Hydrogen Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2014

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) doesn't have to be your lifelong companion! Earth Clinic has discovered a number of home remedies for BV, and chief among them is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This first-aid kit standby can be a simple way to safely and gently kill off a bacterial infection and restore the natural balance of your vaginal environment. Say goodbye to the itch, odor, and discomfort!

Now, every one of us ladies is different, so we don't promise that hydrogen peroxide is the cure for your own case of bacterial vaginosis, and if it doesn't work or sound right for you, please check out the other BV remedies here on our primary bacterial vaginosis cures page. It's very popular! However, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most promising and popular BV cures.

Hydrogen Peroxide Remedies for BV Treatment

Ordinary 3% hydrogen peroxide that you can find in any pharmacy or general goods store, sold right over the counter, can be mixed with an equal amount of water and then used as a douche or soaked into a tampon. A few minutes of use with either home remedy approach has shown great success in eliminating the discharge and odor that are primary symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Check out the reader feedback below for proof and advice!


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[YEA]  03/28/2014: Bianca123 from Atlanta, GA: "It seemed like I was more susceptible to getting infection than the normal person. a couple of days after having sex (unprotected) I noticed a clumpy white discharge so I though it was a YI. I went out and bought the CVS version of monistat 7. I began to use it and my discharge began to change colors. At first it was white, then changed to a pinkish one (by this point I stopped using monistat) then it changed to like an organgish color then it was yellow followed by brown. The brown discharge was just old blood because I take BC. okay so what I did was take an EMPTY douche applicator and mixed it with half peroxide and half boiled water. I let this solution cool down after shaking it up. Immediately after this I noticed a change and that the discharge had calmed down. A couple hours later I douched again (make sure you always rinse out and clean the nozzle after each use) and after this time I no longer had ANY discharge or smell. So the next day (sunday) I douched once when I woke up and once before I went to bed. still absolutely no discharge. The next day I went to my healthcare provider and I told her everything I had done. She then took a swab of the inside of my vagina and told me I was as clean as a whistle. I was shocked to know that she said that by doing this I had actually cured the BV. She did say one time was enough because I didn't want to be too rough on my vagina and that doctors don't recommend douching because it can sometimes push bacteria further up. Well from now on a couple hours after sex I will douche with peroxide and water and I will also do this after my period is over. Also eating yogurt can help maintain a healthy vagina!"

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  02/23/2014: Aye from Philippines: "I've suffering to this BV since I gave birth. I had leakage before but the doctor said that is normal. But then it wasn't gone. And then it getting worse. I got this itchy feeling, burning, and bad odor. I went to my doctor and she gave antibiotics and a pill to get my embalance flora back to normal. But then, nothing's happen. I tried this hydrogen peroxide for a couple of days. YES! It worked for me. But when the time I didn't use it, here comes the BV again. I do douche the HP today and it works but I want to know here if there is other thing to do or to take other than using hydrogen peroxide. Thank You..."

10/01/2013: Alyssa from Boca Raton, Fl: "LADIES LISTEN! Home Remedies, douching, homeopaths, yogurt etc. DO NOT cure BV. It only helps relieve symptoms such as odor and itching. It is a bacteria and bacteria needs antibiotics. THE WAY TO CURE it is to get your vitamin D levels up. I've been suffering from BV for 6 years and it was tearing me up, killing my self esteem and my sex life. *This is a little explicit so brace yourselg* But every time my husband ejaculated in me I got an infection. EVERY TIME! The sex was painful and I just felt so dirty. I finally gave up on all the home remedies and thought I would be bound by this disease for the rest of my life but Fortunately my very awesome OB who was willing to help me instead of continuing to prescribe me antibiotics and after antibiotics said that the infection is most likely bc my vitamin D levels were very low and my immune system was weak b/c of that, which was allowing the infection to keep recurring. So she put me on (D3 1000 IU for 3 months). Well I have a testimony... It WORKED! It honestly and truly worked.
Here's what I did; I took 2 vitamins EVERYDAY (2000iu/day) for 3 months. I had sex with my husband but we used condoms so no semen would throw my ph balance off (he's very understanding of the situation :-) After 3 months my OB sent me to the lab to check my Vitamin D levels and they were a little higher than they were previously.
So *Explicit* My hubby and I had sex (uprotected) and he came in me twice in 1 day. The next day we had sex again he came in me once. Every other sexual encounter over the next 2 wks were the same. WELL I waited for the discharge... None! I waited for the odor... None! Its been over a month now and NO BV. I used to get BV between 4-7 days after he would ejaculate in me but my vagina has been great! Sex doesnt hurt AT ALL, he can go as deep as he want now w/o the pain. So Ladies... PLEASE TRY VITAMIN D for 3 months faithfully/or longer... DO NOT MISS DAYS. It is so worth the benefit. Btw I am not a OB, Doctor, Physician, and you should consult with yours. Thank you"

10/01/2013: Debbie from Australia replies: "Umm you live in Florida.. Why on earth are you supplementing for Vitamin D.. Go out in the sun - much healthier and a natural source of Vitamin D."
10/11/2013: Tammy from Claremont replies: "I was wondering if anyone ever got hives from using peroxide to treat/cure BV. I am on day 4 of using the diluted peroxide mix on a tampon and leaning it in for 30 minutes. Tuesday was my first time. I worked Wednesday 12.5 hrs and literally the moment I walked out of work I had hives ALL over my arms and face. Nothing lower then elbows. I took benadryl and went to bed. Hives went away. Thursday AM I inserted the peroxide tampon for 30 mins. Then hives again Thursday night, again benadrly and bed. Woke up with hives this morning (Friday). Any chance I am having a mild reaction to the peroxide?"
03/01/2014: Nikki from Starkville replies: "Can I buy the vitamin d pills over the counter or do they have 2 b prescribed?"
03/06/2014: Kierkay from In replies: "Thanks for sharing your experience. I suffer from the same exact thing. Everytime my boyfriend comes in me I get an infection. I suffered from bv from the age of 18-20, then after I had my daughter it stopped for little over a year. Now that I think about it I was taking vitamins for a year after she was born because I breast feed. I stopped taking the vitamins and every since I've had a problem every time semen got inside. I will try this, the D3, and I pray it works. So tired of doctor visits and dealing with the symptoms of bv. I will give an update on my results. Thanks again."

