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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2014

Before starting treatment for bacterial vaginosis, please make certain that it is in fact BV. Two other similar vaginitis conditions can be easily confused with this condition. So how to diagnose your vaginal ailment? First of all, BV is caused by bacteria, while candidiasis (a yeast infection), is obviously caused by the excessive presence of yeast, and Trichomonas vaginalis (trichomoniasis) is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a parasite. To complete your diagnosis for your vaginitis, consider your symptoms (most indicative listed first):

Bacterial Vaginosis: Relatively thin, whitish, foul-smelling discharge; little to no discomfort; discharge most common following sexual activity; vaginal pH above 4.5.
Trich: "Fishy" smell, itchiness (potentially from thighs to urethra), frothy yellow-green discharge, labial swelling. Sexually communicated.
Yeast Infection: "Cottage cheese" discharge; burning, itching, or pain related to sexual activity or urination; redness. Most likely in the case of someone with a weakened immune system.

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Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus91 YEAS
Hydrogen Peroxide88 YEAS
Folic Acid and Acidophilus76 YEAS
Acidophilus41 YEAS
Folic Acid38 YEAS
Boric Acid30 YEAS
Multiple Remedies27 YEAS
Probiotics19 YEAS
Yogurt11 YEAS
General Feedback7 YEAS
Vitamin C6 YEAS
Goldenseal6 YEAS
Tea Tree Oil5 YEAS
Supplements5 YEAS


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Acidophilus Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Acidophilus pills (the higher the live count, the better) can be taken orally and inserted vaginally to add healthy bacteria to the vagina and restore your balance. Remember that acidophilus pills must be kept refrigerated.

11/23/2013: Qwerty7586 from United Kingdom: "I've sufferred from BV for about 5 years now but only started looking into treatments just recently. I'm 19 and I am not sexually active (never had sex) but got bv from irritation from soaps/shower jels. Drs wont help me as they pretend like there's nothing wrong with me so I'm trying to fix this myself. I've bought acidophilus tablets for digestive health but it says "take 1 tablet a day". I don't think it's working much as I've been taking them for a week now. Is it because I'm taking them orally? Should I put them in vaginally? Or do you need special tablets for the vagina? I dont really want to stick anything up there as I can barely fit anything in! I'm also taking multivitamins and tried the apple cider vinegar bath. I dont even know if the apple cider worked as I cant really smell the odour myself most of the time! Only other people can. Please could someone answer my questions as I am feeling a little lost at the moment. Should I try the hydrogen peroxide douche too? I'm a little scared to try douches!"

11/23/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "Qwerty,

If you google "PH balanced soap" there is a yellow soap in a blue package that comes up. It matches your body's natural PH, and using it may give you the relief you want. Best wishes."

11/23/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Qwerty, why don't you try a diluted h202 sitz bath?"
11/25/2013: Jill from Nc replies: "I have had a cranky crotch on and off for years. I found using Nutrogena soap in the area to be soothing - as my doc recommended. Also use your finger tips to clean the area and NOT scrub with a wash cloth. Taking extra acidophilus would be fine. Years ago I used to douche with yogurt too..... unflavored of course...."
12/15/2013: Sindee from Santa Cruz, Ca replies: "After bath/shower apply extra virgin coconut oil (just lightly) and use a panty liner for an hour to avoid staining underwear. EVCO is the best natural skin/body moisturizer that has been used for centuries in East India/Asia. I have used it all my life now (have very sensitive skin), it is now becoming popular in the US."
12/31/2013: Reb from Wichita, Ks replies: "I've had BV for as long as I've been sexually active, and I'm 45 now, so I've had plenty of time to figure out solutions.

Diet and all that doesn't make a difference for me. The only thing that works is douching with peroxide, I use a plastic syringe, the kind they'll give you free at any pharmacy counter for giving kids medicine, and inserting acidophilus afterwards. You can do it twice a day, and up to three days for a really tough bout, but usually once or twice does it.

I do it every time I have sex and after every period.

I really like Ja-----dophilus, they're small, dissolve quickly without a mess and seem to be the perfect strains, but it's also the most expensive one at the health food store so if I can't afford that one I just buy one with a lot of strains.

Always make sure it's NOT enteric coated, those capsules don't dissolve. If for some reason your capsules aren't dissolving well, take the top of the capsule off before inserting so you only have to fish around for one piece later.

I am planning to try folic acid. I've read a lot about it and preventing it would be better than treating it, if that's possible."

07/09/2013: Healthyh from Austin, Texas, Usa: "I am so happy to have found this website. I have felt like such an outcast for so long because of my BV. It's not something you typically talk about to your friends and honestly who wants to openly admit that they have issues with smelling... Down there? and I mean I have been struggling with this issue for years. It's destroyed my confidence and has really done a number on me psyche lol. Anyways today I am starting the Acidophilus treatment. I bought one that has 14 billion cultures and I inserted 3 today and will do 2 tomorrow and 1 the following day. I also am taking echinacea/goldenseal orally. So hopefully this will have some effect and I'll be able to return here with positive results. Thanks everyone for all the helpful comments I wouldn't know where to start otherwise."

[YEA]  05/16/2013: Caligirl from Bakersfield, Ca, Usa: "Acidophilus for BV: Hello all... I have suffered from bv since I was very young. I believe I had it from the first time I had my period. (Now in my mid 30's) I did not know that I had it until a few years ago but I had tried discussing the odor with doctors and they would just say they did not notice it and I was probably self conscious about it. I finally read about it online and then had to insist on getting tested and of course I had it. The meds do not work for me and it just comes right back often within days. I have tried all kinds of cures from vitamins, diets, pro-biotics, folic acid, yogurt, inserting yogurt, soaking in peroxide, etc etc. I did not try douching though because I am afraid it would make it worse. I pretty much just learned to live with it and showered multiple times per day to get rid of the odor or wore pads if that wasn't possible. Recently, the symptoms had started getting worse with not only the odor but itching and burning. I went to our local health food store and began telling a lady who my family knows there about it and she suggested pro-biotics. I told her I had already tried a few different kinds and she encouraged me not to give up on them because they all have different strains and dosages. I asked her which she would recommend and she gave me a couple. One was a probiotic formula for women which I decided to go ahead and try it (sort of reluctantly because I already spend too much money on trying to solve this). I could tell a difference in the itching and burning within a couple days and the odor has consistantly gotten better. I have been on them for about a month now and I cannot believe the difference. It was kind of amazing to me because I have tried alot of probiotics and not cheap ones either! I wanted to pass this on for all of you who have suffered with this and hopefully it can help some of you too :)"

07/11/2013: Maria from Miami, Fl replies: "Hello, can you please tell me which probiotic formula you used? brand? price? I am so desperate..."
09/01/2013: Christina from Dallas replies: "The probiotic that the previous poster is talking about starts with the word FEMD... It is made especially for females. I don't think we are allowed to mention brand names. It is refrigerated and available to buy at health food stores. This is the best one for bacterial vaginosis, Anytime I have bacterial vaginosis I take this and folic acid together twice a day until it clears up. Probably for about a week."
09/02/2013: Caligirl from California replies: "I cannot mention it but buy a strong one... 90 billion active probiotics in it. The key is to take more. Most will tell you to take one a day... I took two in the morning and two at night. The femd only had 5 billion and didn't help for me."
02/07/2014: Brendam from Denver, Co replies: "Are you taking the probiotics vaginally or orally? Has anyone tried garlic pill made to help with candida?

I'm on 15 months of having it since dating with my current male partner. Could we be giving it to each other back and forth. Has anyone tried having their male partner treated with anything? Also, my doctor has said sex is ok while treating it but the recent homopathic medicine I bought for BV that is inserted vaginally stated to avoid having sex while using the 6 day formula.

All thoughts and advise are welcome!"

02/07/2014: Nanowriter from Hotspot, Texas replies: "Try having your partner take zinc supplements. There are vitamins and minerals in human secretions and sperm are supposed to contain a lot of zinc. It's worth a try."
02/08/2014: Rs from Ca replies: "Hello. I have had BV for about 5-7 years. There is no cure. In the beginning I thought I had chronic yeast infections and tried all the over-the-counter medications which only made it worse. Then I turned to a holistic approach and did some homework on BV. The medical world has no idea what causes it and it is not a sexually related disease. Women who have never had sex have BV, so that point has already been proven. I was miserable and felt like I would never have my sex life back again. After trying oral probiotics (which DO help a LOT but not on their own), yogurt douches, H202 douches, ACV douches, vaginal probiotics, and countless other things, I found and read about boric acid capsules. Most women dont know that you can get a prescription from your doctor and take it a pharmacy and have them made. This is the ONLY thing that has relieved my BV and kept it under control for the past 2 years. I make my own capsules by buying boric acid online from Amazon (you can also buy it at any pharmacy over the counter) and gelatin vegan capsules and make my own capsules at home for just pennies each. I buy the size 00 gelatin vegan empty capsules, fill them with boric acid and store them in a dark cool cabinet. I insert one capsule vaginally every night before bed for 7-10 nights or until the symptoms have subsided. These capsules work IMMEDIATELY and you have relief very fast. After your initial symptoms have been relieved, use the suppositories every other night to keep things at bay, and when you feel the slightest twinge of that "feeling" coming back or that smell, insert a capsule. You will need to wear a panty liner the next morning because the capsule kind of dissolves releasing the boric acid and it will leak out of your vagina. Its not a large amount but you will need a panty liner. I have invested in mass quantities of panty liners. Let me tell you that I was terrified to put boric acid into my vagina. It is rat/roach poison, but what it does when inserted into the vagina is it suffocates the bad bacteria and it dies, therefore leaving you one happy girl. In combination with the suppositories I also take B-12 every day and 3, 200 micrograms of folic acid daily. I have made it my mission to tell everyone about boric acid capsules for BV. Your doctor wont tell you because they support pharmaceutical companies and would rather keep you in a vicious cycle of antibiotics, creams, and worthless suppositories. BV is a nasty nasty bacteria that has no known cause or cure. Many women have it and mistake if for a yeast infection which is why it never goes away and keeps coming back. Please give this remedy a try. You will not regret it. Ask your doctor about this if you dont take my word for it. Good luck and feel free to email me."
02/09/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc replies: "Hello RS from CA...

You say you're on a mission to tell the world about Boric acid. Boric is certainly multi purpose for killing bacteria.

I like it when folks are working to help others. Question for you: The bacteria keeps coming back and the Boric acid in capsules works topically to rid the problem in the immediate.

Apparently the bacteria is still floating around in the system and finds its way back to the problem area. One might consider using colloidal silver (at least two tablespoons daily) on empty stomach for a month or so to see if the CS can knock out the bacteria system wide?

I am on a mission to tell the world about the benefits of CS (and am totally open to any other anti bacterial/viral/ fungal that is helpful along the same lines). I am also very fond of the herb Echinacea. That herb in liquid form used for a few weeks (five drops in glass of water three times daily) would also help knock out a bacterial infection system wide."

03/11/2014: Caligirl from Bakersfield, Ca replies: "I have sort of stumbled across something else that has really helped me. I have noticed if I try to lower the dose on probiotics the symptoms begin to return and taking that many is expensive so thought I would share! I began drinking a half lemon in warm water when I first wake up (for other health reasons) and noticed the odor is once again gone. I lowered my dose down to a normal intake of probiotic and as long as I am drinking the lemon water daily there is no problems! All I do is a half lemon in warm water (prob about 8ou) and sometimes I add a little honey for taste then wait a half hour or so before I have coffee or food. This is so inexpensive and is really easy to do even if you are traveling or something you can get a warm mug of water and a side of lemons anywhere!"
03/11/2014: Bee from New York replies: "Hi, good to hear that lemons are helping you.. I am starting to think lemons are my best friend.. I have been experimenting with all kinds of lemons.. I also drink two or three lemons in water a day for Vit.C and to lower my blood pressure.. I also need vit.C and yes taking a bunch of pills gets pricey and this is a great way to go... I also have digestive problems and hoping the lemons work there also....I have also tried lemon essential oils and they help me relax.......

Only thing is that I use organic but they are not so expensive either..when I get them in bulk... Thank You"

03/19/2014: Caligirl from Bakersfield, Ca replies: "I have taken the vitamin c packs with 1000 mg and notice those are somewhat helpful too. They didn't work as well as the lemons though. Something about the lemons really seems to work."

04/09/2013: Beehive from London, England: "I hope this post will help some women. I never ever suffered with bv ever in my life. I didnt even know such a thing existed. I met a new man, we got intimate and suddenly I had this disgusting odour. The strange thing was that regardless of whether he used a condom or not I still got the infection. Note that when he used a condom the infection would take longer to develop. When a condom was not used the infection would develop the following day. A smelly discharge and an extremely dry vagina. Eventually I cleared the infection and was able to keep it away.

After having sex, the very next day I would insert 5 acidophilus capsules in my vagina as far as they would go. I did not poke holes in the capsules. The uncomfortable dry feeling would disappear within a few minutes. The day after I would insert 3 capsules. The third day after I would insert one capsule. I also started eating a lot of live full fat greek yogurt during the rest of the time. My vagina actually started smelling good enough to eat ;) One thing I did notice about my boyfriend's semen was that it was extremely thick and sticky and did not "leak" out of my body. It seemed to stay in my body and start rotting in there. Anyway, I split up with him and met someone new. I was a little afraid that I might suffer in the same way with my new man. His semen was not overly thick and sticky and leaked out of my body after we had sex. I did not get bv again. I was so relieved that the cause of the bv did not lie with me. Anyway, my old boyfriend got married and I think his wife is getting the same problem as I was when I was with him. She has accused him of cheating on her and they are now separated after only being married 8 months. My old boyfriend is a body builder and drinks alot of those protein drinks but does not drink water or eat fruit and vegetables. So the problem definitely lies with him. Note that I did get the infection even when we used a condom. I have put this down to the fact that the sex was rougher when a condom was used so I may have been getting injured internally which meant an infection could take hold. To summarise, eat plenty of LIVE yogurt. Insert about 5 acidophilus capsules as soon as possible after having sex. This means that the good bacteria will not allow the bad bacteria to take hold. Also note that the good bacteria keeping the vagina fresh by producing hydrogen peroxide so there is no need for you to douche with hydrogen peroxide."

11/09/2013: Sunny from Ca replies: "Hey Caligirl from Bakersfield Ca,

Can I get more clues on which one you used like what it rymes with or how many stains, was it refigerated kind? What colors are the box? What kind of pictures?? the more clues the better. Thank you!!!"

12/08/2013: Caligirl from Bakersfield replies: "It was refrigerated. We lost our income recently so I went off them briefly and the odor came back! Guess I am really going to have to stay on these to keep things under control but its worth it! I tried a cheaper brand with 50 billion active cultures but it had more strains and it seems to work well too. I think maybe brand isn't as important as getting a high dose one and then taking more of them. I take two in the morning and two at night and sometimes an extra one in the day."

02/28/2012: Bridget from Montevallo, Al: "Hi ladies! I've been dealing with BV for almost ten months now, and I'm really ready to get rid of it. I've been taking garlic pills and acidophilus pills twice a day after meals, but I really would like to try the "acidophilus paste" that some of you have recommended. I've tried it twice, but I think I might be using too much water, because it doesn't look anything like a paste. I mash up the pill in a bowl, add water, mix it, and do my best to get the mixture into one of those vaginal-insert things that often come with antibiotics (after it's been thoroughly washed with soap and warm water). Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Should I be buying distilled water just for this purpose?

I also have tried tea tree oil after reading some of the replies on this website, and it truly only caused me to have a horrible burning sensation. How do you ladies use the tea tree oil? Maybe I didn't dilute it enough. I would appreciate some more details on either of these methods!"

03/02/2012: Marina from Grants Pass, Oregon replies: "@02/28/2012: Bridget from Montevallo, Al You could try mixing the acidophilus with plain yogurt for a thicker paste - otherwise you would need only a drop of water to make a paste. I sterilize a long pin & poke several holes in an acidophilus capsule and just insert the capsule by way of lubing my finger with coconut oil & working it up as high as I can go. This has been working along with my other methods (all my notes are under the remedy with 99 YEAs below & I am 'better but not cured' - but I AM GAINING ON IT).Undiluted Tea Tree Oil is too strong for many people - dilute it/mix it with something like Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil: carrier oils which also have healing properties)."
03/28/2012: Cecilia from Dallas, United States replies: "I've had BV for almost a year now. I immediately stopped using fragranced soaps down there, but the problem was still there. In case you ladies didn't knw, you should always stay away from scented soaps, wipes, pads, etc. Down there, because it is a big cause of BV! Most of you probably knew that already, but I know all my friends were surprised to hear that, since they use scented pads all the time. Anyway, I do not know how I got BV, but it was really making me uncomfortable, and I was being distant with my boyfriend.

The other day, I saw an intimate feminine wash in my mother's shower and read that it was completely natural with no added fragrance. It contains cranberry extract and chamomile. Cranberry is very good for the overall health of your vagina and bladder, so I figured I'd give it a try. I used it for two days and didn't even bother to check if my BV had improved. I was so used to being icky down there and having to wear pads every single day so the odor wouldn't stink up my pants. My boyfriend knew about the infection, but I never let him smell me anywhere near there, so he got my shorts that I had been wearing and smelled the crotch area lol and he was confused because it didn't smell like anything. I took the shorts from him, and to my surprise, there was no smell. For the first time in months! The next day, I got my period, and we all know we can be a bit smelly down there during our period, and combined with the BV, the smell used to be horrible. Again to my surprise, there was no smell! My period even seemed to smell so much less than before I got the BV. That day, I went out and bought some L. Acidophilus pills with 40 million viable cells just to ensure that the infection wouldn't come back. I'm still trying not to get my hopes up, but the smell and discharge still haven't made an appearance again, and it's been five days. Once my period is over, I'm going to try to wear my underwear without any panty liners or pads, and that will be the ultimate test. I hope it goes well. I'm going to continue washing that area with the feminine wash and taking the Acidophilus pills. I don't know if either of those things actually were the cause of my BV disappearing, but the pills have improved my metabolism a lot, so that's a plus. Hopefully, it doesn't come back."

