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08/19/2007: Shirley from Mid, Missouri: "Here is an Internet site where you can purchase the 3% food grade peroxide. http://dancingalgae.com/hydrogenperoxide.html. I have no association with this site; it's just the place from where I purchased mine. Hope it helps somebody. Shirley"

08/11/2007: Dennis from Seattle, WA: "Just to let your readers know... It has now been over 7 weeks since I ordered some 35% food grade H2O2 from the Guardian Of Eden people (http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.htm) and still haven't received my order. Luckily I paid via PayPal, so hopefully it will be easy to get a refund."

EC: Per feedback from a few of our readers, if you decide to buy food grade from http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.htm, it seems to take 3-4 weeks for delivery and they won't respond to your emails! We guess selling food grade H202 is a touchy subject, especially if the FDA is at your back.

07/06/2007: Dan from Seattle, USA: "It is true... the 3% H2O2 sold by Walmart manufactured by Aaron Industries Inc., South Carolina is, indeed, made without stabilizers confirmed by a response from the company. The base is purified water only."


I've read through all the posts on H202 and have been searching for a good source of it locally. This brand (Aaron) has been mentioned several times with conflicting info on whether it is safe or not. So, I wrote to the company today to ask and this is their reply:

Aaron Industries, Inc. Manufactures 3% Hydrogen Peroxide by diluting a concentrated solution of Hydrogen Peroxide with purified water. Aaron Industries does not add stabilizers to the Hydrogen Peroxide solution. However, the supplier of our concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide solution has stated that their product contains stabilizers. In the 3% Solution, the amount of stabilizers in the product is less than 30 parts per million. The amount of stabilizers in the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution is very, very low.

Our Hydrogen Peroxide is not Food Grade, it is USP grade.

I hope this answers your questions.

Well, it does, sort of. Now I'm left wondering exactly what those stabilizers are and whether at 30ppm, they're safe to ingest. Probably not but I'm interested in other people's thoughts on the matter.

Guess it's good enough to wash veggies with and to use as a mouth rinse though."

07/03/2007: Ennis from Chandler, AZ: "re: Where to get pure 30% H202: UnitedNuclear.Com out of Abq NM. I use to live right down the street from them. It's an AWESOME website where you can obtain just about every element on the periodic table...including uranium,...really."

EC: Here's an article from Wired Magazine about this company that someone might find interesting: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.06/chemistry.html

05/02/2007: Sara from Atlanta, GA: "I have read that the hydrogen peroxide used in swimming pools is actually food grade, and that you can order it from swimming pool suppliers, therefore. I use Oxy-Klenz concentrate, food grade 35% H2O2, distributed by M&A distributors in Atlanta, GA 404.634.8881. Freezer storage is recommended, but it must be at least refrigerated. I used to know someone whose breast cancer was cured who regularly bathed in a solution of this."

01/05/2008: Carol from La Verne, CA replies: "Comment dating 5/2/2007 from Sara in Atlanta, GA regarding knowing someone whose breast cancer was cured when bathing regularly in a solution of this. Does Sara know the concentration or measurement of peroxide to water ratio? Also, how long did it take for her friend to see any results? Would greatly appreciate your response."
02/15/2009: RL from Los Angeles, CA replies: "I just found 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide at a health food store in Santa Monica. Here's the info: One Life Natural Food www.mainstreetsm.com - (310) 392-4501"
04/01/2010: K7 from North Hills, Ca replies: "RL from Los Angeles, CA- thank you for your posting it was SO helpful! Yes One Life Natural Food does carry 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide...$21.95 per quart and about $16 for ph testing strips for pool/spa. Thanks!"
09/15/2010: Markym1 from Santa Monica, Ca replies: "Thank you so much on this address in Santa Monica LA...


I just called them and going there to pick it up...."

[YEA]  03/31/2007: Charles from Oceanside, CA: "You can purchase the following items: Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) from Walmart if it is bottled and comes from Aaron Industries, Inc (www.aaronindustriesinc.com), corporate Headquarters in Clinton, SC 29325. Phone: 800-525-2558. Only purified water is added to the hydrogen peroxide. One quart sells in Walmart for $0.94.

