about cayenne on this site, I began to take it in a capsule, maybe three times a day. After the very first capsule, the nosebleeds never returned. These days I use 1/2 tsp of cayenne in warm water to make a tea. It's easier on my stomach and I feel its effects faster."


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[YEA]  01/18/2010: Sybilg from Sainte Eugene De Ladriere , Canada: "i had pain for years in my bones a month ago i started to take cayenne pepper capsules and i now am pain free.i continue to take 1 capsule per day. its nice to be pain free.i started off with 2 daily then i increased the dose 1 per day untill i reached 5 i stayed at 5 a day for a week. then i decreased then to 1 works well on the heart, diabetes, and diverticolosis which i have. a big improvement. oh 400 gram capsules they were."


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[YEA]  02/19/2009: Nick from Johannesburg, South Africa, Gauteng South Africa: "One week before I turned 40 I became very ill- flue like symptoms. Docter told me I had prostrate problems. Since then, urinating wasn't what it use to be! 2 years ago I met this friend who only took natural medicines, and she recommended Cayenne Pepper. I've been taking it in powder form -3x per day with luke warm water- and I can honestly say i pee like a 30 year old!"

Puffy Eyes

10/08/2006: Elizabeth : "I have been on a regimen of 2 tbls of ACV and 1 tbls of blackstrap molasses 2x's a day for about 4 months now. I've just recently in the last month added 1/2 tsp of cayenne (1 tsp/day total) to my ACV and chase it with a glass of water. I read on your site that cayenne helps circulation and that was the primary reason I started adding it to my ACV. Before that I would cook with it and added it to my food everyday as I really like hot food. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with what happen next... The puffiness around my eyes (due to some kind of allergies food or airborne I'm guessing) and face is COMPLETELY gone! No kidding! I have a healthy glow to me now and the puffiness around my eyes that would make me look tired all the time, has vanished. The next thing I noticed is that my sinus' are clear, the dull sinus headache that I lived with for so long is gone and I can breath through my nose at night. As a result I think I'm getting more oxygen to my brain and body now and I definitely feel much more clear headed. I had no idea how much congestion was in my sinus' that I had just learned to live with. After ingesting a teaspoon a day for about a month, although results came within a couple of days, I look and feel so much better. The only thing I can attribute to the changes to is the cayenne. Thank you so much for posting this remedy. Makes me want to kiss you guys right on the lips! SMACK!"

03/30/2009: Karen from Lawrenceburg, Ky replies: "This is a reply for elizabeth-I can't believe how well you completely and easily summed up a problem I've been trying to get rid of for years. You are amaizing, and your info is a blessing. I'm only 26, and have these horrible under eye bags that are too big, and darkness abounds under my eyes. It is terrible, and I believe it is due to the horrendous diet I have always had (it consists of a lot of margarine)! Anyways, I guess maybe I have bad circulation since the c.p. helps with that. I can't wait to see if I get the same results. Contact me if you want-apache_10[@] Anyone else welcome too, to talk about dark circles. Thank you again! ~Karen"
01/03/2010: Karen from Lawrenceburg, Ky, Usa replies: "Oh, sorry, email is apache_106 [@] hotmail. com"
06/09/2010: Dylan Bobbie from Dublin, Ireland replies: "Hey guys loving all the information available :) i just purchased cayenne powder today at my local health store,and put a little into a cup of warm water but didnt seem to feel anything and didnt find it hot at all am i using too little? ive had huge puffy eyes all my life and dont know why. ive been to so many doctors, bought every cream available. does this really work for puffy eyes? also my nose is always blocked, have red eye too, so i think it could be allergies. i take anti histamines but get no relief at all. how often should i take the cayenne? any feedback would be soooooo helpful, im desperate!"
06/10/2010: Rainman from Central, Vt, Usa replies: "Not sure about the cayenee for puffy eyes. But, you should really take a look at oil pulling for that stuffy nose. I have had a deviated septum problem for 20yrs with chronic stuffy nose. Been oil pulling every night and can finally breathe through my nose. I can't say that I have had all of the success as other have had. But, the fact that I can breathe again will keep going at it. Not too mention my snoring is 100 times better (according to my wife). :)

If you are not familiar... start here.

There is also a website dedicated to the subject if you do an internet search."

Sore Muscles

09/21/2006: Vince from Phila, PA: "I make up a plaster with cayenne and salt to cure muscle strains and pains. I wet a paper towel and sprinkle just a little of both on it, and apply. The salt is rough being crystals, and irritates the skin a bit, so I make a saline solution and wet the paper towel with that. The cayenne may irritate some peoples skin, but it is used for irritated skin, so isn't a big problem. I even heard of using it on sunburn.) It usually takes 20min to cure pains or strains. I once had a really strained back and leg. The back came from working under a car, laying on concrete, and the leg was sciatica from sitting on a wooden bench after it. My back hurt from my neck to my foot, and my thigh would hurt SO bad I could only walk about 75' before I had to sit down. I decided to do the cayenne plaster, and I was sO bad I felt I had to really heat it up. I used a piece of paper/plastic drop cloth, since I was going to add a heating pad, and didn't want it to dry out or wet the pad. I cut a piece to reach from my neck to my butt, applied it and heated it up. The regular plaster usually only needs to stay in place till the heat of the cayenne dissipates. I kept this on a while longer, and after I removed it the pain was gone."

Sore Throat

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09/16/2010: Fey from Hilo, Hawaii: "Hi I am a nobody college student. I have had a sore throat for two days and it has been hurting like none other. Web Md suggests warm salt water and that will last you some 5 minuets. Google pointed me here. CAYENNE pepper mixed with warm water and gargled appears to be the top pick and it is for a reason. 2 minuets after the taste of pepper left my mouth I was so much better. Try it, it works so well."

[YEA]  04/16/2009: Dan Rodriguez from Clarksville, TN: "Cayenne Pepper is the man!!!!!!!!! I love it. I drink it as a tea on a daily basis. When I have sore throat, I mixed it with H2O2 and salt and gargle with it. It kills anything that is not supposed to be there. I've got so used to it that I can actually placed it on my tongue and swallow it like candy powder. ( Don't try this with large amounts at first, you'll get a good burn) It is awesome."

04/30/2009: Eric from Boston, MASS replies: "how do you guys drink it its hot as hell i couldnt drink a glass of it some stuff added helped initially but the heat was still there any suggestions would be great hot hot hot i used 1 tsp in 10 oz of water"
06/09/2009: The Hawk from DeKalb, Il. replies: "I actually take 1/8th teaspoon of 250,000 heat units with my breakfast almost every morning. What I do is take a small glass and just fill the bottom with white grape juice then put the pepper in. I have cheerios every morning and love thick cream, so I use that instead of milk. Here's what I do. I take a couple of spoonfuls making sure I have more cream than cereal then I tip the glass up and drink the pepper and white grape juice and immediately take another spoonful of cream and cereal. Milk products tame the heat from the pepper. What you have to watch for is that you don't have so much liquid that you choke and it goes up your nose. OUCH!!!!"
04/18/2010: Brenda from Salt Lake City, Utah replies: "I had read that milk, cream, ice cream will neutralize the capsicum and that the holistic benefits of the cayenne will be moot. Worth checking in to as you may be doing this for no benefit if this is true."
02/17/2012: Jake from Raliegh, Nc replies: "Mix the cayenne pepper with tomato juice or vegetable juice. It goes down much easier than mixing it with water."



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