04/04/2012: Zerbo's Health from Livonia, Mi replies: "I visited this section on BV a few weeks ago and then went to the Health Food Store in this area best known for its selection. The staff there introduced me to a suppository that had everything everyone was talking about. These are by Vitanica. These suppositories have acidophilus, tea tree, boric acid, and coconut oil in them. I've been using them for 1 week and no more BV. They say for yeast but if you read everything about acidophilus, tea tree, coconut oil, and boric acid then you will understand that these will take care of fungus and bacteria also. I also decided to take Soloray Yeast Cleanse because it includes pau d archo, tea tree, caprilic acid, acidophilus, and more for cleansing out the bacteria also. This all took care of the issue in 1 week for under $30. Thought I would share a very easy and comprehensive formula that is effective since many have had no luck. Best in Health. S in Michigan."
04/06/2012: Sherri from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "@ Zebro what health food store did u go to? I see Whole foods carries Vitanica products But I do not know about the suppositories, I'm desperate to try anything, I already spent a extra 50 dollars this week on nothing, damn something has got to work for us as it has you!!! Thx for sharing.."
04/07/2012: Marina from Grants Pass, Or replies: "It's called yeast arrest."
04/07/2012: Marina from Grants Pass, Or replies: "Hey Sherri - - I just checked, nothing there? Tori Hudson a wonderful ND in Portland designs the product line. When I got serious about this I followed her work. The FDA made them lower the boric acid content of this product a few years back. There are many complaints regarding the loss of potency due to this requirement. It's too bad. I based my original capsules with Tori's remedy in mind.

It seems like a lifetime - but I have been free and clear for at least 6 weeks! AMAZING."

04/09/2012: Sherri from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hey Marina, wow 6 weeks!!! I know u r feeling really good, just one day would be a lifetime for me as I sit here typing this I can smell it through my pants:(( Oh man I just finished crying, I can not wait to go back to the doctor, I do not know why my body is being so damn stubborn to fight off this dreadful infection, I rarely talk to my guy anymore, like I said before he has no idea what Im going through and if he knew he would be gone, so it is best like this until I can be rid of this crap, marina are u still doing your regimine everyday? So u have no discharge and smell? wow u r so very lucky, 8 years with this and I still can not believe it, I just saw a brochure in the doctoors office " BV what women should know" well there should have been more awareness about this wayyyyyy before, because I would have taken the damn precautions to avoid this nightmare, I douched and BV got me, seems like it has my whole damn life, my esteem is shot, I want to smile again, such a beautiful face and a stinky vagina, no man wants that at all, this is the worst shit ever, I wish and hope to be BV free soon, I need my life back, damn, and I want my guy too, that guy is my soulmate, marina e mail me columbia7777(at), thanks!!! I need to talk 1 on 1 with you.."
04/20/2012: Margaret from Cooktown, Queensland, Australia replies: "Hi out there, thanks for your stories. BV has become a problem for me over the last 2 years, didn't have any understanding of it to begin, and because ejaculating with intercourse was something that started full on for me at around the same time, I thought the odour came from this. Didn't realise how powerfully bad it was until others started to object to the smell. I also developed urinary tract infections that I'd never before had. I'm also heading into menopause, and a womens health nurse here was able to point out that link. Anyway, I 'd tried ti tree and vinegar douches to no avail. So went to an antibiotic, Tinidazole 500mg x 4, a once only dose, and it worked, made me happy. Until I had sex again, and back it came. There's a doctor in town here who's very much into the nutritional side of things, the effects of deficiencies, getting the balance right, etcetera, so I'm thinking to make that my next port of call in looking for a cause and cure. An iridologist was able to pick up that I had a chronic infection, which she felt was originally housed in the gut, so that's another angle. If I come across something that makes a lasting difference, will surely let you know."
05/02/2012: Trina from Charlotte, Nc replies: "I was having BV and the clinic would prescribe me metronidazole and it kept coming back. I finally went to my family doctor and he prescribed me the same medince however he prescibed me Restora (myrestora. Com) to take along with the metronodazole, I continued to take 1 Restora everyday after the 7 day run with antibiotics. It's been over a year and it hasnt came back yet. I would recommend giving this a shot. It worked for me."
05/17/2012: Nikki1983 from Birmingham, Al replies: "Hello everyone. I to am enjoying the information that I've been reading on this site. I just heard about BV on the television. I've been researching for about 2 hours and noticed that I've been having some of the same symptoms. The only thing is, is that I haven't been having any pain at all. Fishy smell and grayish spots in the panty liners. I've been with my fiance for 8 years and he's been my only sex partner since then. Constantly taking showers, wiping, and changing panty liner. Using different cream for yeast infection. My appointment is scheduled for Tuesday of next week. Could that be a sign of BV?"
07/12/2012: Lakeha from Birmingham, Alabama replies: "Its good to see that I am not the only lady going through this problem but I havent tried many things besides metronidazole and vh essentials bv treatment it is 6 pills inserted vaginally and you can buy it at a drugstore or walmart for 20.00. Kinda expensive but it works for awhile. I dont think that this is easy to get rid of so the best thing we can do is continue to do what works best for our body...."
08/28/2012: Confusedintexas from Sherman, Tx replies: "hey its me again. Still dealing with the same symptoms and discharge, I just turned 20 yesterday and am feeling like im always going to be like this. I know that isnt true, but its like im always looking over my shoulder, waiting for the big scary bv or yeast infection monster to come get me.

i know i've fallen off my bandwagon with my vitamins and stuff but tonight I think I got a sign not to give up. I can't enjoy sex, and am officially single, so frustrated with the itching, burning, and terrible effect these infections are causing in my life AND vag. I cracked open an L. Acidophilus capsule I had (100 million count), poured it on my finger, then swirled it around up there a little bit.

at first I was doubting that it was even going to do anything, especially cause I was too chicken to put the whole thing up there and prbly used about half of it but I really do feel better. the itching and annoying dry feeling isnt as bad but the insanely annoying burning is gone.

I'm going to keep inserting the capsules, slowing working my way up to more. i've learned in my case that less is more after getting a UTI soaking in AVC :'(

so starting tomorrow im going to go back to taking my vitamins and folic acid cause when I was taking them I got a pap smear from my gyno and my yeast levels were low, she said there was almost any yeast down there which was good (i think).

maybe I should've tried the suppository thing a long time ago..... I guess i'll see in a couple of weeks. ill let you guys know.

nice talking with you guys and reading up on the new information, this site really does keep me from going totally insane LOL"

11/21/2012: Sherri from New York, Ny replies: "This is Sherri, my BV went away, How? I dunno, yes I changed my diet, drink apple cider with water everyday, just take a zinc vitamin, nothing esle, I went to my gyn again for a check up, no smell and Ph is 4. 4 where it should be, no higher, no clue cells present and lactobacillus is present, there is normal discharge, Im so happy for this, like I have my life back, I smell perfume, u see I have written many times here, of depression and crying and I dunno something worked for me, it has to be diet and no I do not eat yougurt , that does not work ladies because the right strain of lactobacillus is not in there, my pants smell like nothing and neither do my panties, try drinking apple cider, the vagina needs to get acidic, Good Luck, finally after 8 years!!! FREE at LAST!!!!"
11/22/2012: Dyann from Dallas, Tx replies: "Sherri, that's awesome news! In what ways did you change your diet? Besides the apple cider & zinc, I mean?"
11/27/2012: Sherri from Ny replies: "@Dyann lots of fruits and vegetables and apple cider with water, yeah I can not believe it is gone, some discharge but all normal!!! And take a probiotic with Reuteri in it, they sell it in the vitamin Shoppe, or on Amazon for like 9 dollars!!! No more BV, ugh GOOD, no more fish smell, it has beeen such a long time, of humiliation and embarassment, so I feel all your pain, diet has so much to do with this creature, and u must stya with a probiotic... Good Luck to being FREE!!"
11/29/2012: Dyann from Dallad, Tx replies: "@Sherri, I started drinking apple cider vinegar every day & have added some veggies to my diet, but I will definitely have to try the probiotic as well! Thanks!! And congrats!! :-)"
01/03/2013: Sweet Tee from Laurel, Maryland replies: "1/3/2013: Sweet Tee from Laurel MD replies: I have been suffering with BV for many years now and so has many women in my family, so I decided not to feel so bad anymore and really try and do something about this Naturally, so here is what seems to work for me: First 7 days I took Yeast cleansers after this, I douched with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) and distilled water for 7 days (1 &half teaspoon of GSE for every 16 ounces of water - should make 3 douches each time). I went to the store and brought a multi pack of premixed douches, open them, dumped out the contents and wash it out with hot water, then added my douche mixtures. Now I douche with the GSE mixture 1 a week and everything seems fine. My partner even said I smell like "water" down there. My period is starting and it's not as intense as usual or as smelly. I have to say that this 14 day remedy is comprehensive but well worth the effort and to douche 1 a week with my mixture is just a safeguard. Good luck and May the Force Be with You!!!"
07/09/2013: Healthyh from Austin, Texas, Usa replies: "Does anyone else have an issue with bleeding in between periods? Could this be a product of the BV or is there something more serious that it could be tied to? I've always had issues with spotting in between periods and it's very distressing."
07/10/2013: Mama To Many from Middle, Tennessee, Usa replies: "Dear Healthyh, I don't think the BV is causing the spotting. I wouldn't rule out 100% that they are related if some underlying health problem contributes to them both, but I don't think BV is the cause.

I have had spotting before and do not have BV. Spotting is usually cause by something hormonal. It can be cause by a number of birth control methods.

The easiest thing to try would be 1 T. blackstrap molasses 1-2 times a day. This is very good for lots of female (and other) problems. Red Raspberry Leaf tea - 3 cups a day is also helpful for the female system. If nothing simple works, you could look in to natural progesterone cream, but I am not sure that is all that natural. That said, I have used it to get myself regular in the past with success.

If you cannot get your spotting under control, you may want to see an OB. Sometimes it can be an indication of a more serious problem. One time I had spotting that two different doctors blew off. It turned out that I had a tubal pregnancy. (I hadn't known I was pregnant. ) It all came together when my tube was rupturing at home and I finally went to the ER. Lost the tube and nearly my life. But most of my incidences of spotting have been pretty benign.

Let us know what helps you!

~Mama to Many~"

11/30/2013: Yuma from Calgary, Ab, Canada replies: "I am so glad I found this website...Thank you so much everyone you have no idea how much support I got here from reading all your postings this morning. I have been suffering from this condition for for over 2 years. Needless to say I went to multiple doctors and no help there. At work I am laughed out, avoided as the stinky girl in the office. It does not help that I am the visible minority....anyway I could not understand why I smelled like even though I shower everyday and clean myself with more care than most people still could not make through the day. I am going to try some of these remedies and I hope I will find one that will help....

Thank you thank you thank you"

[YEA]  01/23/2012: Gin from Bristol, Connecticut: "My doctor told me to open a acidophilus capsule, mix it with water to make a bit of a paste, and insert it. I have to do this after sex because that's when I get issues. So far it has worked wonders. I've been doing it for about a month or so and have no adverse effects. Only problem is that the powder in the capsule DOESN'T mix with water so I mix it the best I can, and use a small plastic tongue depresser type thing and insert it that way."

01/30/2012: Nellybop from Orlando, Fl replies: "Yea the Acidophilus powder is the best. It's way less messier than yogurt and gives you the probiotics instantly. Here are my tips : Use Acidophilus that contains at least a billion live cultures. Also use the refrigerated kind! I cant emphasize enough how many different types of Acidophilus I have tried. It's something about the cold kind that really works. I guess it makes sense, since yogurt is cold and thats what helps to keep the cultures alive in it. You can get the refrigerated kind from a health store of Whole Foods or something. Also sometimes it may be too strong for you and you have to work your way up. If its too strong, it can give your vagina that "raw" feelings :(. Try a half of capsule at 1st. And if that doesnt work use a whole one. I take mine orally and vaginally but the vaginal way works the best. Good luck ladies! Also watch what you eat. The food that you eat can cause bad bacteria."
01/31/2012: Mel from Piscataway, New Jersey replies: "I've struggled with BV for about 4 or 5 years now. I initally got it when I started having sex with a new partner (protected). I had no clue what the smell was and my mom suggested I douche and it got worse. I worked at a doctors office so I was prescribed Metro 500mg. We continued having sex and it would come back every now and then. I changed my partner 2 1/2 years ago and it's since been an ugly crazy cycle of BV--> Metro 500mg--> Yeast Infection. Over and over and over again. It clears up and comes back as soon as I have sex with my boyfriend.. Both protected and unprotected. I went to get a pap about 4 months ago to get tested for Std's because I had no clue why this kept happening. The gyn said that once the bacteria is there it is super hard to get rid of and again I was prescribed Metro.. Only to be followed by a Yeast Infection. Who knows how much money I've spent on it... I'm probably immune to it. I decided that I needed to do a little more research on this seeing as I cant live the rest of my life ducking sex with my boyfriend and always being on crazy meds that do NOTHING! So I found this site!! It seriously made me wanna cry seeing that I'm not alone and I'm not this dirty girl. I tried a couple things I'm gonna go thru the list:

Acidoplius- I went to the health food store and got a refrigerated one and took 2 pills orally for 14 days. The smell went away and most of the discharge and I was so happy... until I had sex and it came back.

Femodophilus- This didnt work at all. I used it orally.. And inserted it.. and honestly after inserting it my bv came back crazy.

Folic Acid- I've been taking this everyday. I'm not sure if its working or not but I'm gonna continue to take it.

Peroxide Douche- This WORKS! But ONLY when it comes to getting rid of the odor for a few days. I put half water half peroxide and douche with it.. This is so heaven sent.

Greek Yogurt- I've been eating this on and off(my off days when I run out)I feel that this does a good job at repressing it. I dont notice discharge when I eat it.

I've also been going commando as much as possible as well as using an ordorless soap to bathe with.

I just ordered a different brand of acidophilus from Vitamin world so I'm gonna try that along with continuing to eat my greek yogurt and taking my folic acid everyday.

Tonight I'm going to try some Tea Tree Oil since thats awesome at getting rid of bacteria and fungus.. I'm not sure how I'm gonna insert it but I'll figure it out.

I encourge every one to try all of the methods that are listed on this site theres something that will at least repress it a lil bit for all of us.

Good luck!!"

02/01/2012: Mandy from Ny replies: "@ Mel I hear you, I too have Bv, I have written here a number of times, I do not know how to be rid of this, forget the doctors they know nothing, this thing is ruining my life and making me depressed everyday, what once was a sexy confident woman is now a woman in a shell, I honestly do not know what to do, I'm broke, spending money on this that and the yogurt? Please, nothing for me:(( when I get my tax return, I'm gonna buy femanol, I need this odor to be GONE!!! Damn I do not have a lot of discharge, just some, and bam it smell like fish!! Ugh, I got this 7 years ago, when I douched too much, I never even heard of this, ever, I'm not a dirty woman, but I sure as hell feel like one, I tried fem dophilus too, waste of money as was Bv essentials.

The only thing that was ok for me was the boric acid, but that is expensive!!!! 28 dollars for 7 pills:(( But I'm gonna make my own soon, I did notice when I took it, there was no smell, then I ran out:((, I was so happy those days I had no smell:))This is some nasty thing to deal with, I can't even sit for long period of time:(( what a damn shame, the doctors know their meds do not WORK!!! I met a nice guy and if he knew I smelled like this he would be gone... Damn you BV!!!"

02/20/2012: Happy_az_now from Perth, Wa, Australia replies: "I honestly can't believe that this worked. After reading all the threads from here on Friday night I knew this was the problem. I went to the chemist on Saturday and they told me to go to the doctors, which takes ages here. I'm sick of that smell. I sit down and I can smell it in no time. I have a shower think yes this time it must be all clean, aren't I washing properly even though I make sure I'm washing overly. So when I read that peroxide could help get rid of that horrid smell I couldn't wait to get back to the shops to get some and try it. I got 2 bottles cause I thougt nothing could kill it, but I didthe fist mix half water and half hydrogen peroxide and use a 30ml syringe to apply it. I laid down for 5 mins and held it in. I couldn't believe it when I got up had a shower and wiped dry and the smell was pretty much gone. So then I soaked a tampon in full peroxide and inserted and left it in there for a hour, it was sliglty burning but nothing unbearable and I read that it will do that if there is and infection. When I woke up in the morning and had a shower there was no smell when I dryed myself on the towel, still I inserted another soaked tampon but this time in half water and half peroxide just cause I know it maybe a bit sensitive from the last day wore it to work and took it out after 2 hours. Today is the first day in the last year I have been at work and there is no discharge, which as u all know feels so gross. Sometimes so much They feel and are wet, which isn't desirable at work!!!!! And best of all there is no disgusting smell that ranged from fishy to mouldy kind of smell.

This problem had me so depressed, I felt dirty, gross and wrong. After getting on here nad seeing how common it is I feel like a new person today. Thaks to everyone of you ladies who have taken your time to post here so people like me could get the help they need!!!!"

02/27/2012: Shay from Phenix City, Al replies: "I was wondering could someone provide me with a name of the refrigerated Probiotic or Acidophilus? I really wuld appreciate it. It took me for ever to find an organic grocery store and now that I have found one, I need the name of the right stuff to get. I am so sick and tired of being embarrassed to have sex with my fiance. It seems as if the odor doesn't bother him as much as it bothers me. I really appreciate this website because I thought that I would never be able to find a "cure" for this nasty crap!! Thank you so much ladies for sharing your stories also!!!!"
02/27/2012: Sherri from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hey Shay, the one you want to get starts with "Femdophlus" also there is another one with 50 billion live cultures, I hate to say it did not work for me, I am so ashamed having this, embarassed too, ppl think I smell on purpose, I get laughed at school, and ppl avoid me, I do not have sex at all, what for?having the room smell like rotten fish is not attractive, I do not know what to do, today I made my 7th appointment for the GYN, I used to have a life, now I have a horror of a life, I start externship tomorrow and Im terrified they will be rid of me because Im gonna smell up the office:((I tried it all and my body rejects all the remedies, Im sad all the time and I cry cry cry so much, I swear only God can help me now because Im very suicidal with this thing. My clothes stink, I can't sit for long because I smell, I swear the things we take for granted. This has led me to a bad drinking problem too, Im just being honest...

