Grapefruit Seed Extract: Amazing Health Benefits

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09/19/2010: Shelby from Newburgh, In: "I had been struggling with a staph infection near my right eye since November 2009. I tried cremes and a variety of natural remedies, however the most effective was grapefruit seed extract. It pulled the infection up to the surface where my body and oxygen was able to kill it. I am terribly allergic to citrus and so it gave me quite a nasty rash, but I just fixed that with vitamin E. Definately go with GSE, it is messy when the infection surfaces, and you must be careful not to spread it more, but now there is nothing near my eye and my face is whole again. I thought I would never be well and lo and behold I am."

08/09/2009: David from Tacoma, Washington: "Grapefruit seed extract.
The wikipedia article cited states that no studies have proven its ability to kill pathogens.

Simply google: Grapefruit seed extract tea tree staph.

There are several science articles stating the same thing.

G.S.E. combined with tea tree kills one strain of MRSA.
G.S.E. combined with Geranium oil kills the other strain of MRSA.

So dont listen to the wiki article author tell you that there is "no scientific evidence"."

EC: Here's the entry --

[YEA]  08/02/2010: Shelby from Evansville, In replies: "You are definitely right about the grapefruit seed extract. I have finally gotten control of a nasty staph infection near my right eye using it. After 7 months of trying everything in the book, this is the only stuff I have found that is reducing the infection and making me feel as if I can finally kill this thing."

Strep Throat

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[YEA]  02/12/2009: Chip from Pompano Beach, Florida: "GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) for Strep Throat:

I absolutely love this site! One thing I haven't seen is the amazing and simple treatment for Strep Throat and several other issues. GSE (grapefruit seed extract) has kept me out of the doctors office for 13 years now. One bottle can last me at least a year or two and it only cost me $12.00. I work around germs and virus' every day (poker dealer)and use it as a preventative measure as well. Just 3-8 drops in water or juice once a day when others are getting sick, keeps everything I'm exposed to from rooting itself into my system. When I have had Strep Throat catch me off guard, I simply mega-dose by taking 13 drops in a small glass of water. Gargle and swallow. Yes, swallow. I do this 3 times a day and keep doing it even though the sore throat is gone within 12-24 hours and The white bumps within 24 -36 hours, for at least 7 days. Just like a script for antibiotics, keep going past the symptoms stage. GSE attacks germs and is even used as a dissinfectant for tooth brushes, countertops etc... It is said it is 50 times more potent than bleach against germs yet the whole bottle (hundreds of doses worth) is less toxic to the body than one baby Bayer aspirin. Google it yourself and see it does natures work like the hand of God. I read it is even effective against Anthrax?"

[WARNING!]  04/19/2010: Annie from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I just wanted to remind people to follow the directions and make sure to dilute this product so that you do not make the mistake that I made.

I had a slight pain in my tooth and thought that gargling with some GFSE would make me feel better. I placed about 15 drops into some water and gargled without incident.

Then I got the bright idea to place a few drops directly onto the tooth. What a mistake!! The undiluted drops quickly made my mouth water, and then the mixture of drops and saliva kind of made its way under my tongue. I spit it out, but the damage was already done. Within that few minutes I had managed to bascially give myself a chemical burn to the soft fleshy area under my tongue.

The pain was so bad that I cannot even describe it. It kind of felt as though I had chards of broken glass under my tongue. I felt miserable. Then the next day the area under my tongue was kind of swollen, and it felt like I had something stuck in my throat.

Needless to say, eating has been difficult. I'm sure that within a week or so I will feel better. The body has the amazing capacity to heal itself even after we do unwise things to it.

GFSE is great, but make sure that you always dilute it. I don't want anyone else messing up their mouth the way that I did."
[YEA]  11/12/2010: Tj from Durham, Nc replies: "I myself have applied GSE directly to my mouth without incident. In fact, a coworker had a mouth sore that had gotten so bad that she planned to make an ER visit the next day. I had her apply GSE directly to the sore and by the end of our 8 hour shift it was gone."


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[YEA]  06/06/2013: Alternative User from Stockton, Ca: "My son had a wart and I put Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) on it and bandaged it and changed the bandage and sprayed it with Colloidal Silver every other day. 1 week later wart dried up and fell off in the shower. After reading some posts about face washing I am going to try washing my face with it and am anticipating great results."

Yeast Infections

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06/12/2013: Darling Bud from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: "For yeast infections, try grapefruit seed extract (4-8 drops directly in juice or water) On a daily basis as a supplement, and stay away from refined sugar, which feeds the yeast. Also- liquid stevia, a natural sweetener contains grapefruit seed extract and is a tasty addition to anything you drink!"

[YEA]  09/08/2009: Eh from Atlanta, Ga: "Grapefruit Seed Extract is an awesome product that I came to discover when I developed a terrible yeast infection from taking 2 rounds of antibiotics in one year, about 5 years ago. My docs could not even diagnose it, because it was what I would call "atypical yeast" -- not the typical symptoms, but rather an intense irritation and burning on the outside skin of my genitals. Anyway, I finally figured out that's what it was and went looking for natural treatments. BTW: you can do a search on GSE on the web and there are several websites that sell it, AND give VERY specific instructions on how to take it. But this is what I did: 10 drops GSE (in a empty capsule) 3 times/daily. (Be prepared to experience "detox" symptoms -- but mine were just a runny nose and a little headache). You could also douche with 5 drops/quart water. That is also recommended -- I did not, because my problem wasn't in my vagina, but on the outside. Since then, though, I have had "flare ups" with it again (got reinfected from my husband, actually, I think), and have used the douche - it gives almost instant relief -- a few times will almost cure it. But continue to use it -- I used it (decreased to 2x daily and then 1x daily) for months, for fear it it coming back. You can use it long-term without worring about it killing the good bacteria (or so they say), but I used a pro-biotic along with it (once/daily - spaced out 2 hrs between - very important!) You do not want to kill the good bacteria with the GSE... too expensive to do that! :o) Hope this helps! Oh! and the pet thing -- you can put it in their drinking water -- it is bitter so it may be difficult. But just give it maybe 2-3 drops and do it long-term... hopefully that will work. GSE has powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. I have used it for many applications, after reading all that you could use it for on a website. It really is amazing. Hope this helps you guys!"

05/03/2011: Janee from Jackson, Michigan replies: "Has anyone tried taking GSE drops adding to empty gel capsules instead of diluting it in water?"
05/04/2011: Joyce from Lansdowne, Pa replies: "I add grapefruit seed oil to my green smoothie in the morning. I can't taste it in the smoothie."
09/09/2011: Debbie from Murfreesboro, Tn, Usa replies: "GSE can be added to orange juice. Even my kids can't taste it in OJ. No other juice disguises the flavor like it does."



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