Potassium Bicarbonate, pure and kosher, one pound for $9.90 plus postage. Packaged by Green Sense, located in Garland, TX 75041. Phone: 800-864-4445. www.GreenSense.net.

pH test strips (80 count) can be purchased ($8.99 post paid) at www.snyderhealth.com. Click on The Alkaline Shop (right side), then click on pH Test Strips (on the left). These are better than paper, give readings in .25 increments. Charles"

[YEA]  03/16/2007: Steven from San Antonio, TX: "Remedy, HepC On the hepc cures page someone asked about a source of food grade h2o2. Ted says he buys large quantities, I found quart size supplier here: http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.htm

Also a possible treatment combo using h2o2 coloidal silver mentioned here: http://www.silvermedicine.org/h2o2.html also possibly useful on your boils page. Thanks for all you do!"

[YEA]  03/08/2007: Soluna from Springfield, MA: "My Quest: To find the best 3% H2o2, Need a chemist & lab I'd like to propose a project to find the purest brand of 3% H2o2 (least toxic) available. I don't know if they are all the same but I'm hoping that some might have less or less toxic stabilizers than others. I would release the results for anyone to publish. The two main reasons for wanting to know this are:

1) Some people will never order the 35% food grade

2) Sometimes 35% is just unavailable. It would be good to know which brand(s) have the least amount of or less harmful stabilizers and preservatives. I'm willing to do the leg/phone work but am looking for:
A) A chemist to speak with so I can better understand which stabilizers are least/most harmful and how to phrase my questions to the manufacturers.
B) Someone to the lab work on any brands that look promising. (Or alternately pay for the lab work.) Anyone interested in joining me on this project?"

02/07/2010: Carl from San Diego, Ca replies: "Hi,
my name is Carl. I am a retired chiropractor. I secured a 20 gallon carboy of food grate hydrogen peroxide from a small chemical distribution house in San Diego-ATLAS CHEMICAL. Ask for Bob. He is the owner and very astute. Also very helpful.

Telephone No. 619-232-7391
Cost: $200 or about $10 dollars per gallon.
This is a good way to go. Regarding shipping to your area, you'll have to ask Robert.

I think just about anybody can find a small private chemical distribution house in your city. You will run into trouble with the big houses/the distributors. They're not interested in your business. They will not bother with you.

This carboy is going to weigh about 80 pounds, so one person can deal with it. You can pour it out, siphoned it out, or pumped out. Why not put it in one gallon containers? Remember-this stuff is real powerful. You must use common sense-be careful.

Make absolutely certain that you carefully label each container to avoid a mistake. Then simply dilute with a mathematical calculations and common sense. Ten parts water, one part 35% will get you what you want.

Before leaving, let me mention that a good many of you seem to be utterly ignorant of the notion of treating yourself, looking for solutions. You discovered hydrogen peroxide-something so simple and something so miraculous-what does that tell you when Orthodox medicine? BIG PHARMA, and all related spheres of the influence, does all it can to suppress public knowledge.

You should be aware that there is a revolution occurring within the ranks of medicine. Nearly 40 years ago Linus Pauling made his discoveries about vitamin C, using massive dosages to effectively cure wide varieties of illness. The Shut Brothers brought forth the information on vitamin E, using massive dosages to cure illness. These renegade medical doctors and researchers ultimately formed a new organization that is known worldwide; The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. This is an organization of noble professionals truly interested in healing. One of their ranks maintains a fascinating web site where you can obtain a diverse education by simply reading-the web site is massive. No cost access to nearly 40 years of newsletters. The site is a gift to the public by one of these noble men, whose name is Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. Find his web site at:

As the name implies, you are going to have to take ultimate responsibility for solving your own problems. And solutions are available. But you have to do a good deal of reading before the illumination comes through. You are not alone-start reading, by some of those books that you'll run across.