BV has taken my life and I do not know if I will ever have it back. Going on 9 damn years, that is a damn shame. I was always afraid of HIV and other things, I never heard of this crap before, neither has anyone I have told. Im so depressed writing this. My vagina is gone, I met a nice man and I have to let him go because he does not deserve this.. I swear I never knew the vagina could smell so damn bad. Fishy, ugh, no one wants to smell that, not even me, Im even taking this expensive herbal pill I ordered online starts with a "F" do not buy that, it is waste of money!!!! But I was and am desperate.. Oh God I hate waking up thinking about this all day and night.. What kind of life is this?even when I get my period it is really bad!!! Where is the real cure for this?"

02/28/2012: Shay from Phenix City, Al replies: "Hey Sherry! Thanks for that information. Yes, I too have been dealing with this for a while now. And yes it reeks.... REALLY BAD! I wear a pad (not a liner) EVERYday. Liners just don't cover up enough of the smell for me. I am very insecure going out in public because of this because I think that someone is going to smell me. I am so sick and tired of living with this and it consuming my mind! It is ridiculous. I don't see how my boyfriend has been hanging in there for these six years. But he is so understanding and I am very thankful for that. I am going to try the live cultures and see how it does. But again thanks and let's hope we can get this nasty crap under control!!!!"
02/28/2012: Jb9397 from Hagerstown, Md, Usa replies: "@Sherri, I feel your pain I've been dealing with BV since 1998 and it has ruined my life :( I've tried so many remedies been to countless drs only to not have a cure. I don't understand how this happen and why I can't get rid of it. I'm glad I found this site because I thought I was the only one dealing with this. And I think it's just awful that so many woman are suffering and no one has found a way to cure this. This condition is not a easy thing to live with I'm also depressed and I don't even feel like a person. I find it amazing how I get different advise from drs. Some say that your diet has no effect on BV and then I read on internet where others are saying it does. So which is it?? I was wondering has anyone changed their diet and cured BV? I've tried garlic, tea tree oil, peroxide, apple cidar vinegar, countless metro gel, flagyl you name it I've tried it and all things only provide a short time relief if any. I do take a probiotic daily not sure that it is doing anything but I hope maybe one day the good bacteria will take hold. I just ordered yesterday a product call purfem probiotics its good bacteria that you insert in the vagina so I'm hoping to find some relief I will post on the product if I find it works. I'm sorry to all you ladies who are suffering with this horrible monster and hope and pray we find a cure soon."
02/29/2012: Frustrated from San Francisco, Ca replies: "Has any ones tried that website want to buy the ebook but I don't want to pay if its not a cure any thoughts?? I'm super frustrated!! I thought my man was cheating on me this whole time but I smell like fish and it's super embarassing! I dont even know what to do!??"
03/02/2012: Sheri from Ny, Brooklyn replies: "This is Sherie again, No do not buy the e book, it is a waste of money, my sister got it and it is just everything that is on the internet in a book... I started internship this week, yesterday I was able to be around the other students with a limited smell, I have been taking that herbal pill that starts with a "F", maybe I need to take more, who knows, but I felt good yesterday:) My period just left, and let see what the next 3 weeks will be like, I changed my diet and that did not help at all, I bought colodial silver and some powerful acidphilus and Im gonna continue to take my herbal pill, this damn thing cost so much money, I miss my vagina so much, as I know all of u do too, Im not a dirty woman, Im clean, and this has got to go, BV has taken my life and I want it back!!! Im sorry to say this I rather have cancer, I rather not be humiliated and embarassed and laughed at, I read tea tree oil suppositories r good, But I do not have a credit card to buy them, I used to take these yeast pill 2 years ago, and I had sex with np, no odor, then they took it off the market:(( so maybe I will look to buy some yeast pills to help me out, Im not looking to have sex, because I do not want any STDs:(( I swear only God can help me now... I wi let u know how the week went, I will post next Friday..."
03/07/2012: Shay from Phenix City, Alabama replies: "Hey yall!! Since posting on here, I didn't go to the store but I did start using what I had in my house and that was Peroxide. I didn't make a douche I just wash with it 3 -4 times a day. Good news, the smell is gone and the discharge isn't as much. I just wet a white was cloth with warm water and then add some Peroxide. It does burn for the first minute or so but I guess that's due to the BV and I guess it's a sign that it is working. But I do not want to just try this as I know that BV will come back. I will give another update when I try other methods. Thanks girls for all of the advice and I will be coming back for another update in hopes that it will help you all!! Let's all just stay positive about this and ourselves! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN INSIDE AND OUT"
03/07/2012: Sherri from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hey Shay that is good news!!!! I'm still smelling like fish, ugh, I'm gonna wash with that u said, because that douche can cause yeast infections!!! I'm trying so hard to stay positive, I hate squirming around people, I just want my life back the way it was!!! Keep us posted, yes we all r beautiful, btw going back to the doctor April 26, I'm desperate!!!"
06/25/2012: Garlicme from Toronto, On, Can replies: "Hello Ladies, This is the first time I'm posting here. I have gotten so much amazing information on many things from this site and I thank all of you so much for sharing.

I have been, for the first time, confronted with BV. I had no idea it could be like this. Nonetheless, I am a natural healer, and energy healer, I have done lots of research on this and have tried a few things. What I determined was this post below that I copied from somewhere else makes a lot of sense. You might have seen it elsewhere.

The few things I would add, mostly relating to number 4 on the list below, the actual cause of our BV, is it is important that our immune systems be functioning well. It could be that the reason we are not completely cured YET is because we need to boost our immune system.

Yes, diet does play a huge role in this, in boosting our immune systems. So no sugar, coffee, alcohol, eat lots of greens, fresh fruit, veggies and whole food, stop wheat and dairy for a while to see if it might be an allergy, then reintroduce slowly one at a time once you are better. Consider doing a cleanse. Give your body the time and rest it needs to recuperate.

I have endometriosis, so this was tricky for me, and I didn't put 2 and 2 together until after I went through the gamut of remedies and they didn't provide lasting results. I got a bladder infection, and yeast (from the antibiotics, no doubt) at the same time as the BV so couldn't tell what was what. I was so bloated! Everything was swollen down there and I felt the urge to urinate all the time, not to mention the other weird feelings and smell down there.

So, when I first started seeing lasting results was when I took measures to boost my immune system. The probiotics weren't doing it, the vinegar and yogurt gave temporary relief only, but these remedies which treat the symptoms of BV DO work. It's our immune system that either can or cannot support us once all is back to normal, I. E. : we've rebalanced our vaginal flora. So, the recurring BV is our body's way of telling us we need to address something else in our body, and, most likely, in our life.

So, to re-energize my immune system I took a vegan whole food health optimizer, a powder I mixed with water. Find out what will work for you, multi-vitamins, greens, herbs like Goldenseal, iron, B-complex--all good. There is so much out there. Inform yourselves, and go with what resonates with you and your own unique body ways.

I started taking shiitaki maitake mushroom capsules which I've taken in the past to stimulate my immune system. It works for me. I also take coconut oil, 1 to 2 tbs per day. My energy is coming back up.

I inserted garlic vaginally at night before bed for five nights. I probably could have gone longer for it to work fully on the BV, but stopped when I thought I would go for further tests and, just in case, I didn't want the garlic to interfere with the test results (I don't know if it will). In the end, I decided not to go for tests just yet, thinking "healer, heal thyself first, " and with a couple of days off the garlic, I noticed the yeast infection was gone.

So, the white, thick discharge (yeast) vanished within two days, but a hint of the BV odour was still present. I also ate lots of fresh garlic.

Healing, I had forgotten in my temporarily discouraged state when I felt the symptoms still hovering, works like a wave. Up and down for a while, then it slowly starts to straighten out, waves of feeling better last longer, and waves of symptoms tell us whether to continue or modify or stop our treatments. When my body talks to me, I listen.

It is important to stay positive and trust your own healing process. Meditate, or do yoga, dance, or participate in physical activity that pleases you. Be kind to yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself with all the love and compassion you can muster that you love yourself--no matter what! Do that everyday. You are not your symptoms. You are healing.

If you are so discouraged, as I know many are, please get some help, see a therapist or natural healer for support. The path to healing can be long, but can be made so much more enlightening with the right people by our side.

Good luck sisters! Thank you and many blessings of health, wealth and happiness to you.

I also want to thank the author of this post excerpt I pasted below for all her research and sharing. My comments are included in square brackets.


1. Kill bad bacteria

2. Make environment in vagina more acidic.

3. Re-introduce good bacteria.

4. Find out what is causing yours and prevent. This is a mystery, I think there may be more to BV than what we currently know. There are Soooooo many ways your ph can become unbalanced and cause this. Educate yourself as much as possible and try to figure out your why. [I found it was my immune system that needed a boost.]

The tools I have found that seem to work the best for the most people are these: (I will tell you how to use each) You can find all of this at a health food store.

1.Hydrogen Peroxide [I did not try this]

2.Folic Acid

3.Tea Tree Oil

4.Apple Cider Vinegar


1.Peroxide-Good all around cleasing agent. The bad bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in the absence of oxygen. The good bacteria are aerobic, the opposite. Peroxide floods the vagina with an environment that the bad stuff hates.

2.Folic Acid-I don't know why or really if this actually works, but a LOT of women swear by it and it can't hurt you-so why not. If anyone has more info on why Folic acid works please let me know.

3.Tea Tree Oil- This is a great natural TOPICAL antibiotic. There are others also, but Tea Tree is easy to come by and inexpensive and goes a long way.

4.Apple Cider Vinegar-This is a natural, inexpensive acid. Some gals insist on getting the kind with the "mother". You can find this at natural food stores.

5.Probiotics- I cannot (because this would be unbearibly long) go into all the details of the various strains of bacteria that should be living in your vagina. There is soooo much info out there to read on this(and I suggest you do)So I'm going to be VERY basic. Lactobacillus Acidolphis is one of the strains you need and can be easliy bought and administered.
OK, now for actual treatment. Other tools you will need other than the ones listed above are-

1. A small syringe. Get the type that has a bulb on the end. Designed for giving children medicine. Looks like a large eye dropper or a tiny turkey baster. Found mine at Wallgreens.

2. Tampons- get the kind that have different sizes. You will use the small tampon in the large applicator.

How to use these tools for treatment: Take 800 mg of Folic Acid in the morning and 400mg at night.
You can rinse with the Peroxide first or anytime the discharge is bad. I found no problem with using it full strength. You can dilute if it bothers you. Draw it up into the syringe, insert as you would a tampon and squeeze it out while the syringe is inside. You can repeat this a couple of times. [Folic acid did not seem to work for me].

Tea Tree Oil. This is where you use the tampons. Take out a small one and a large one, remove both tampons from their applicators. Throw out the small applicator and the large tampon. The reason you are doing this is(duh) a tampon swells when it is wet, so you have to get it saturated with oil THEN insert. Use the syringe to draw up some of the oil. Saturate the small tampon with the oil. Place the tampon in the large applicator and insert. Leave in for up to 3 hrs. This is the A-Bomb for the bad bacteria! Take out and wait a few hours before the vinegar. [I, instead, dripped a few drops of sweet almond oil onto the tip of the tampon, then about 5 drops of tea tree oil, inserted tampon and left in for 2hr45mins. Also gently rubbed same mixture around the outside.]

Vinegar. I found that the vinegar will burn if you do not dilute heavily. Find a level that is comfortable for you. You can either use your diluted mixture to rinse inside as you did with the peroxide or can saturate a tampon as you did with the oil. This will bring your Ph over to the acid side and make it a nice place for the good stuff to grow.

Acidophilus. This one has the most latitude. Probiotics come in capsules, tablets, "liquid", and in various foods. Most strains cannot migrate from your digestive tract to your vagina. Sooooo, the best way to adminiser these babies is to put them right where they need to be. I found that the capsules didn't disolve in the vagina as they would in the stomach, so I found an Acidophilus that is in a kind of liquid form. It actually looks like a runny yogurt. This is an easy method to get the little guys where they need to be. Use the syringe and insert a couple of teaspoons inside. I found it best to use the Peroxide, Oil, and Vinegar during the day and the acidophilus in the evening before bed. That way it's not so messy (put on a pair of COTTON undies) also allows the whole night for them to multiply. As for taking probiotics orally, certianly can't hurt and may help a lot. So take them orally in conjuction with vaginally.

I had results from this treatment plan in one day. I hope to get some feedback with others experiences. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps. This is such an awful problem and there aren't that many real answers out there."

08/19/2012: Mariah from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States replies: "Have any of you inserted acidophilus into your vagina during your period? I dont know why, maybe it was stupid but I did it yesterday night because I dont want the BV to come back when my period is over. My period stopped all night though. Should I be worried? If you can, please help me!"
03/23/2013: Lissa from Savannah, Ga replies: "OMG...... For years I thought something was wrong with me!! I have dealt with this problem since my teenage years. I am 35 yrs old and still this infection continues to haunt me! Nothing seems to work. I asked my gyno what I could do to end this and he replied" STOP HAVING SEX"!!! Over the years my body took a turn.... Hormonal I guess! I just want my vagina back!! I am glad that I fund this website!! It's very informational!! I will try some of these remedies!!"
04/04/2013: Soreone2 from San Diego, Ca, Usa replies: "Well the Doctor's and BigPharma don't want us to heal of these horrible infections because if we did, they wouldn't make any money right? We'd stop going to the Doctor. The FDA won't approve any natural remedy especially if it's not patented, as they don't make any money out of it. I've been reading the comments here re: BV cause I've been suffering from it for quite some time too. I'm gonna try some of the remedies. I have been battling BV, take Flagyl, then a yeast infection flares up. It's a damm cycle. So now I'm gonna try natural remedies. I guess I'll have to give up wine too, since it makes the pH sugary and it's not good. Will buy alkaline water too. I'll let you know if I am successful. Good luck to you all and please update with your results. I've noticed there's only one more comment here this year so far."
05/30/2013: Cynde from Garland, Tx replies: "I bought the refrigerated capsules like they talk about on here and took 2 orally and 1 in my vagi, seems good."

11/22/2011: Nicole from Sewell, Nj: "Hi,

I have been dealing with BV for years and have read all of the remedies on this site. I've already tried the yogurt and it didn't work so I am going to try the acidophilus pills inserted in the vagina. My local health store only carries capsule form and I was wondering if this was safe to insert in the vagina. Also, if anyone has done this, I would love to hear if it worked for you. Thanks!"

11/24/2011: Bvfree from Walterboro, Sc replies: "Try douching with some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It will reset the ph in your vagina and you will be free of bv and it is all natural. I used a half a grapefruit to squeeze the juice and douched with it. I did not mix it with water and it did not burn. It is a magnificent cure for bv. Let me know if it works for you. Be blessed."
11/30/2011: Esthar from London, Uk replies: "I have been battling with BV for a very long time. I tried a range of acidophilus brands and methods: from the most expensive one (especially created for women) to supermarket plain live culture yogurts. I've taken them orally, I've inserted them, I combined with Folic Acid etc... I also followed many different kinds of methods suggested by BV sufferers: ACV, honey, most of over the counter gels, garlic/probiotic pessaries, peroxide douche* (*side effect: it gave me a horrible thrush infection, something I had never experienced before - at least my BV is pain/itch free), etc. But in my case BV was so resistant that I was never able to get hid of it - the awful BV smell/discharge remained persistent. Frustration was high.

Then, last week I decided to try my last resort - antibiotics. I went for the "classic" twice a day oral course of Metronidazole 500mg/for five days (doctor's recommendation). I must say that, at first, after researching online about other users comments, I was very scared - just by reading about the side effects people experienced on this drug made me feel sick. But I took the risk - it was my last shot. I took all the precautions I could during the treatment - made sure my stomach was full before taking the tablet and took plenty of live culture yogurt and cheap acidophilus a couple of hours after each tablet. Studies pointed that taking probiotics might help to prevent BV recurrence and it can also minimize the side effects of antibiotics (despite knowing that most bacterias good/bad will die off the antibiotic effect).

I'm glad to say that only 7 days after starting this treatment something worked for me. I didn't experience any discomfort during the treatment and today I can announce that for the first time in years I'm BV smell/discharge free! I'm not celebrating, I know it's very recent, and, as we know, the chances of getting it back are quite high. But my strategy now is to fight it with all the natural methods in order to prevent it. I'm taking live culture yogurt daily and a high strength probiotic tablet with folic acid 2X day. I will try as many natural methods as I can, hoping this will keep stuff under check in the long term. I will post updates.

My top tip is: never give up! You must be persistent and patient until you find out what works best for you! In my case, acidophilus didn't work as a "cure" for BV, but certainly will be a valuable method of prevention. Good luck to us all!"

12/02/2011: Momat27 from Union City, Ga replies: "Don't just use any acidophilus, you should try the fem-dophilus they have the two main strains that will help you balance your ph, you can get this on Also I know everything does not work for everyone, I use the yogurt everytime after sex, I put it in with a turkey baster, I use the plain yogurt from publix, it's disgusting, I have only been bv free for one month so far everything I've been trying has been working. I don't wash the yogurt out I insert it and let it come out as if I was using a cream of some sort, it usually take most of the day, wear a liner, I take vitamin d, b, folic acid, and oil of oregano pills. I don't know what's really working but so far I've been good. Try prayer also, that's my favorite medicine :)"
12/02/2011: Momat27 from Union City, Ga replies: "That is what I am doing, I took the antibiotic got it cleared up now I am trying to prevent it from even coming back so far I have been free for 1 mth."
01/11/2012: Rose from Tupelo, Ms/usa replies: "Ok well I have had bv for about 5 years now also I'm only 20 years old but Ive had it since I was about 15 and I was not sexually active until after I was 18 (noting I was married already) the problem is is that I knew it couldn't have been normal but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure..... After I got married my husband would ask why the odor was there during sex and I honestly didn't know so I suggested because your d*** stinks but it wasn't him it was me!!! I finally got treated with correct antibiotics 2 years ago but then it came back and then I got pregnant so until I was 6 months pregnant I just had to live with it I would take the medicine and be fine and then boom it came back soon! I finally bought this feminine wash from walmart that has really made a difference for me but every now and then I smell that horrible odor..... I see people have left their partners to keep a cure but I love my husband and am very happy. Is there anyone who has tried these remedies and in a marriage who just like me will not get divorced over THIS?? Please help...... I just want to be bv free and understand this crap it's so frustrating being paranoid all the time it's basically a disease also I haven't tried any of the remedies but I will soon!!"
01/16/2012: Sheri from Ny, My replies: "What the hell is BV? and why don't women know about it? I never heard of it in my life and I tell you I have had this for sometime now, I feel ashamed, humiliated, embarassed and the list goes on, I never had any vag problems before, now I have this creature, I cannot stop crying, I used to be fun, active, sexy and everything outgoing, now I'm a shell in my own body, I feel no confidence at all, the doctors suck, been to the gyn 6 times and same ol BS, this is a damn shame women have to encounter such a ugly thing and lose your sex life, I tried everything here and nothing is working. I'm glad some things worked for some of you, I can't even sit down and get up, thinking ppl will smell me, this is really bad, and it is just a little discharge with bad odor, I do not burn nor itch, thank god because I could not deal with that.

I met this handsome prince, he is all I want in a man, but I can't even be close to him because I feel like a freak, I do not know what else to do, all I do is pray, I feel all your pain ladies and I hope no more women get this, I got this douching, so it was my fault:(( I did not know it would mess up my PH, I want to laugh again but all I do is cry, I wish I was rich so I can just stay home and avoid people, but to be around ppl is so so so difficult, as u all may know.. I'd rather have stinky feet, than a nasty vagina, I have a ten year old daughter and I tell her take care of yourself, I have a bad personality now, she knows I'm different and does not understand, I'm depressed severely, I hate this, I am not a fish, I am a woman and this is killing my life, I want to marry that new man, and I do not think so with this.. I'm gonna go now, I have nothing more to say, goodluck..."

01/21/2012: Pregnant And Frusterated from Ny replies: "I have been dealing with this issue for 5 months now... I hae taken the gel that gave me the most disgusting reaction in the form of a wet tissue discharge. I took the pill for 2 months straight, it came back. Now I am 3.5 months pregnant and it is still present. I am married for 13 years and I have NEVER EVER had this issue and I barely douched. I am going crazy. I want to make love but I am ashamed. I can't stand up becasue I smell it, and if I do than I know that other people do as well. I feel so insecure it's not funny. Good thing that my love has a great sense of humor. But on the outside I am laughing but on the inside I am crying constantly. I read that this can affect my pregancy and this is another red flag. What do I do????? I know what you all are going through especially those who never had this before, funny thing that I read that this infection is on the rise which makes me think maybe we are getting this natural infection from something that we are eating. Just a thought."
01/21/2012: Star from Portland, Or replies: "Boric acid capsules have been working for me.

Blood, semen and cervical mucus bring vaginal ph to 7.0 where it should be around 4. on average. Using tampons during a cycle and changing 2-4 hours helps remove blood but not healthy bacteria. I personally urinate immediately after intimacy which helps remove most semen and use a boric acid capsule right after.

This has been a preventative since I have been dealing with BV for almost 2 years. I'm looking forward to this method in keeping me BV free.

An antibotic can help, Metrodenzanole works best for me when BV is strong. Kills it immediately. Boric Acid helps after intimacy and use tampons every cycle.

Taking new chapter probiotic daily, CONSISTENLY helps in overall good bacterial health."

02/07/2012: Soraya from Oakland, Ca replies: "Ordered some boric acid supps. I hope it works. I have been taking the new chapter probiotic as well. it helps a lot!"
04/05/2012: Showlove from Fairborn, Oh, U.s.a replies: "Hello Ladies! Well I first devolped BV during my first pregnancy. It resulted in a miscarriage. I didn't get BV again until 5 years later. The doctors gave me Metro Gel. I seemed to work however I caught a yeast infection. A few days later the BV came back. I got pregnant a second time. Took the gel, caught a yeast infection and days later the BV came back. Resulting in another miscarriage at 4 months. After that miscarriage it seems like I became a BV infected all the time. I got a new doctor and she was the only that has ever told me about the imbalance of flora so she told me to take probiotics. Well I wet to Walmart and purchased the acid/probiotics pills and when I miss a dose or finish the bottle the BV would come back. Sometimes the probiotics didn't work so I thought maybe I should get a more pricey brand. I purchase a bottle from GNC. I thought it was working until I ran out then the BV was back. This was frustrating. Constantly worried if someone smelled an odor. I read on different forums about different remedies. The yogurt tampon didn't work for me. I never had the fishy odor everyone talks about but it was an unpleasant odor. Hard to describe. Back to the yogurt tampon. It gave me an irritation. I still had a discharge. The foul odor was back within a day or two. Someone mention apple cidar vinegar is a cure. I didn't believe because I have bathe with distilled vinegar in the vaginal area every now and then since getting BV. I doesn't cure it but I do love it because it cuts the odor. Always works before having sex. I have been reading different forums. Someone mentioned cranberry juice. Well I did started drinking 100% cranberry juice and taking probiotics. Still had a discharge but the odor was somewhat gone during the time I was taking both. After the juice and pills..... IT'S BACK! SO frustrating and I decided I probably won't be able to carry full term because of this.

Ok here it is.... After suffering two miscarriages and having chronic BV, Instead of taking one acid/probiotic pill as instructed on the bottle I take more. Since BV is an overgrowth and unbalance of harmful bacteria I decided to take 3-4 pills in the morning and 3-4 pills in the evening. I did this for 2 days. Guess what? When I went to use the bathroom on the 2nd day I DID NOT HAVE AN ODOR OR DISCHARGE. It is now going on 2 weeks. Still no odor or discharge. This is the longest I have ever been without BV and I'm so freakin happy. I might have to take the pills for the rest of my life but I rather do that than worry if someone smell the odor. I have also switched to Dial Anti bacterial soap. Will keep you posted."

04/07/2012: Linda from Hilo, Hawaii replies: "Ok, I wanted the subject heading to be Boric Acid Douche. But anyway, here is the recipie I've been using; 1/2 teaspoon boric acid to 1 cup water. The boric acid is for sale through I mix up a bottle of the stuff and then dilute it further by filling a douche bottle half way with the boric acid solution and then top it off with water. I know this is much milder than what others are using but it works for me. I use this if I start to get a tangy taste in my vagina. It works great. You can douche just after having sex and then it rinses everything out and seems to help restore the balance. As a side note I also take femflora probiotics orally one a day or once every other day.

In the past I have tried apple cider vinegar and yogurt douche and monistat and they never really helped completely. I also used to try placing a probiotic capsule up inside the vagina cavity after using the monistat or some other such thing. I also used to try tea tree oil suppositories. But I have been very happy with the boric acid douche. I think it's the best I've found so far. It keeps me tasting good down there. Additionally I think a good book is 'heal pelvic pain" by amy stein because the stretches and strengthing exercises can help with muscle tension. And while I'm recommending things I don't get paid to recommend I'll throw in a word for the Kegel8 machine. you can order it from britan and it really helps improve muscle tone and tightness."

07/29/2012: Kvee from Los Angeles, Ca/USA replies: "Monistat is for yeast infection. BV is not cause by yeast. You've been treating the wrong monster there."
10/03/2012: Silver Star from Palo Alto, Ca replies: "I MAY BE CURED! I put hydrogen peroxide on a tampon and left it in twice in one day(one hour on the morning and one hour in the afternoon) and the smell went away. I thought I smelled something a few days later and did the hydrogen peroxide tampon again. that was three weeks ago and I haven't had a smell since :)!! I have had this issue for two years and hesitantly used the antibiotic applicator my gyn prescribed a few months ago. the smell came back less than a month later. I just ordered phemdophilus online and am going to start taking that as well. SO very grateful for this website!!!"
02/20/2013: Paris from St. Petersburg, Florida replies: "I am so glad to see that there are others like me that are suffering from bv... Ive had bv for about 10 yrs now. Way before I even begin to think about having sex. Back in the 6th grade.. Its very terrible that I still have these symptoms and im 22 now.. It's very embarrasing. Im very embarrased to tell my boyfriend about it. I don't want him to judge me. Any meds the doc prescribes never works! Its so frustrating. If its nt bv its a yeast infection!! It gets to the point im embarrassed to go to the doc because nothing helps.. But ive done research on femdophilis. im gnna try hopefully I get some kind of results..."

10/07/2011: Laparis from Columbus, Ohio: "I am so happy for this site.. I been having BV for so long that it is driving me crazy:( every time I go to the doc they give them same thing that only help for a min n come back.. So reading everything on this site is helpful for me because I can't take it any more.. So I went to the store in got acidophilus... I'm going to see if this help if not I'm going to try yogurt... thanks so much lady:) I will let everyone know what has changed."

10/11/2011: Amy from Deltona, Fl replies: "Try fem-dophilus. The acidophilus will not work. Buy fem-dophilus, and insert one every night for 3 nights, and take two by mouth every day for 1 month. After day 2 or 3 it will be gone for good. Promise! Good luck. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle."
10/19/2011: Neicy from Houston, Tx replies: "Hello, I have suffered with BV for a long time. Not knowing what actually causes the reacurring beast, the meds are horrible. I have tried jus about everything mentioned in the forums, but not topically. I beleive that this bacteria had so many different strand is it hard to pinpoint what causes our ph to react in the it's form(terrible experience)! I detached the acidolphilus capsule, used the metro-gel at the same time & inserted into the vagina, I'm on mg second day now, no sign of discharge.. If the physician actually find a cure for this do u know what that means? No more office visit, no more flagyl/ metronidazole, metro gel tinacozole. Sea salt is a great douche depending on ur strain of bacteria.. Don't give up- do your research. Every woman's body is different... Fem- dolphins Greek yogurt, primadophilus use on contact. Goodluck!!"
10/30/2011: Francie from Corvallis, Oregon replies: "I had BV for years- pretty much all the time. Then I started drinking this seaweed drink. Within a couple of months the BV went away, never to return! That was 5 years ago. The thinking is that the seaweeds have nutrients that get your body into balance again, your immune systems responds by getting stronger and ailments like bv go away naturally. It can take a little while but if you stay with it, it will work! Also my psoriasis that I had for 20 years went away (after 4 months), chronic sinusitis ended among other great things. The stuff really worked!"
11/11/2011: Southernbelle from Atlanta, Georgia, N/a replies: "I also am grateful for this website. It's such a blessing!

My doctor just diagnosed me with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), and prescribed me Cleocin (Clindamycin). I went to go pick it up from Walgreens today and the price was a wopping... Wait for it.... Wait for it.... $100. Wtf? Really?! So after implementing my Aetna insurance it was STILL $74. So I had to walk away from that situation... I knew there had to be cheaper or even natural remedies that could help.

And honestly, with my sugar-crazy diet (I'm a literal sweetaholic) I'm actually not too surprised my vagina is a little off (in PH and bacteria) and I know that if I green it up and/or just cut down on all the candies and chocolate chip cookies things would probably look up. PLUS my partner ejaculated in me the last time we had sex (unprotected sex) and I didn't use rePHresh after, so I'm sure that added to the BV. (He was also just recently diagonesed with Herpes 1. I was tested and I don't have anything, I'm STD-free Thank God) (sidenote: I'm done with open relationships after the STD scare and I'm requiring STD from all partners here on out (whether they are past present or future), even if they're just performing oral on me or vice versa, STDs can be passed from just about anything sexual)

Anyway, I decided to come here and the remedies you ladies have given are awesome (many blessings to all who have given us advice from your own personal experiences). It's ashame that doctors have you purchase $100 medicine ( the amount of the yeast infection medicine you'll have to buy b/c of the antibiotics) before just telling you to up the acidophilus and folic acid intake and eat plain yogurt (with live cultures acidophilus). Oh, and wash your vagina with hydrogen peroxide if that doesn't work. (Then boric acid w/ vegan capsules as a last resort). That's not too much to tell me, and it's umm.... something like 75 bucks cheaper.

After scrolling through several pages... I have the list of things I need and I'm about to head over to the grocery store. I'm going to purchase:

My "Cure BV" List

- acidophilus

- organic cranberry juice (pure, undiluted, with no sugar)

- vaginal ph screening test (I'm going to test before and after)

- spinach (the kind in the bag) and carrots (healthier snacks instead of cookies and candy)

- plain greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom

- probitotic drink

- kefir (has L. Acidphilus and live cultures)

- hydrogen peroxide

- folic acid and b12 (I might just order these online though)

- Bolthouse Green Goodness (has ALOT of healthy good green stuff in it, and it's tasty)

- And though raspberry leaf tea is usually used for women trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant and want a more pain-free birth, (or for those dealing with menstural cramps) I plan to purchase a box to help strengthen and tone my lady parts.

I'm going to check the internet for the best brands to purchase of everything above, I'll check Amazon of course.

And I may also purchase 1 or more of the following from online:

- femdophilus

- rephresh pro-b probiatic feminine supplement

- renew life ultimate flora vaginal support 50 billion

- VH Essentials BV Treatment

Just to Summarize more of the Great Advice given:

- Use Probitoics that are refridgerated, this will ensure live cultures

- When creating the boric acid capsules to insert into your vagina, purchase powder boric acid and empty vegan capsules (size 0 or 00)

- GNC's Super Bifido probiotic complex and Super Acidophilus probitic complex

- There are 4 different strands of Lactobacilli, and supposedly the best are L. rheuteri and L.rhamnosus

- Douching/Washing with Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Apple Cider Vinegar

- Liquid Probiotic Acidophilus inserted into your vag using a turkey baster

- Acidophilus pills inserted into the vagina

- Bio K (looks like tiny yogurt) from Whole Foods

- Taking "shots" of pure cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and/or kefir each morning.

- Freeze dried lactobacillus acidophilus with vegetarian capsules (4 billion)

- Taking Multi-Vitamins and Omega 3 Fish Oils daily

- Raw Natural Coconut Oil is supposedly good for the vagina, it's often used to cure yeast infections. Frozen coconut oil in the vagina. (I haven't heard it discussed, but it seems like coconut oil would make for a healthy, safe natural lubricant, especially to those suspectible to BV or any type of vaginal infection)

- Men can pass on BV, and/or can atleast HEAVILY contribute to developing BV. That means it's very important that your partner has a clean private area before entering you. Men tend to be dirty sometimes, so that middle-of-the-day-sex may not be the best thing to engage in if he's been sweating and what not. Also, some women have gotten BV because of a particular body wash or soap their partner was using to shower, so make sure he uses something unscented and light on his privates when you're going to engage in sex. Summary: he needs to be clean!

- Some women are irritated by bodywashes and certain soaps, so be cognizant of your body wash and how it affects you.

- Wear cotton panties and keep your vag aired out

- Don't forget to change your loufee monthly, it could carry bacteria. I personally have two different ones, one for my body another for my booty (lol), and I wash my vag with my hand. But I think just having one and cleaning your vag with your hand is just fine too.

- drink LOTS of water (lots and lots and lots of water)

- lay off the caffeine, some women just stopped drinking coffee and their BV went away

- Candida Diet (basically a much healthier, virtually sugar free/gluten free/carb free diet)

- Some suggest always pairing b12 with your folic acid (I think you might be okay if you take a multi vitamin with b12 in it)

- Don't forget normal vagina pH is 3.8 - 4.5. BV occurs once it's above 4.5.

- Antibiotics aren't able to differientiate between good and bad bacteria, so it will kill it all. And once the bacteria grow back, if the bad outgrow the good then your BV will come back (happens in 1 of 3 women who have BV). That's why a natural remedy is the best for most women imho.

And most importanly remember that everyone is different so some methods may work for you, but not others, buuut with that said there are so many pages of people summarzing their symtoms and experiences that you're bound to find what works for you. And please do share your story and what worked for you, especially if your symtoms and cure hasn't been written about yet.

Thanks Earth Clinic!"

11/12/2011: Southernbelle from Atlanta, Ga replies: "typos:

*I'm requiring STD tests from all my partners from here on out. STD *TESTS.

*(plus the amount of yeast infection medicine)

Oh, and a couple more good suggestions:

- semen is one of the main causes of BV (so your partner could be giving it to you). I think that both men and women are what they eat in terms of the acidity of his semen and the taste/smell of her secretions. So if he wants to ejaculate in you he needs to change his diet and eat healthy as well

- I think a good test of the acidity of your partner's semen is to take a vaginal PH screening test (goes up to 7) of your vag before he cums in you and after (b4 and after sex). If there's a change, then he either has to stop (if you arent trying to get pregnant) or he needs to figure out how to make his semen less acidic.

- Use acidophilus from the health food stores (not just the grocery, unless it has an amazing health food section). Some people said they've paid up to $40 for the top of the line acidophilus...

- acidophilus caplets, the pressed kind

- Reuteri/Primadophilus by Nature's Way- Multi strain 5billion CFU (stored in refrigerator section/ask attendant)


Don't want to jump the gun, but my smell is gone :-) (btw: it wasn't a loud fishy smell, just an "off" smell that I could smell when opening my legs, and minorly through my jeans/leggings, oh and there was no itching or burning, etc)

Before going to the store last night I put in a rephresh, went to the store got the stuff from my list, and came home, finished my lasagna and garlic bread and juice (I know thats sorta a naughty meal to eat if you have BV, but I was hungry, lol), and fell asleep on the couch.