Did deeply into this site, which will take you to many other sites, and you'll get an education that can save your life or save the life of someone dear to you. You can forget about Orthodox medicine-you should know by now that Orthodox medicine is bankrupt-intellectually and morally bankrupt. They have forfeited any claim to being the guardians of human health.

Because cancer in such a major issue, I suggest you focus on the work of a German medical doctor, now deceased, whose work will greatly illuminate your understanding of the issues of treating terribly ill people, people whose systems have been nearly destroyed. His name was Max Gerson, M.D.

The doctor yourself web site will guide you to all these areas. But specifically, here is a link to a very famous, often referred to speech given by this famous cancer doctor, describing in simple layman's terms of the approach to detoxifying and cleaning the terminally ill patients-sometimes successful, sometimes not.

You'll find the 15 minute read of Max Gerson's speech to be most illuminating, applicable to any person who is struggling with chronic ill health. Read it, and then begin your own research. You live in miraculous times-when in human history was it possible to obtain such vital information so easily from your living room-the Internet truly is a miracle so I suggest you use it to educate yourself. That's what I did-starting about two years ago.

My sincerest wishes to the improvement of your health, and a happier life.
Carl Rochte
San Diego CA"

USA: Alaska

01/24/2010: Budd from Kenai, Alaska: "Years ago i used 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to reduce inflamation and help flood my body with oxygen. It worked well, but the only problem now is that it can not be shipped to Alaska:( I will be in Burbank CA. and Santa Clarita soon and am having a hard time finding a vendor by way of internet. Any suggestions?"

04/05/2010: David from Palmer, Alaska replies: "I TO AM LOOKING FOR A CARRIER IN AK FOR H2O2 BUT AM HAVING NO LUCK FINDING IT."

USA: Kentucky

07/15/2011: Cissy from Lancaster, Ky, Usa: "I live in Kentucky and would like to where I could find food grade hydrogen peroxide, in the state of ky?"

11/13/2012: Roblexky from Lexington, Ky replies: "Same here, Cissy. Did you ever find a retailer in KY?"

USA: Miami

10/23/2009: Jamie from Miami, Fl: "I've been trying to find 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide for my puppy, he has kennel cough and I wanted to try the home remedy. Any one know where I could find it in the Miami area?"

10/25/2009: George from Saginaw, Michigan replies: "I have never seen food grade 3% h2o2. About the only pure food grade is 35%. You can buy it at some health food stores. Here it is almost $30 per quart. To make a 3% from the 35% mix one oz. of 35% to 11 oz of distilled water. I hope this helps."
10/10/2010: Sandra from Mesa, Az replies: "Excuse me, but food grade is found in you nature finest and other health food stores. If they don't have it the know where to find it locally. If you are trying to get rid of cancer why are you trying to crutch pennys, I bought a bottle yesterday for my mother, 10.00 and some cents. The thing is when you mix this down it goes a long way. Good luck to those trying to fight cancer or other diseases."
11/14/2011: Dianne from Brattleboro, Vermont Usa replies: "Does anyone know where I can purchse FG H2O2 in Vermont, USA? I am anxious to explore this most interesting product!"

USA: Oregon

12/21/2011: James from Portland, Or: "Does anyone know where I can pick up some food grade hydrogen peroxide in the Portland, Oregon area? Thanks"

12/21/2011: P from Middle, Fl replies: "http://www.foodgrade-hydrogenperoxide.com/id22.html

This site list everything, from doctors whom do intravenously, to retailers in your area and internet resalers! Good info"

USA: Washington DC

04/16/2014: Mwr from Washington, DC: "Where can I buy food grade H2O2 in the Washington, DC area? Thank you"

04/16/2014: Larry from Fairfax, Va replies: "Try your local Whole Foods in their vitamin & supplement dept. I buy it at Whole Foods/Fairfax, VA."


06/30/2013: Terry from Hcm City, Na : "Ted, you make mention of a purer grade of h202, USP. Do you know where, if possible I could buy in SE Asia? I reside in Viet Nam. Many thanks."



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