This morning the smell was still there. So I started my "treatments".

Most of the vitamins say take with a meal, so for breakfast I had 2 tangerines, a few spinach leaves, cup of grapes, and a banana...

First, I had a small glass of 100% cranberry juice (unsweetened), I ate a tangerine, 3/4 the banana, and a few grapes, then drank the small bottle of lifeway bio kefir (immunity pomegranant/blueberry flavor), ate a few more grapes, then took 1 folic acid (800mg), acidphilus (2 billion active cultures), and 1 one a day vitacraves gummies adult multivitamins, then I finished the banana, ate about 8 spinach leaves, and finished the grapes, and other tangerine-- all washed down with a bottle of water.

Minutes later (maybe 15 or so) I could feel some tingling in my vagina. I didn't even have that symptom with the BV, so I got worried. Checked myself about an hour or so later, and the smell was gone. :) I could smell my usual sweet/sugary secretions-- which happens when you eat alot of fruits (especially if you eat citrus like tangerines and clementines).

I don't know what in particular did it or helped, but for now I'm just going to keep this up, and hopefully it's gone for good. I'll check my pH with a screening test, and update everyone later.

btw, I think the lifeway Bio Kefir (cultured milk) really helped. It's mini probiotic drink that has 2x more live active cultures than regular kefir, 20 billion to be exact.)"

11/14/2011: Cate from Auckland, New Zealand replies: "Hi guys! I had never even thought I had BV until I decided that the foul fish smell from between my legs was certainly not normal! I have done a bit of research and have come across this site and I'm wondering if any of you fabulous ladies could give me some advice...

Here's the thing, I'm only 16 and have never had sex etc. If I do have BV, which I suspect I do as I have the odour but not the itching, then I have had for about 6 months. I live in the southern hemisphere and with summer approaching, I do not want this problem persisting! Being only 16, my access to resources is more limited and I'm waaay too embarassed to ask my mum for help so I think I'm going to treat this on my own!

From what I have gathered, acidophilus pills are good (what was the size needed? 1 billion?) and using plain yoghurt on a tampon. I also saw a post about apple cider vinegar baths, is this any good?

I'm only 16 and this is causing me self confidence issues. If I can hit this BV on the head, I would be so much happier and less worried about being different!

Any help and all help is so appreciated and thank you in advance!"

11/16/2011: Godanswersprayers from Richmond, Va replies: "Hello, I too was battling with BV... For five years straight the only time I did not have it was when I was pregnant with my son and that's because I didn't get my cycle. Like clock work every month right after my cycle I would get it. It's the worst feeling emotionally and physically, so I totally understand what you and others are going through. Month after month at the Dr office getting medicine and with insurance it can still be expensive.

So the first thing I did was prayed to God for him to take this away for good, I had been praying for years but this time I asked my mother to pray for me a strong woman of God and second I bought a probiotic from a whole food store called fem dophilus by jarrows. I take it once a day sometime 1 capsule and other days 2 but no more than 2. For the first time in five years after my period I didnt get BV!!!!! Amazing. I even went to the dr just to make sure and it was no sign of it. All I could do was thank God for healing me.

So my advice to all women who are in desperate need of a cure would be first to pray and ask God to heal your body and believe he can do it... Because he can and will and second get this probiotic.... Its $25.99. Also the month before I started the probiotic I had BV so I got treated for it and took the diflucan pill with the antibiotics because we all know that you will get a yeast infection with antibiotics and then I went and bought the probiotic so I started taking all the medication at once along with the probiotic. This way you are killing the bad that bacteria that is causing the BV and replacing it was good bacteria that is in the probiotic capsules.

Now I have to be honest I give credit to the probiotic but I know its God that is working through this capsule because we can take as many vitamins, eat spinach, cut out sweets, whatever it may be to cure this but if God doesn't work through whatever it is that you are taking then it will not cure you. It's God that work his healing through the medicine that your taking. I know this to be a fact God has healed me more than once. So pray over yourself and if you have someone that can pray for you that you believe is a woman or man of God then get them to pray for you as well and have faith that God has healed you. And for whatever reason it doesnt go away right DO NOT doubt God continue to believe everyday that you are healed in Jesus name and one day you will be. Walk by faith and not by sight!"

11/20/2011: Courtney from Tampa, Florida replies: "I've been suffering with BV for years now (longer than five). I tried the hydrogen peroxide thing. Ok. I believe it worked. First off, I emptied a douche bottle and then rinsed it out with purified water. After I put half H202 and water inside and douched for five minutes (held it inside). The smell became faint. I did it again (no smell). Yesterday I had an obnoxious smell (putrid) and it's gone. I'm not going to swear by it but it has worked so far. And girls, my BV is triggered by semen so I'm wondering if I douched with purified water after sex if it would work. I'll let everyone know. I know it would be a pain in the neck to douch (purified water) after sex each time ya do it but it beats smelling bad so..... I'll say that hydrogen peroxide has worked (so far)."
11/26/2011: Amara from Nyc, Usa replies: "@Cate from Auckland, New Zealand- Dear Cate, I have a daughter, 20 y old, who started to battle BV and she is also not sexually active. Sexually active or not, I believe you would do yourself a favor and do tell your mom, moms are there to help and guide and why would you be suffering alone? Gynecological issues are just like, lets say- tonsils issues, anyone can have them, so please do not to be embarrassed by problems you can't control and you didnt cause."
12/06/2011: Jazmine Carter from Va Beach, Va replies: "Has any one used the vh essentials and I was just wondering being that it is a vaginal insert; am I able to use during my period? Being that I started the dosages 2 days ago and just started my period today????? I would greatly appreciate the advice... I don't want to block something up there that needs to come out.. Or it might slide out (the pill) I d k... Help/ kuz I don't want to waste a 28$ product... Again. thankz ladies you all seem to have helped me out prior to this ..."
12/14/2011: Soph from New York, Ny replies: "Taking a bath with one cup of apple cider vinegar always does the trick for me of getting rid of a BV infection."
12/15/2011: Nickoli from Portland, Oregon, America replies: "@Cate from Auckland, New Zealand- hi I have bv and I'm only 16 too. its nice to know I'm not the only youngish person with this problem, so thanks.

I've had it for about five years now, starting just before my period did. I still cant get it to go away, but there's a lot of suggestions for remedies here, and I hope they will help. Do what you can to get rid of it now, because I waited a long time before trying and I think that made it worse.

You should try not to eat sugar, I've been to a doctor about 5 times and she always says that. Fruit should be okay though. You need to wash up, she said takes lots of baths rather than showers- baths are good for you, and no soap or other stuff, just water. To wash up with soap you can take a shower afterward or later. I take lots of baths and they do help, but don't cure it, so I need the other remedies. I have tried the antibiotic pills and gel multiple times and they haven't worked, but I think if you haven't had it long the oral pills might work. I've also tried acidophilis and it didn't work (but try that, it works for a lot of people! ). Get lots of air down there, it should get some oxygen, my doctor suggested sleeping with no underwear on. I've heard of yogurt helping too, and cranberry juice too.

If you have some money you can buy this stuff at the store, but if you wanna see a doctor you'd probably have to tell your mom. I told mine, which was hard and I really dreaded doing that, but it wasn't so bad. My dad complains about me taking baths so much, but there's no way I'll tell him why so he just has to deal.

Other stuff: the gel might lead to yeast infection I've heard so shouldn't try that, and also sex (and wearing tampons too long or to much) can make it worse. Ok thats all, bye!"

12/16/2011: Heather from Portland, Or replies: "@ Southernbelle - thanks for the summary. I implemented several of the suggestions and it worked. Since I don't know which one thing did the trick, here is the list of "cures" I used:

- acidophilus probiotic pill (refridgerated kind) inserted into vagina twice a day- I lied down each time, similar to the suggestion when using a yeast infection suppository.

- external vulva wash with hydrogen peroxide a few times a day (this stung for about 30 seconds the first few times, then I didn't feel it thereafter)

- drinking organic cranberry juice (pure, undiluted, with no sugar) several times a day. This stuff tastes NASTY, but I did it anyway. During the first few days I felt a difference down there within a few minutes after drinking each cranberry shot (I'm not sure if the instant response was psychosomatic... perhaps brought on by the bodies need to recover from the nasty, super-bitter cranberry taste.)

- folic acid, B12, multivitamin and Omega 3.

-cotton panties by day, nothing by night"

12/25/2011: Drea.74 from Tampa, Florida Usa replies: "I have been suffering BV as well as UTI on and off for about 3 years now. I am on inhaled corticosteroids which are taking their toll on my immune system. I have been living on Metrogel and Flagyl (BTW, Licensed Healthcare Professional here). Went to the pharmacy to fill a script for ABT for raging UTI and decided to try the Acidophilus tabs instead of the tea tree oil. I have completed one full day of acidophilus via vagina (one in the AM one in the PM). I purchased a "piston" and did a vaginal flush with H2O2 diluted with regular tap water. No abnormal discharge nor sour smell (at times the vagina would have a fecal odor to it from the bacteria). I will not over do the H2O2 flushing. I find that after intercourse, the BV returns raging. I think I will stick to H2O2 flush after intercourse and once this seven day period is over, I will take the Acidophilus once daily by mouth. I have also incorporated Cranberry Caps which contain Vitamin C and E in addition to my Essential Daily Multivitamin. I think the homeopathic way will definitely beat science. My local pharmacist agrees with my theory."
01/15/2012: Notatourist from Phnom Penh, Cambodia replies: "Hey all, I am living in Cambodia and have some severe doubts about the medical system here. I think that I have BV. I went to the doctors before I left and had no problems. I am not sexually active here. Recently I have developed a white discharge with kind of a bad odor. Not to be digusting, but it is like a paste. I have never had a yeast infection either. I can probably get any antibiotic but have some doubts on what to choose. Any advice?"
01/18/2012: Teeny from New York replies: "Hello ladies! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm in the same boat! It's driving me absolutely crazy where I have no idea what to do next. I'm only 26 years old and have been dealing with bv for about 6 years now and have only had two partners in my life. I've been in and out of the doctors spending ridiculous amount of $ on antibiotics that only help for a certain amount of time then back right where I started. I used to have an awesome sex life with the guy I'm with now for the last seven years and now I'm so insecure to even do anything because is so embarrassing.

Well I came on this site and tried a few of the home remedies they did not work for me. The yogurt in the vagina and femadophilus did nothing. Douching with baking soda and water did nothing. Douche with ACV did nothing. I was hysterical thinking this was gonna be my life. So I went to the doctor one final time got some antibiotics and took some femadophilus and thought all was well until a week before my period I had that embarrassing odor back. I had some left over metronizole vaginal gel so I put only a little in my vagina for 4 nights while taking two femadophilus pills a day along with one vitamin D pill and one folic acid pill and eat one Greek yogurt everyday. The smell was gone in two days and throughout my whole period and now it's been a week after. I would recommend this home remedy to anyone. Thanks to all who were before me to give me some ideas to use. Good luck just got to keep trying to see what works for you."

01/25/2012: Veena from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "OMG!!! Ladies this website is a real godsend!! I really don't like to taking meds and would much prefer to use a more natural remedy to cure my BV. I am going to try a combination of suggestions listed and report back. I really think docs should use more of a natural approach vs. Prescribing antibiotics which can cause more issues. In my opionion. Thanks a ton ladies for sharing...."
02/07/2012: Tiredofhavingbv from Shreveport, La replies: "I have had this horrible BV for about a couple of years now. It has turned me into a insecure person. Too afraid to get close to anyone due to my BV. Never knew what it was untill I came across this video on you tube about BV! Started searching for solutions online. I keep getting those crazy sites trying to sell that "book" to get the answers. I knew there had to be a better way.

Then I came across this site! MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED! I could not believe so many other women out there where just like me! I cried and cried when I realized what pain they where going thru just like me. So first thing I did was went to the store got Acidophilus pills, a gallon of Apple Cider, Hydrogen Peroxide, and a douche. Bathed in the Apple Cider. Worked for a couple of hours, but by the end of the day it came back. Tried the pills by swallowing and inserting directly. Did nothing.

So my Last hope was the Douche method with the hydro. OH MY GOD! It worked! I had to do it twice, but the smell was GONE. Now I have to say, later on in the day it tried to come back. So I started doing the douche Twice a day. MY PROBLEM WAS SOLVED. I cant express how much this site has changed my life! Yes douche twice a day is a hassle, but if this means all I have to do is this to get my life back. NO PROB! Now I have only did this for about 2 weeks, but I will try to come back and give a follow up on my progress in BEATING BV.

I hope this helps someone else get closer and getting there life back. I am grateful for the women before me and posted what worked for them. If it wasn't for them, don't know where my life would have ended up. GOD BLESS"


09/28/2011: Healthybear from Richmond, Virginia, Usa replies: "I have suffered and tried just about every remedy known. I must say that yogurt, probiotic drinks, folic acids and baking soda has worked for me. I also changed my partner, I felt he was part of the problem due to his dental issues (he had a sticky mouth). I would like to urge each woman that has an ACTIVE infection to get treated. The last infection I had was almost three months ago. I started off with a round of flagyl, followed up by a dose diflucan, which I had to ask my Dr. for after researching and learning the cycle of Bv-yeast infection. Before I started flagyl, I took 1 dose of diflucan, once I finished my anti-b, I took another dose of diflucan. So think, front end defense, and back end defense. After which, I took fem-D twice per day for 30 days. I paid close attention to things around my cycle, it came and went with no sign of BV. Not even so much as an itch! I even noticed that my cycle flow was different. As I stated earlier, I got rid of my BF (no sex) which gave me plenty of time to get in tune with what was going on with my body.

About 1 week ago, I was with my new BF (we used protection)... Still no sign of BV. I would get infections in the past even with condom use. He even did oral, which usually sets me off with an infection, and still nothing-NO BV. I was a little scared after we were together so I inserted PLAIN GREEK yogurt inside for 3 nights, on the 3rd night I douched with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE! So my regimine is this: Fem-D once per day, probiotic drink 3x's per week, folic acid everyday, and baking soda douche when I feel I need to (no more than 1x per month I'm thinking). I also eat greek yogurt 3 times per week, if you don't like plain yogurt, get the one with fruit on the bottom. That flavored stuff is not helping. Hope this helps someone."

10/03/2011: Sad from Help, Nevada replies: "Help! I've tried so many things I can't even list them all. I've spent so much money on this and nothing is helping. I got relief a few times only for a day. I don't have a coming and going infection it is never ending! I am only 21 and I've had bv since I was 19, it ruined a 3 year relationship. I'm so depressed I don't even know what to do anymore :("
10/04/2011: Healthybear from Richmond, Va replies: "@ Sad-I certainly understand and I do feel your pain. You can beat this with faith and patience. I became so frustrated one day that I PRAYED and asked GOD to please heal my body and give me the knowledge to take care of myself. I have to give all praises and glory to HIM. The first thing I suggest you do is if you have an "active' infection, get treated with either flagyl or metrogel. A lot of people are against the medicine, but you want to be sure the infection has been treated. I used metrogel for years only to have the infection return after having sex. After researching, I figured out that after being treated with any type of antibiotic, you end up with a yeast infection. So what I thought was BV, was actually a yeast infection and then I would also get BV. So again, get yourself treated for BV. Ask your DR. For 2 doses of diflucan to treat the yeast infection you're going to get. Take the first diflucan with your first day of antibiotic, take the second dose AFTER you have finshed your last day of antibiotioc (the next day). No Sex!!!

Pay close attention to your body during your period. This will tell you if your medications worked. If you have no symptoms after your period (which is wehn BV can really show it's nasty head), you are well on your way to healing. Fem-D is getting great reviews and I have taken it but I don't anymore. My personal regemine is to eat GREEK yogurt (fruit on the bottom), drink dannon probiotic drinks, and I take 1 folic acid pill per day. I could be wrong, but I truly feel that our sex partners have a LOT to do with this cycle of infection (for some of us). I think that if you are with a man that is unfaithful or indulges in anal sex (with females or males) this could be an issue. Again, I'm no expert but dealing with this has caused me to really question WHY it keeps coming back. I've been BV free for over 3 months. I changed a few things in my life so I'm not sure exactly what I did right, but I can now have sex protected and (as of 1 week ago) unprotected and I'm fine. I failed to mention also that at least 1x per week, I insert plain yogurt inside as a re-inforcement to keep a good number of good bacteria down there. A warm water and baking soda douche (1 teaspoon to 1 quart water) 1x per month is not a bad idea either. I only did it once but it didn't hurt anything. My DR. Suggested I do it so I did. I also read somewhere that drinking water mixed with 1.5 teaspoon of water helps to as maintainence. I did that as well, but I don't anymore. Hope this helps."

10/11/2011: Sammi from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Usa replies: "LADIES!!! THIS IS A MUST READ! I've struggled with BV for about a year. I've tried everything! Every home remedy and nothing worked. Recently I came across "vh bv treatment". GO GET THIS PRODUCT NOW!!! I've never been the type to write reviews but I need to let you ladies know about this product. It IS the first over the counter treatment for bv. You can get it at walmart, walgreens, or cvs for about 25. 00 bucks. The first day I used it it completely got rid of my fishy odor. I really recommend this. Do your own research on this product, but I'm telling you it WORKS! It feels so nice to not have to worry about the odor. It's like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I am once again the confident young woman I used to be! P.S. I used the whole pill, with the insert my first time, even though it recommended halfing the pill, in case of side effects. I recommend u take the whole pill too if you want to get rid of that odor quick."
10/13/2011: Mandy from Nyc, Ny replies: "Dear Sammi,

Im going to CVS to buy the product you talked about, believe me I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Even the Femdophilus, nothing works:((( I smell like fish, not too bad but bad enough where I just want to hide, I never in my life heard of bv, I think there should more info on this and the doctors need to stop perscribing things that do not work!!! I used to have confudence my sex life was great until 7 years ago, boom I got it after I caught a std, I douched because I felt dirty, not knowing I was messing myself up, when I had sex, the next few days I noticed a odor and when I went to the doctor she said you have BV, I said "what?" I never heard of this monster in my whole 40 years, this is killing me socially and emotionally, I'm depressed most of the time and the only time I feel clean is when I shower, I decided to change my whole diet, which is not bad, a lot more vegetables and fruits water yogurt keifer, I'm gonna leave the vitamins alone, they r not working for me and I don't want to waste my time on them, I met a lovely man, and it hurts me that we can not have sex, for what? So I can turn him off because my vag smells like dead fish? I'm not trying to be funny but I want to cry, I hope that CVS product works, I'm so broke, spending so much money on remedies, I just want my VAG back to normal, I'm gonna cut out the wine to because that is yeast and I read that feeds the bacteria, I will post this weekend to let y'all know how the product went for me, I do not have itching or burning, never painful sex, like I read some stories here, just slight discharge and fish odor, damn the stuff women go through."

10/21/2011: Taimy from Union City, Nj replies: "I agree with Sammi. VH Essentials is a great product to treat BV. Last week, my symptoms were flaring and so apparent that my sister noticed it and said, why does it smell like fish. The next day I went and got it, inserted the whole pill the first day and smell was gone. But I also took a probiotic by RePhresh and Folic Acid, and the smell got a little better earlier during the day. It's been a week and a half and no smell or symptoms. I regularly take the RePhresh Pro-B and Folic Acid, and still no symptoms. If you're looking for a quick remedy, use the VH Essentials for BV and take 800 mcg of Folic Acid. They really work overnight. Folic Acid is not only good for treatment of BV, but it also regulates your bowl movements. Ever since I've started taking the Folic Acid, my metabolism has increased, I have more energy during the day, my bowl movements are always at the same time everyday, and I feel amazing and confident because my BV is not noticeable and isn't flaring. If you're not on Folic Acid, you should be, it will help you so much with your BV and benefit you in the long run."
10/21/2011: Mandy from Ny replies: "I used the Vh essensials it did nothing for me, seemed like a waste of 25 bucks and I bought the pills, I'm so down I do not know what to do, I do not intend to smell like fish for my whole life!!! You know what I hate most, when they say BV is very "common"- no a cold is common, because never in my whole 42 years have I heard of bv, there should be so much more info about this and prevention, I got this from douching and bam blew my balance off, I'm a clean person like I said and to smell like fish is depressing, it is taking my life over, I have a 10 year old and when she wants to play, I do not because my mood is bad because of this crap:((

Anyway I was watching some DR. OZ video he talked and different vaginal problems and he mentioned this one and he said vitamin D is good to help this, that is the only vitamin I never tried so u know Im gonna get it tomorrow!!! If he said it I believe him:))also someone esle mention nature made gelcaps for women got rid of her bv, so Im buying that too, I tried everything esle here and NOTHING worked, maybe my body is too alkaline, I dunno, I changed my diet, I'm trying so hard not to lose my mind, I will post next week to tell you guys how everything here, I'm not douching with peroxide, I think it is bad idea and caused a yeast infection for me and I do not need another headache, good luck, we are not fish we are women!!"

11/20/2011: Debbie from Milford, Pa, Usa replies: "It's a few hours later and just wanted to give an update on how I'm feeling using VH Essentials. Like I said, I'm on my fourth day of using this and I have been feeling achy and tired like my body was fighting this though my symptoms never got worse. I took about 5 acidophilus' again today (I don't care if I overdose on them). I also took a One-A-Day.

I was getting my energy back as the day has gone on. I did some cleaning, went food shopping, did some cooking, played with the dogs outside. I rested for about an hour and I'm realizing I feel "NOTHING"!!!! I have strength back, I'm not achy or tired. I haven't obsessed about it the last hour and find my mind wandering onto other things.

Thank God for this relief and hope. Like I said, my last dose I take tomorrow night and then I'm going to go on one more round of this stuff. After that I'm taking at least 4 months worth of their capsuls which I'll take daily.

Hopfully this will work long term."

11/20/2011: Debbie from Milford, Pa, Usa replies: "I've unknowingly been suffering from BV for 4 years. My doctor never diagnosed it. I thought I had cancer or something. Finally I went into a urgent care center and the doctor took all the tests. A week later she called and said I had BV and prescribed Flagyl. That worked perfect. But the episodes came back twice after sex with the same partner.

I can feel a sensation right away even before any strong odor occurs.

This time I ran to the store to see if there was anything over the counter. I found BV Essentials too, and I'm agreeing with Sammi. I just took my fourth insert of VA Essentials last night. My first day I took the half a pill and could feel it working within 3 hours. The last two days I just felt really run down like my body was fighting this bacteria, That sensation comes and goes for a few hours at a time but never gets worse. But I get scared because after reading all these messages, I have just learned that this can just go on and on and this scares me. So many people have been through so much with this.

I'm going to do another round of treatment with the essentials on Tuesday. I also ordered two boxes (4 months worth) of the oral capsuls that you take one a day. Hopefully this will help.

Southernbelle from Atlanta, I agree, pray first. It's not the medicine but God giving us knowledge of what we need and working through that medicine."

11/26/2011: Debbie from Milford, Pa, Usa replies: "One last follow up. I completed the Essential's treatment. All symptoms went away. The next day I started the capsules (to maintain a balance). The first day I could feel symptoms trying to come back, but they would come and go until by the end of the day they stopped and I was back to normal.

It's a few days later now and I've been taking the capsules every day and continue to have no symptoms. I have not had sex yet so I don't know to what extent that will trigger everything all over again. If and when that happens I will post again.

I know this hasn't helped everyone here. I feel blessed that it was able to help me."

09/18/2011: Kaykay from Mount Vernon, New York, United States: "I'm so thankful for this site... I'm a recently BV sufferer and almost lost my mind... The burning iching and the smell has been the worst. After reading 5 pages of post from all you wonderful ladies I started to have hope. I just went out and got the plain yogurt, Kefir and acidophilus capsules(1 billion). I took 2 capsules, mixed the Kefir, plain yogurt and opened a capsule in it. I put it in the turkey baster, layed on my back and inserted the mix and also applied some to the outside... After inserting I layed down to make sure it stays in... 30 minutes later........ WOOOOOW!!! Bad smell, itching and burning GONE! But I will keep it in for 2-3 hours and repeat for at least 5 days..

Thank you ladies sooooo much, couldn't have done it without you.... You ladies ROCK!"

09/23/2011: Nikki from Atlanta, Ga, Usa replies: "I have been suffering from chronic BV and Yeast Infections almost to the day 2 years ago when I tried the non-hormonal IUD, Copper T. Ever since, I was in and out of the doctor's office with some sort of issue or another. It seemed I always had one or the other, a yeast infection or BV. It wasnt the first time that I'd had either, most women experience a yeast infection at some point and I had only gotten BV one other time 6-7 years ago and was resolved in one doctor's visit. But this was different. I was there constantly and finally I got frustrated and began to look for homeopathic methods of dealing with the problem. I also had my IUD removed (which didnt solve the problem, I guess the damage was already done). I found this site and began taking Folic Acid daily. I take 800mcg daily. I also take Acidophilus daily. I started out with Femdophilus that I was getting at the vitamin store, but I found with my travels that I dont want to take a refrigerate only tablet with me in my pill box as I dont have a way to keep it chilled. So I switched to the shelf stable brands... Right now I am using a chewable with 1billion active cultures. I have found that as long as I take both daily I am problem free. Fortunately for me, my BV doesnt usually come with an odor but the itching and discharge is enough to make a sane person nuts. I found that I had also been taking a Biotin 5 mg supplement that was also causing the yeast infections.

I was motivated to write today because I came back recently due to forgetting to take my Acidophilus a couple of days in a row and had a BV outbreak and I needed help. One of the posts recommended kefir and I tried it... I went to Whole Foods and got some Kefir smoothie/yogurt stuff and drank two smoothies immediately and have been drinking two for breakfast and two before bed. I have also doubled up on my Acidophilus, two in the morning and two and night... I've douched with peroxide and water (I use an infant nose/booger cleaner) twice in my morning shower and twice before bed over the tub and I am symptom free! I am blissfully unaware of my vagina in a way I didnt even know to value until this all started for me almost 2 years ago! I just wanted to add this post because I understand how you all feel and I wanted to encourage you to keep trying! This site has saved my sanity... more than you know..."

05/28/2012: Christina from Ocoee, Florida replies: "@ Nikki from Atlanta, GA, You said that you bought a shelf stable brand that's similar to Femdolphilus since you didn't want to take refrigerated capsules around. Can you tell me what brand you were using? I, too, will be traveling and don't think I can carry something that needs to be refrigerated."

02/17/2011: Special01 from Indianapolis, In, Usa: "What brand of acidophilius are women finding most effective. I was using Nutrition Now PB8 with Twin Labs brand folic acid and the problem was 90% better. I switched to a different brand of folic acid just because the store did not have the twin labs brand and the problem got a little worst. When I ran out of the Nutrition Now acidophilius brand I switched to a Nature's Way on the advise of the healthfood store worker. That was like not taking anything at all. I went from have no discharge at all, just moisture in the vajiji walls to having to change my panty liner twice a day. I am going back to the Nutrition Now PB8 brand. But I wondered if anyone has had success with the Lee Swanson brand???"

03/22/2011: Jkl from Chicago, Il replies: "I have been suffering for over a year and have been given flagyll and that did not work I started taking the acipophilus but I have read online that it's a very short fix because that type only grows in yogurt and not in our vagina.

My doctor has this "remedy" she uses to help people. I have tried it and it does help get rid of it for a week but she has said it has cured people as well. She told be to put one tablespoon of hibiclens with one liter of warm warm and douche once a week for six weeks. It absolutely gets rid of all odor and smell but I do not know how safe the long term use of it is. It is an antiseptic so I have no idea.. It doesn't hurt me or irritated me. I hope this helps and please please reply back if this has helped to cure you."

03/22/2011: Jerzee_gurll from Desoto, Texas replies: "OMG thank you sooooooooo much, I have some hibiclens at the house, I will def keep you posted on my progress"
04/14/2011: Sufferer from Greenville, Nc, Us replies: "I have been a sufferer of bv for the past year and a half and it is very embarrassing. I am so depressed about this and I'm glad to have found this site. Is hibiclens and the acidophilus pills over the counter or is it something I can buy over the counter. Help please."
04/21/2011: Help With Bv from Canton, Oh replies: "@Sufferer: Do you also have a whitish layer on your toung? They call it candida. I just wonder if its a symptom along with the bv or just a coincidence. I've been suffering so long and no luck yet!"
07/14/2011: Mommainternet from Raleigh, Nc replies: "A thank you to Justfindingout from Houston who wrote about BV Treatment Homeopathic Time-Release Vaginal Insert she found at Walgreens. I had a reoccuring bout of BV with no symptoms other than a change in my urine flow. Was about to set up an appt with a urologist when I read your post and decided to give it a try. Worked very well and loved being able to cure it naturally. Thanks for taking the time to post here."
[YEA]  07/15/2011: Roxanne from Ny replies: "To mommaintenet I used H2020 and so far rhis week no smell, I mean I im so grateful, I have some discharge, not a lot, but that fish smell is gone GOOD!!!"
08/14/2011: Sally from Dayton, Ohio replies: "I'm happy to find this sight. For the last few months I've had the fishy odor. I had BV plenty of times before in college so I'm familiar because I couldn't get rid of it for about a year or two. I finally took a cranberry, goldenseal and garlic combination everyday for months and one day it went away. Anywho, this time my doc is saying nothing is wrong, but I KNOW it is. I smell horrible. So I'm going to get the over the counter homeopathic remedy and see if that works. I did start taking acidophilis and the cranberry combination for about a week, but the odor is embarassing. I'm so self-conscious. Thanks for the info. I love google. Lol!"
08/29/2011: Relieved from Sarasota, Fl replies: "I too have suffered from BV for years. Because I do not eat yogurt (don't like the sour taste), I had almost given up when I ran across a website. This product really works. The only draw back is that it does not cure the problem but does help get rid of the smell. It can be a bit pricey and you have to take a pill twice a day, but to some it is so worth it. If anyone has a product that actually cures BV I would love to know."
09/08/2011: 1earthling from Burlington, Ia, United States replies: "Thank you all so very much for having posted and thank goodness this site was invented!!

I've only suffered from BV for 2-1/2 years but my physician was only interested in receiving the office visit fee not in helping me at all.

When I went to her the 1st time, she took a pap but said it's fine, the 2nd time, she didn't even have me disrobe or examine me in any way but took all of 3 minutes to tell me, you're getting older, old women just smell that way (?!! Wow) both times she took $100 and didn't prescribe anything.

I've been spending a fortune on pads over the past 2-1/2 years and it's never happened before. Until I read that others suffer this and that there's an actual cure!! Thank you!!

I'm going to buy that after work tonight and promise to come back and give a righteous Yea, Nay or Neutral in 2 weeks (I figure that's long enough to know if it works and will continue to work)."

09/10/2011: Meg from Phoenix, Az replies: "@ Canton: The white layer on your tongue is called Thrush which is just a yeast infection in your mouth. Try eating some yogurt & rinsing with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

As far as BV, I was being prescribed Flagyl which was not working. A co-worker suggested the hydrogen peroxide/water douche & it helped sooo much. I get it all the time but I know I have it because it starts to burn when I pee. Hope this helps."

09/26/2011: Ab from Minneapolis, Mn replies: "I have suffered from this on and off for awhile now. I'm a big fan of NOT using antibiotics because it only makes it worse long term. I know people are talking about acidophilus, which I use regularly and is great but I also wanted to share a link I discovered recently. I was in the doctors office and she said try changing your detergent and using cotton underwear but it wasn't adding up. Then I realized it was when I went on birth control!!! When I went off I was fine, then I started again and boom! Cronic infections again.

I did have one person tell me though, that white vinegar works to help balance the Ph in our bodies. I've tried it both in me and just adding it to my bath. It's a little more instant than the acidophilus. Make sure it's bv tho and not a yeast infection!"

01/07/2011: Jtea from New York, Ny: "Hello there, I am a sufferer of BV and I've recently been trying to treat myself with the hydrogen peroxide douche and acidophilus pills. For three nights, I took two pills each, one orally and one vaginally, but tonight I felt something down there and found one pill, completely intact, in my underwear!!! This means the other two are still in my vagina! And since I used an applicator to insert them, they're out of my finger's reach. Will they come out eventually like this one pill did? If they don't, do I have to go to the doctor and have them take it out? Thanks in advance!!"

01/22/2011: Annie from Baltimore, Md replies: "Hi! No, don't worry about the other two. I insert acidophilus pills in my vagina every once in awhile and they will absorb into your body due to the moisture in your vagina. I'm assuming that they are the caplets and do not have a plastic coating on the outside like a liquid pill would. In that case, they may not dissolve or will take a much longer time."
01/25/2011: Inthe Sameboat from Atlanta, Ga replies: "I see that I am not the only suffer of bv, yeast and bladder infections. It's has been a horrible experience for me too. I did get rid of the yeast by making a boric acid douche. But the bv did not go away and may have made it worse. I then was prescribed Cipro for bladder infection and Metronidazole for 7 days which then brought on the yeast again. I did do the boric acid douche for 2 days and perioxde douche for 2 days, along with Acuflora by mouth 2 x times per day (which contain Lactobacillius acidophilus, and L rhamnosus along with bifidobacterium bifidum and some other things. ) I also take 1x daily AZo yeast pills. So far I am doing good!

For the ladies that only suffer from chronic yeast infections the boric acid really does work. Make sure you add water to it, I made the mistake of putting it into capsules and it was so strong I was on fire for days!! I wish more research would be done in general for chronic BV, Yeast, and Bladder Infections."

01/27/2011: Justfindingout from Houston, Tx replies: "I am 44 years old and Post mennapausal. My first outbreak was a year ago December, and it just so happened I had just found out that my husband had an affair. Since I have never EVER had this before, I am assuming I got it from him. I thought at the time I was dealing with a yeast infection. It did go away, but this summer came back, and was awful. I did not experience the odor or discharge, but the burning was terrible. I probably waited to long to go to the Dr., but I had no idea what I was dealing with. After a round of Flagyl, it did go way, but came back again. Again, another trip to the Dr. And two weeks of Flagyl. After taking it a week, I started noticing I had an odor when I went to the bathroom. I googled Natural Cures for BV, and found this site. What a blessing! I was so releaved when I saw that it was not just me.

Sunday night I started taking 3 Acidophilus at night and inserting one. I went to Walgreens tonight to pick up some liners, and saw a box that said BV Treatment Homeopathic Time-Release Vaginal Insert. It IS costly, 24.99 for 6 inserts, but I purchased it. When I googled the product, there were more positive coments than negative. I inserted the first one in tonight, and will keep you posted on how it works.

I do plan on Continuing the Acidophilus."
01/29/2011: Donna from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "Only the highest quality acidophilus taken at least twice a day, (I spen $40 a month on mine) works... And using neem oil inside the vagina. Here's what I do... (may sound odd) I take a dropperful of neem oil and drop it onto a large metalic vibrator (Seriously!! ) I insert the vibrator, (turned off of course) as far as it will go, to insure I'm reaching everything, then take it out. Do this for seven days. I do it twice a day if I have a severe infection. I also do this after sex to PREVENT infection. I use to use capsules, but I find it does not reach and cure the infection as fast..."
01/31/2011: Kathie from Highland Park, Illinois, Usa replies: "Neem oil? Never heard where does one purchase this??"
01/31/2011: Lisa from Marrakech, Morocco replies: "I believe I have seen it at Whole Foods. Is there a natural food store or health food store near you? They may also carry it. As a last resort, I'm sure you can buy it online."
[YEA]  02/11/2011: Anonymous from Beckley, Wv replies: "I used chewable acidophilus which seemed like it easily disolved when inserted vaginally (which I only did once anyway). I also used a peroxide and H2O douche (only the first day) and took folic acid as well as the acidophilus daily as directed. All symptoms are completely gone within the first two days. After researching on the internet, I think mine was caused by my IUD (Mirena) and a new monogomous partner after my divorce. I have had symptoms for a year and didn't know what it was. I had read on that acidopholis had been used as home remedy for decades but that it was found in dairy and not naturally in the vagina so it wouldn't work. So I just want everyone to know that reads this that it does in fact work (at least it or the folic acid). No more putrid odor. I am so thankful!"
03/08/2011: Eastrenia from Shanghai, China replies: "Hey girls;

check this website; and contact ur doctors also apart of using natural medicine seems there is a strain of bacteria of BV which is

1. not being trated by METRONIDAZOLE which is most commonly used by doctors - golden remedy that does not work in many cases (i think I have been treated with this for 2 years on and off & even treated my BF ;-) with that

2. this strain is being transferred to ur partner (!! Usually a guy is not treated)

3. this strain of bacterias is new, and non responsive to stnadard treatment that is why it comes back ...

and at least in this website they do mention that good treatment consists also of use of probiotics(! ) as well as vitamin C etc...

so all what you all are saying;

this is my today`s discovery after visiting different / cheap doctor (not foreign doctor in shanghai ;-) even though had huge problems communcitating ;) well google works in any case

and am now trying different perspective, as after metronidazole tratments I did try natural ways only.. And it came back again.. So would like to find some golden middle way.. not to foget the doctors and medicine development.

lets see if this doctor was not wrong; research prove chances.. So will try to continue what u propose in earth clinic but also try conventional approach;

at moment am full of hopes it will help.. At least according to those reaserches it does, Swidish researches recommend this medicine also.. So lets see. If anybody intersted let know"

05/28/2011: Alice from Mississauga, On replies: "Hi everyone! I know how terrible BV is and also urinary tract infections! THERE IS A SIMPLE REMEDY!!!! (The number 1 cause for BV is semen by the way girls!! ) for the BV all you need to do is buy acidophilus caplets, the pressed kind, even life brand works and its only 11.50$ and soak a tampon with unflovored yoghurt. I find it better to break the pill in half and insert one half with the soaked tampon and swallow the other half. It works so well! And for urinary tract infections ALKA SELTZER!! This way antibiotics wont cause BV again! And it starts working as soon and you pass the glass of water!!!!!! Believe me this really really works, I have tried everything, and for the odor until the BV is gone you can use diluted tea tree oil around your 'area'. Good luck ladies"
06/17/2011: Traci from Dallas, Tx replies: "I have the chewable pills, blueberry flavor... because of the blueberry flavor, I am afraid to insert into my V.

I've been taking Apple Cider Vinegar baths all week, I added salt to it yesterday. Then I found this sight. I went out and bought some fresh HydroPeroxide, femdopholis, folic acid 800 mg, Lekir, 100% Cranberry Juice, Probioc Pearls.

Today, once I picked up the pills, I took a Estroven multivitamen, 2 folic acid pills, 2 pearls, 3 femdopholis'. I did a Hydro douche, inserted a tampon with yogurt on it - slept for about 4 hours. Took a Apple Cider Vinegar salt bath for about 15 mins. Drinking on my Lekir now. I'm still feeling some twinges, not being hit in the face with the smell as I was earlier, but I haven't started peeing frequently since I woke up to work at 1am.

I think I will pop two femdopholis pills and two folic acid pills with some water to see if I can get things more on track.

I'm wondering if I should Hydroflush before I leave for work. hmmm.... Guess if I am going to insert a femdopholis, I better wait until I get back home after work. hmmmmm...

BV is so horrible."

11/22/2010: Brooke From Atl. from Atlanta, Ga: "I just wanted to say that getting the very best acidophilus (or however you spell it! ) from a healthfood store (not from Kroger)is soooooo important. The "combo" wasnt working for me until I switched to good acidophilus. I got something called femdophilus which the owner of the store said goes directly to your vagina... Apparently it has for me so far! Thanks so much to all the "posters! ""

12/07/2010: Nyclivin from New York, Ny replies: "Boric acid powder is the only cure for my yeast infections, and it completely eliminates the symptoms of BV as well. However, it doesn't seem to cure my BV. A pill filled with boric acid powder inserted twice daily into the vagina will cure my yeast infections after 2 weeks (thank god - because the over-the-counter stuff no longer works for me - in fact, it makes my vagina burn like crazy). I'm using the boric acid now for my recurring BV infection, but I'm in search of a cure... Been through the antibiotics 3 times now. My obgyn told me that my partner has to be treated. So we did that, but then my BV came back on its own even before my partner and I had sex. I've used Femdophilus before, and at first it seemed to work (orally), but after recurring BV infections it no longer works orally. My next move is going to be inserting Femdophilus vaginally. Wish me luck!!! And try the boric acid. It is a miracle powder!"
01/31/2011: Kathie from Highland Park, Illinois, Usa replies: "What's the dosage for the boric acid and did your boyfriend get treated and if so with what and for how long??? Did it take care of the issue????"
01/31/2012: Julia from Oregon, Usa replies: "What medicine should my boyfriend use to get treated for BV? I've had it 4 times in the past 6 months and my pharmacist suggested he gets treated. What types of medicines should he take? Does he need metroconizole pills (spelling?) He does not have a STD; he was recently tested. Any info you all have would be so very helpful; thank you!"
01/16/2013: Ms from Miami, Fl replies: "HI, I had re current BV for a Year. I have not had it for 6 months.

Have your man wash everyday, before and after sex with an antiseptic skin cleanser. Bought mine at a pharmacy or get it online. No scented soaps on your vaginal area. I use a____ healing ointment inserted by fingers before sex and organic lubricant during sex. No sex during or 1 day after your period. Do not let your man ejaculate inside of you. Sperm change the PH. Wash everything in hot water, panties, towels, sheets. Take for 4 months daily probiotics. Take a good multi vitamin daily and add spinach to your protein shakes. No chicken with antibiotics. To get rid of smell use water and hydrogen peroxide mixture. Use fingers to insert it. Just a little to make smell go away until your body absorbs the right amount it needs of the probiotics. Stay possitive. You can get rid of this. GL"

[WARNING!]  09/22/2010: C.s. from Holiday, Fl: "I participated in douching with half peroxide half water, took folic acid, and inserted refrigerated acidophilus/probiotics from many testimonies I read here. That was roughly 2 years ago. I definitely received some immediate relief. I started having mild urinary issues a few months later and from there my health has plummeted. I have read some scary things about refrigerated acidophilus eventually expiring and turning into mold spores. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I sure wish I had even the slightest bit of that knowledge to eliminate that as a possibility regarding my current health concerns. I now have a systemic candida infection which is causing me severe pain! I don't have all the answers nor am I able to conclude that this was the cause... But if anyone has any clues or any suggestions feel free to do so. Please be warned that this a possibility and taking probiotics should probably remain an oral supplement..."

09/26/2010: Lisa from Waynesboro, Va replies: "It could be that you were developing the systemic candida all along and the probiotics weren't much of a factor. I am on the candida diet, no yeast in products, no sugar, no fruit or milk products. It's not easy but it's not impossible. I feel tremendously better."
10/10/2010: Dianne1220 from Richmond, Va replies: "Last night I tried an acidophilus capsule inserted vaginally. 5 hrs later I woke up with cramps, and the capsule was still intact. I managed to get it out and the cramps subsided & I went back to sleep. Is there a better way to get the capsule in there, becasue they don't seem to dissolve inside of me! Not sure why..."
06/16/2011: Danielle from Clif, Nj, Us replies: "I know this response is late but better late than never! Affliction with BV usually means you have a higher vaginal pH than normal (alkaline versus the normal healthy acidic vagina). A capsule will have trouble dissolving in an alkaline environment. Inserting the probiotic suppository after a peroxide douche or repHresh gel (that fixes your vaginal pH) will help the capsules dissolve."

[YEA]  03/21/2010: Terry from Grasonville, Md, Usa: "I had never even heard of bv until about 2 months ago, when I developed this terrible itch & putrid odor. I had no idea what it was until I looked it up on the internet. After discovering bv, I went to earthclinic (i've used this site for a couple of other ailments & had good experiences with the remedies). After reading all the entries, I went to a health store & purchased a bottle of acidophilus. I took 2 as soon as I got home. I also bought plain yogurt with live cultures, stuck a tampon in it wore it for about 3 hours. The odor was almost gone that night & completely gone the next morning. I now take one acidophilus every evening & have had no reoccurences. I also dry myself with a blowdryer as soon as I get out of the shower. I did read up on bv & found that you can develop it from sweating alot, eating too much sugar & white flour. I think that's what triggered mine. We had 2 blizzards in a row & I spent hours outside shoveling snow, wearing ski pants & a sweatshirt. I was sweating quite a bit. In our house, a blizzard means lots of junk food,which we had & which I unfortunately ate too much of. I now eat very few foods that contain sugar or white flour. Any time I'm tempted, I remember the odor & unbearable itching, & I'm able to resist. On the upside, I've also lost 6 lbs. I was lucky - this was my first (& hopefully last) experience with bv & it only lasted about a week before I thought to research it & turn to earthclinic for help. And what I tried worked immediately. I hope this helps someone else."

04/11/2010: Fifi from Charlottetown, Quebec replies: "BV is just a terrible, terrible thing. I really feel your pain (literally) ladies. I just got BV for the first time a month ago. I was treated with Flagystatin which was AWFUL (nasty side effects and the damn stuff ran all down my legs while I was sleeping) so I went back and was prescribed Clindamycin. It seemed to have totally cleared up and sex was back to normal. BUT my partner and I had sex for the first time in a while three nights ago and the dreaded BV is back!!! Putrid odour, pain, itching and burning while I pee. The whole caboodle. I think I'm going to try taking acidophilus, B12 and Folic acid as I can't see my doctor for three weeks anyways. Hopefully it helps and at the very least... I don't think it can hurt. Good luck ladies!"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  04/11/2010: Angela from Allen, Texas replies: "I just want to say that this forum has saved my life. I've suffered from BV for at least 5 years without truly understanding what was wrong with me. At first, I thought it was a really bad yeast infection. OTC medicine didn't work. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor, too embarrassed to talk about it and boy; was sex a chore! The prepping it took to "feel" clean took all of the enjoyment out of the act. Would my boyfriend smell anything? Was I clean enough? I would quickly hop out of bed and run to the shower. No cuddling for me. The odor was putrid and the discharge amazingly heavy. I hopped online and found my diagnosis... now, what to do? After more searching, I came across this site. I burst into tears when I read all of the testimonies and feedback. I couldn't believe that there was a glimmer of hope for me. I immediately ran out and picked up peroxide, acidophilus (1 billion) and some distilled water. First, I douched with a quart of distilled water mixed with 3 tablespoons of peroxide (3%). Then, I took 2 pills orally and one vaginally. Put on a panty liner and waited for discharge and odor. The next morning when I awoke, there was nothing! When I say nothing, I mean nothing. I was in shock! Absolutely amazed. I understand that douching isn't really good for you and will only do it maybe once every 3 weeks. I've taken two pills orally and one vaginally for the past three days and the only side effect I've had is a little spotting. I think I will cut back to one orally, once a day and one vaginally.

I just want to say that this forum is a Godsend and I am SO appreciative of all of the great feedback. Thank you ladies!!"
05/22/2010: Miranda from Eugene, Oregon replies: "so what did you use vaginally? did you just use a regular acidophilus pill or what? thats what im confused about"
09/07/2010: Sudeshmishra from Kanpur, Up, India replies: "My wife has been suffering from BV since we got married. I dont how did she got this because I dont have any STD so how did she get it. Anyways I want to ask that since she is under medication for this, can we still have intercourse without precautions?"
10/14/2010: Ohio from Reynoldsburg, Oh replies: "I have been BV free for almost a month. Prior to douching with 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide I was getting meds from the Dr.They worked for about a week then it was right back... So humiliating!!!!!! I did the douche 3 consecutive days by laying in the bathtub and holding it in as long as possible 5-10 minutes.... And made sure to take a few acidophilus tablets (million dosage) It worked like a charm!!! Highly suggest this for anyone having this awful problem!!!!"
10/20/2010: Tired Of It! from Unknown, South Carolina, United States replies: "Hi all! I have had continuous issues with my BV. My symptoms are as follows: clear, gel like discharge sometimes white, redness and soreness in the urethra and vulva pretty much everywhere and on the good days itching. I have never really had any bad odor. Sometimes a strong urine smell, but unlike most of you that does not seem to be my worst issue with this junk. My doctor just took me off of traditional medicine (I have tried, Metro gel, Tindamax and the white cream stuff, Tercazol I think -- I have done all of these straight for about 6 months). None of it worked and I actually had an inflammatory reaction to the metro gel. My doctor has put me on Boric Acid, which has not really worked either, but since I don't really know what else to do, I am following his directions. He put me on it for 2x a day for 7 days and then once a day for all eternity. I had to stop it BC I got my period and then will be back on it.

In the mean time, I have changed my diet (no bread or gluten and no sugar). I drink Kefir everyday, Cranberry juice and tons of water, plus here is what I take for vitamins (I have been taking these for about 4 months now. ) Vitamin C, 2,000mg, Folic Acid (1600 mg) one in morning and one at night, probiotics (Ultimate Flora) anywhere from 2-3 a day orally and I douche with it vaginally and even put the pills in vaginally, I do this anywhere from 2 to 3 times a day. I have had BV since my first child and it's going on a year now. I never had any problems until I got pregnant. I always had a wonderful vagina! As cheesy as this sounds, I really miss it. After my first child, I had issues with UTIs at first (was put on antibiotics which I stopped taking, then adenomyosis and endometriosis, then the yeast infections then BV. Aghhh the wonderful BV. I was put on a ton of antibiotics by my first doc. And really wasn't even treated for the proper infection. He tried to give me a full hysterectomy and put me on Progesterone. My hormones were fine. Needless to say, I switched doctors. I even have recently went off my BC pill to see if that was the what was making it hang-on. I am at my wits end with this crap and no one really understands unless they have it. My husband and I are not intimate. I have been checked for absolutely everything, and I mean everything.

So, my questions are as follows and I hope you can help:

1. While douching with peroxide what is a good regimen?
2. Have any of you experienced more discharge from it or did it go away immediately?
3. Did it irritate the outside of your vagina and if so, what did you use to make swelling and redness go away?
4. If you used probiotics vaginally, have any of you had any issues with them? Is there a better kind to use?

I would really appreciate it if someone would respond to this, I know a lot of the posts are old. But if you are out there, I would really like someone to talk to about this and maybe I can share some helpful info too."

10/20/2010: Ilana from Israel replies: "You have to try some brands of yogurts or probiotics, and it has to be taken by mouth. Douching does not help. What does is LGG (lactobacillus strain GG) enriched yogurts, like "Yoplait" it did wonders to me. A probiotic that helped too is Fem dophilus, also to be taken by mouth."
10/20/2010: Andie from Atlanta, Ga replies: "When you describe "clear, gel like discharge sometimes white" its making me ask if are you maybe confusing your natural cervial mucous with discharge. The clear gel like mucous is naturally present due to estrogen and it indicates oncoming ovulation. Its a little gross but study it after your next cycle. Starting around day 5 after you start, there will be hardly any. If there is, its starts dry to pasty and creamy white, then it changes (as you move closer to ovulation) to clear/watery then it thickens to an eggwhite consistency. After you ovulate (approx 14 days), all it dries up in reverse order and you produce dry or pasty again. I thought I had something wrong too but its your body's way of saying "its time" if you are trying to conceive! As for BV, its a pain in the backside and I'm working on it too. Good luck hon.."
[YEA]  10/21/2010: Tamara from Poughkeepsie, New York replies: "I have been a chronic bv sufferer for about two years. Everytime I was antibiotics, I would feel like myself but as soon as my period returned so did the bv. It seems like every month for about two years I had bv. It almost ruined my relationship. I FINALLY decided to STOP listen to the doctor and I did extensive research online to come up with a home remedy that would work for me. I have been doing the hyroden peroxide/ water douche for about two weeks now. It works wonders!!!! I also soak a tampon with tea tree oil/ vitamin E everyday for a week and then once a week. I also take fem dophilius 2 in the morning and 2 at night. 1600 mg of folic acid, 2000 mg of vitamin C.

I found this info from another bv sufferer at the following website I would encourage anyone who is suffering to read and do extensive research. I am so thankful for final getting this problem under control. I am so grateful to all the ladies who shared their secret cure. Hopefully this helps!"
10/21/2010: Liz from Dallas, Tx replies: "I've had vaginal odor without itching for a few months now. I've started wearing pure cotton panties, cut out sugar and flour in my diets but the odor lingers. I don't know that this is bv but am wondering if these remedies might help. Any suggestions?"
10/26/2010: Chelsea from New York, Usa replies: "Hi everyone. Here's my story: at (around) age eight I began to see discharge in my underwear. I was very embarrassed by this and didn't tell anyone, not even my mom. About a year later I finally built up the courage to tell her and after taking me to the doctor they perscribed me yeast infection medication. That didn't work, of course. To this day, I still have the problem. Around 5 months ago I went into the health clinic at my school and they thought it was yeast, gave me medication, didn't work. Told my mom once again and she took me to a gynecologist who prescribed me metronidazole (for bv). That was no use either. I tried that method twice, the second time taking the oral pills as well. Still no changes. My sypmtoms are: yellow/white discharge with a terrible odor. I am now sixteen years old and ready to have sex with my boyfriend but I am so disgusted and embarrassed by this that I have no clue how to stop it. (that's right, I have been dealing with this issue for half my life! You think you have it hard... I don't even remember what my normal vagina feels like... )
I have been trying many of the methods on this site but nothing is working! I did a full hydrogen peroxide rinse and that stopped the discharge temporarily, but when I woke up the next morning the discharge came right back. Now, I take folic acid, acidophilus vaginally (and orally), b-12 pills, garlic pills, and my normal pills which are calcium, one-a-day, and fish oil. I absolutely hate bv and everything that it does to me, its a part of my life that I wish would go away forever but nothing's working! Any ideas would be wonderful ladies, I wish you all the best of luck!"
10/27/2010: Ginger from Liberty, Tn replies: "I had problems with yeast infections and BV on and off for a long time, the stuff the doctors gave me sometimes gave me temporary relief but what has worked for me is a couple of things, first for the bacterial vaginosis was a douche with about 7 drops of grapefruit seed exctract in water, in a douche container I got from the drug store. It worked better that anything else I had ever used. I might have used it only one or 2 times in a week and that was all I needed. I also eat at least 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil(organic) a day, and try not to eat too much regular sugar. There's 3 other things that also help and that is good probiotic- the one I was taking was 4 billion, came in a chewable form- make sure and keep it in the refrigerator, and food enzymes and a good B-complex vitamin."
11/01/2010: Lisa from Waynesboro, Va replies: "So sorry to hear that you have suffered so many years. It could be systemic yeast, candida, and you need to look at your diet. I have used lots of stuff also, but it won't go away without the diet also. Search this site and do all you can, but get off all yeast in all products, sugar, milk, fruit, etc."
12/15/2010: Chelsea from New York, Usa replies: "Hey guys, I'm back AGAIN. I have now been to four doctors and none of them know what I have, although I have all the symptoms for BV... I'm thinking this may be the reason that nothing is working but in so many ways I want it to be BV just so I know how to cure it! I'm going to try the grapefruit douche and coconut oil, (do you take the coconut oil plain or are there any foods you recommend putting it into?) By the way, what do you mean by food enzymes?

My current regimen: (even though there are no great results at the moment)

At night - I don't take anything in the morning or during the day because I have no time! Mix together two tablespoons apple cider vinegar "with mother", one tablespoon organic honey, in about a half a glass of water. Heat it in the microwave and stir it up. You can either chug this or what I like to do is take it with all my pills, since there are now so many of them it eventually vanishes. It tastes kind of like salad dressing! Pills (aside from my acne and water-hives pills... )
2 Folic Acid pills
1 Garlic pill
1 Acidophilus (refridgerated)
2 Probiotics (50 billion! )
1 B-12
1 Fish oil
1 Multivitamin
1 Calcium

In the tub:
Douche with hydrogen peroxide, I use a turkey baster haha. I usually hold it in for abouuut five minutes. Release it, and clean the outer vaginal walls with peroxide. Then I shower and let myself dry for a little. Next, take a probiotic pill and REMOVE THE UPPER CAP! I have found this is the best way it desolves. Note: the clear outer cover on the pill does not disolve and you will have to manually take that out next time you shower. I hope this method works for somebody. I keep you all in my thoughts and 11:11 wishes. Wish for me too if you could!! I want this gone. My boyfriend (ex now! )cheated on me... I in part blame this on my vagina. Good luck all, $%^& guys. They don't have to deal with any of this."
12/20/2010: Tired Of It! from Unknown, South Carolina, United States replies: "Good afternoon ladies! I am sorry it has taken me a while to get back on here, but I promised myself I would post if something else happened. On my last post, I was still in the midst of finding a cure for myself. I believe we always need to keep searching. Since my last post, I stopped using the Boric Acid completely and started using the Hydrogen Peroxide and Acidophilis. I also take a mixture of other things as well. I will put my complete regimen for douching and vitamins at the bottom. I will also put what I do as far as tips in case anyone needs to use them.

I want to urge everyone to keep communicating with other women who have BV. I think this "disease" or malfunction, whatever you wanna call it, is not going away. I feel like doctors need to get it in gear. I just wanted to share with you my happy news and ask more questions.

I have been doing the H2O2 douche and acidophilis. I have mixed my regimen up a little, tried different things, and still have to make modifications to it, but I have found a way to manage it. My last trip to the doc, I didn't douche the night before or that morning. I had really only been douching twice a day for about a week before I went. I didn't tell him what I was doing until after the wet prep, partly because I was afraid at what he might say and also because I wanted to see what he said first. He left came back in five minutes later, I remember thinking, Gosh that was fast, and he said guess what, you have completely normal lactobacilis in your vagina! What have you been doing? I told him, what I was trying, my exact regimen and I didn't hold back. Sometimes, some docs look at you like you are crazy. He said I have learned so much from you and am so happy that you found something. He told me to keep douching and then start weening myself off. So I have been doing it for two straight months and will start weening myself off in January. I am currently just having problems around my periods. About two or three days before I start, I get my usual symptoms. I found that doubling up on my probiotic vaginally and orally really helps the recovery. After my period it takes me about a week. I wish it would go away completely and ym hubby and I are waiting until to be intimate, very hard but there are other fun things to do, until I am completely healthy. I know I could backslide after January and that is scary, but at least I know what works. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions or new ideas, new things you have tried that you would like to share. My regimen is below. Thanks! Good luck and stay positive.

Douching -- Am and PM
1/2 PEROXIDE 1/4 DISTILLED WATER IN A DOUCHE BAG. Douche with that, I lay on my back in the tub and hold for five minutes. I stand up, rinse with water and do this again for another 5 minutes. Stand up, rinse again and then I douche with either Fem-Dophilis (2) or Ultumate Flora (1) and three regular acidophilis and then hold for five. If I am having a bad day, I will rinse off with H2O2 mixture and just pour about 1/2 cup distilled water with 3 acidophilis.

Vitamins or Supplements:
Every morning -- 3 garlic, 2 vitamin C 1, 000 mg, 3 acidophilis or multidophilis or either 2 fem dophilis or 2 ultimate flora. It gets expensive so I go back and forth between these 2. 800 mg of Folic Acid and 4 Evening Prim Rose, I just started the prim rose and it seems to help me a lot during my period. I drink a load of cranberry juice with no sugar, and drink the heck out of kefir. I don't really eat bread anymore, unless it is a Kashi Pizza and have little sugar only in the cream in my coffee. I was inserting the ultimate flora vaginally, sometimes after my period if its really bad I will do that, but lately it tends to irritate it more. I also wash my underwear separately and my towels and sheets separately. I use all Free and Clear detergent. I use organic peppermint soap, and air dry in the mornings. I use virgin coconut oil for my lotion for my body instead of bath and body lotions. I also just sleep with night gown and no pannies, this really helps. Accept when I am on my period, I obviously sleep in my underwear. I don't wear jeans anymore either. Stress makes mine really bad and so I try to exercise but I don't do it enough, so that is my next goal. I really hope this is not too much, but if you are anything like me, I like to know what helps other women. That, in turn, helps me because you really have to find what works for you. I hope everyone is doing well and wish you luck. Don't let it get the best of you."

12/27/2010: Stephanie from Los Angeles, California replies: "Well I looked through everyone's comments that were a huge help. It has been my experience with natural remedies that bombardment is the best medicine until the problems solved. If there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria you need to overdue it with good bacteria for a while. I got the femdopholis which has 50 billions organisms in it. I also got Bio K which you can buy at Whole Foods which also has 50 billion organisms in each one. They look like tiny yogurts you drink. I soaked a tampon in the BioK each day for 3 days. I put it in for 3 hours at a time. It was already better after the first day. The smell was gone immediately. I also started taking 2-3 femdopholis a day for 3 days. Now I am tapering down to 1 a day. Also on the first day after I took the tampon out I did a shallow bath for 20 mins. With two cups of apple cider vinegar. I am happy to say I am cured and feel amazing. S"
01/16/2011: Victoria from Atlanta , Ga replies: "will a prenatal vitamin work since it has 1000mg of folic acid? along with femdopholis?"
01/29/2011: Chelsea from Nyc, Ny replies: "Hello again. So I'm up to five doctors now (9 if you count assistants and practicing doctors) and still no idea what I have. This condition is very frustrating to me and I don't know what to do. There is nothing "growing" in my vagina, does anyone know what else could be the cause of this discharge?"
01/30/2011: T from Maryland, Usa replies: "To Chelsea - Stop all dairy. There is a product I was allowed to name here before, specifically for women's flora. It's called Femdophilus. It's a little pricey but take it for at least a month and then you can probably maintain with the probiotic of choice. Stick with the folic acid and B's. But mainly stop the dairy for awhile (hard cheeses are probably ok but don't eat a lot of them). Try soft cheeses after a few weeks and see if there's any effect. Milk is a definite problem for some people; you may have to cut that out permanently. Do a 2 or 3-week trial without and then see what happens when you drink it again.

Not related but I'd dump the One-A-Day; it's junk. Determine by diet and health what you need vitamin-wise; don't just blindly take a multi, especially one with such nasty ingredients.

Let us know if going dairy free helps your problem."
03/02/2011: Chelsea from New York, New York, Usa replies: "To T, just reading this comment now. I will start doing the no dairy diet tomorrow, hopefully everything works. I wonder if the dairy is related to candida? I just recently did the "water test" where you spit into a glass cup of water, and if particles float down it means you have candida. Is this a legitimate test? I have also noticed that I do have a somewhat whitish layer on my tongue that I never thought much about. As well as my retainer has white particles that don't wash off."
03/06/2011: Toni from Hutchinson Island, Fl replies: "I have never heard of this test but I'm going to try it now. I do believe I have Candida along w/CFS, Lupus, Glaucoma, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome, herniated disc &disc degeneration, TMJ & various other issues. I've just discovered this website & I think it's wonderful but I do need coaching. Thanks for your help.

Blessings to all!"
[YEA]  03/30/2011: Sandylady from Miami, Florida, United States replies: "I would first like to thank all the ladies on this thread for contributing their advice on attaining a cure for BV. My daughter had recently started a regime of birth control about 1 year ago (the shot) however she started to experience heavy bleeding. She was then given a different type of shot (to counteract the bleeding) and eventually stopped bleeding. Then about 2weeks after the new shot she started to get a putrid odor from inside and a discharge on her underwear. The odor was a "fish" like smell and the discharge color looked like a light brown discharge. This was such a horrible experience for her because my daughter has always practiced good hygiene and never had any type of odor issue in her life ever. Their was no change in her diet or anything out of the ordinary that occurred in her life beside receiving the new birth control shot. In an attempt to solve this issue I decided to do a Google search and came across this site. After reading ALL of the post I felt empowered to attack this issue with home remedies in hand.

I went to the local whole foods store purchased:

1. Reuteri/Primadophilus by Nature's Way- Multi strain 5billion CFU (stored in refrigerator section/ask attendant)

2. Kefir Yogurt

Then went to CVS local pharmacy and purchased:

1. 1 Box of Disposable MEDICATED DUCHE

2. 1 bottle of Folic Acid

3. 1 box of BV treatment - this cost around $30. 00 it contains 6inserts and 6 disposable applicators. (In the feminine care aisle)


Day one-

1)2pills (reuteri) taken with the kefir yogurt.

2) Douche with medicated douche

3) Apply first BV insert into vagina

4) Take 1 Folic acid pill and drink lots of water and cranberry juice.

Day two - six

Same regime as above EXCLUDING Douche

Day six and onwards

Same regime as above EXCLUDING BV inserts (the BV insert treatment contains only 6 dosages)

I was so happy when my daughter called me with excitement in her voice and said that she was FREE!!!!! Meaning feeling released from the bondage of B.V. She urged me to come back to this site as soon as possible and Thank all of You lovely ladies that came together and shared your information. I told her I already did :-)

THIS STUFF WORKS FOR REAL!!! I wish you all great success in getting cured.


04/21/2011: Mindylou from Canton, Oh replies: "TO Chelsey in NY, NY: I have been suffering with the exact same symtpoms as you for 16 years. I noticed it around 13 and I'm 30 now. I have been ashamed my whole teenage and adult life. Scared to have sex because I didnt want to get teased. No spur of the moment sex because I had to make sure I couldnt smell the horrible smell. Guys are so mean. They have know idea what we go through. I did finally find a bf that I was comfortable enough to be around but still its like we have to have sex around my vaginia's clock! I am so through with it. The doctors prescribe the same over and over. They have been prescribing the me Metronidazole. The reason I'm responding to you is because I have the same whitish layer on my tongue. Its almost slimey. How about yours? I wonder if its a coincidence? Have you tried the F----philus? I've tried the douche and acidolphis and still cant get rid of it? Keep me posted. Thanks"
11/05/2011: Alley from Sydney, Australia replies: "I originally thought I had a yeast infection, but 2 diflucan pills and 2 rounds of creams didn't work. I have thick, whitish yellow discharge (mucousy) hardly any smell, no itching. Then I discovered ph tests and found I had a high ph which implies bacterial. I've been taking a probiotic similar to femdophilus with the reuteri strain in it for almost a month. I used some vagicare inserts which brought the ph down a bit and my discharge was a lot thinner after, more milky, but still there. I have a doctors appointment coming up in 3 weeks and I'm insisting I get some proper tests this time.

In the meantime I had a chat with a pharmacist about some ecovag inserts and she said I should try them as they wouldn't hurt. The ecovag inserts are vaginal inserts with L. Gasseri and L. Rhamnosus, the ones that apparently give off the most hydrogen peroxide and help to get the ph back to normal.

WELL, can anyone explain why after the 1st night of trying the insert (and subsequent 3 days), the discharge got SO much worse, so thick and gross, yellow whitish, (but not itchy or cottage cheese like or anything like that). I used a tampon soaked in hydrogen peroxide and it seems to calm it down again. Why was it so bad after using the "acidophilus" inserts?"

11/05/2011: Debbie from Melbourne, Australia replies: "Have you ruled out pregnancy? A thick discharge is one of the first symptoms."
11/05/2011: Alley from Sydney, Australia replies: "Haha, sorry to laugh Debbie, but the sad thing about this problem is that I KNOW I am not pregnant, unless it's a miracle baby. I've never actually had sex. I want to now, but why start now with this problem when I've already waited this long."
11/11/2011: Hope from Sydney, Australia replies: "I also tried Eco-vag - the first session went like a dream - smell gone, normal discharge - perfect! Then I had my period and the symptoms were back. So I thought I would try round two - and although the smell quickly went after two days I found that I would have a really heavy discharge, that would be thin and clear at about 10:30 every night!

It was a bit overwhelming so I stopped and things were fine, but then the smell and discharge started again. So I decided to go back on. I took another one and the next day everything was perfect again through the day but the next night about 10:30 this really heavy thin discharge. I am a bit confused whether or not to continue or not, is it just the bacterias fighting each other - if I continue will things get worse? Has anyone else used it at all or had a similar experience?"

[NAY]  11/28/2011: Alley from Sydney, Australia replies: "I finally stopped being so stubborn about my previous doctor's visit, and found a different doctor to go see. She was was really nice, and actually did a pelvic examination, which the previous doctor did not even do and let myself diagnose myself with a yeast infection. Turns out it is definitely bacterial, and I am now taking metronidazole (Flagyl), I am on day 7 and it seems to have cleared up. Ladies, I wish the natural cures worked for me but they didn't. I tried EVERYTHING but boric acid. I'd say try the natural cures but don't let it go on for months and months! If you're tearing your hair out and crying over this go see a doctor. Not all doctor's are evil and uncaring. AT LEAST get a proper diagnosis from a pelvic exam, you don't have to take what they prescribe you but you can at least know what you're actually dealing with.

I'm definitely going to continue with the folic acid and probiotics as well to maintain and prevent this from happening again. But I think my infection was just too far gone for them to help on their own at this point. I may also consider using vagicare inserts (ascorbic acid) or hydrogen peroxide after my period to keep the pH level down so that I never risk getting this again."

12/29/2011: Alley from Sydney, Nsw replies: "Update: 2 months since taking antibiotics and I am still better. I have continued taking the a probiotic pill with a reuteri strain daily. I have not made any other changes. One more tip for you ladies if you don't already do this- always wipe front to back after going #2! Very important."
01/01/2012: Catherine from Montreal, Quebec replies: "Sounds like this white slimy coating is thrush, a bacterial (yeast-like) infection I believe inside your mouth. "Nystatin" although not natural is supposed to be good for this because this medication does not go into your bloodstream and hurt any of your organs unlike other meds."
01/02/2012: Francisca from Zug, Zug, Switzerland replies: "I solved the exact same problem by stopping the use of toothpaste with fluoride! Never had a problem again.... After one go with toothpaste with salt it was finished. Now I use a range of natural toothpastes!"
12/26/2013: Fightforhealth from Phila,pa replies: "Wowwww!! I am so glad I am not alone!! I really felt like I was being punished and seriously unlucky! I feel like I am disgusting!! I had to bring my bf to the gyno with me so he could be explained by the doc that his gf wasn't gross but was plagued by this mess! I am going to try everything here!! Something has gotta work!!"
02/26/2014: Danielle from San Francisco, Ca replies: "I have suffered from bv for too many years. embarrassed, trying everything, knocking it out only to have it come back. awful really. I have been without it now for 6 months! Here is how: I have no idea which part so I'll tell you everything. I believe my success to be attributed to a more alkaline diet. I did not get get on a strict diet, so fear not.every morning I take a tablespoon on apple cider vinegar in water, a good probiotic with a shot glass of aloe vera juice, on an empty stomach. through out the day I drink lemon water, using one half to a whole lemon per day. my diet restrictions include eating sugar sparingly ( I can tell when I've eaten to much, it begins to threaten to come back. ie: my smell begins to change to slightly fishy. you know that smell. but if I eat lots of veggies and keep away from sugar my body returns). there may be a connection to eating wheat, so I again try to eat it sparingly. I also feel that eating kale has a helpful effect. when I first kicked it, I had been following this regimen for a month, I then went for my annual pap. they recommended the antibiotics that I usually refuse, because I have used it time and time again, only to have it come back, but this time I did it. and it hasn't come back! Even with frequent sex. I also believe the boric acid cure. I had to write because if this helps anyone, it is worth it. I know what a struggle it is. may you find your remedy!"



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