[YEA]  07/31/2013: Relieved Beyond Measure from Indianapolis, In: "So excited to share this with you. I have struggled with BV for around 8 years. I've been to doctor and specialists. The only thing they have ever prescribed were antibiotics, metranidizole (gel and pills), and clindamyacin(sp). The metronidozale pills make me very ill and I've even had to undergo 4 pills a day for up to two weeks. Each treatment either didn't work or the BV came back after a couple of weeks even when not sexually active. My self image and confidence was affected negatively and hearing the doctors say there was no other way to treat me left me feeling discouraged and depressed. I didn't feel clean ever. SO after extensive research during which I found that in China doctors begin treatment with natural/holistic remedies and changes in diet and only as a LAST resort prescribe medication I was determined to battle this naturally. I looked all over the internet and finally decided on what I would try. THIS is what I did a week ago. I purchased a Douche package and rinsed and cleaned the bottle. I filled it with about 1/8 apple cider vinegar, the next half with Hydrogen Peroxide, and the final half with water. I swear to you that within a couple of hours I now longer felt the regular discharge I'd been experiencing for most of the last 8 years. It is something I am always aware of so there is no way I would not notice if it was still happening. I became hyper aware waiting to feel it, notice a smell, or see it when I go to the bathroom.

I was prepared to do this for 3-7 days as some forums suggested but after 6 days without any symptoms I have not repeated the douche because this is a new remedy for me and I do not want to overshoot what my body needs and cause more problems. I'm listening closely to my body. Every morning I eat one regular sized container of Greek Yogurt to reintroduce good bacteria. I am so opposed to using any kind of pill for this I will not buy the the Acidophillis or any other vitamin in pill form. I know that it has only been a one week but I decided to share now because someone might be desperate for relief like I was and I'm driven to try to help. I hope if you try this that it works for you. We as a western society are driven by cures in pill form and many times this causes even more unbalance in our bodies. You can get every vitamin you need in the food you choose to eat. I intend to eat Greek yogurt every day for the rest of my life because clearly my body has a problem with maintaining good bacteria. I promise I will update this if my symptoms come back anytime soon. Well that's all ladies. Good luck!!!"

09/23/2013: Rknr0b1n from Atlanta Ga replies: "I came across two articles by the NIH.

1) Acidophilis produces H2O2: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6768778

2) Hydrogen peroxide has been clinically proven to erradicate BV. The ladies who participated in the study were ALL improved by the treatment after a week, and 89% had no recurrance after 3 months. So, its not just us old wives spreading tales to each other, it really does work. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14676737


The results clearly show that the use of hydrogen peroxide in vagina can eliminate the main symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, and in particular the malodorous leucoxanthorrhea in 89% of cases at 3 months after the end of treatment, a result that is comparable to that obtained using metronidazole or clindamycin as a vaginal cream. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide facilitates the restoration of normal vaginal bacterial flora (represented by H202-producing lactobacillus) in 100% of cases and normal acid pH (pH<4. 5) in 98% of cases; it also fosters the disappearance of clue cells from vaginal smears and anaerobic pathogenic flora from vaginal secretions in 100% of cases...""

10/31/2013: Erica from Indiana replies: "I'm 23 and I have been dealing with BV for almost 5 years now. I went to the doctor 4 times in the past 10 months, and I don't want to go back. After doing a lot of research I now understand there are alternatives. I have recently started the hydrogen peroxide douche ( I have never douched before, because I was told it could cause BV) , and I have noticed the smell has gone away. I also started taking folic acid once a day and Acidophilis. I am not sure if all this is going to work, but thank you for posting. I really need to try and alternative! I have been doing this for about a week now. I will keep you updated."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/04/2013: Simone from Naarden, The Netherlands: "After placing an IUD (spirale) I encountered for the first time bacterial vaginosis. I went to the shame of questions from my docter if I had more sexual contacts. Since I am a stewardess, I felt the prejudgments heavy. Feeling embarassed and ashamed. Thank God for internet. I had to find out myself that the slimy substance with ammoniak smell is a BV! With this again I went to the doctor, who prescribed me metronidazole. This helped, so I was relieqved. Then it came back..... It ruined my self esteem. With my husband no more sex, I was too insecure. Then I found the hydrogen peroxide cure in utter dispair. Yesterday I started. First I had to translate the product in dutch to make sure I found the right cure. That was easy. I mixed half water half h2o2 and some betaine. The water in the vaginal douche I left in for 5 minutes. No more slimy smelly discharge. Overnight I left in a tampon with yoghurt, since I did not have yet the aciduphilis. I used 2x2 folic acid. This morning again took a vaginal h2o2/wat douche. Do noteven have to use pantyliner. Finally dry! I feel sorry for the older generation, who had to battle through this BV without internet. Thanks to these ladies and now altogether I feel we can beat this. You all helped me so much! A grateful, one man minded stewardess."

[YEA]  02/19/2013: Priscilla from Springfield, Missouri: "I suffered from bv a long time. I found that hydrogen peroxide and distilled water used as a vaginal flush/soak helped. Mix the two 50/50 and use a douche bottle, fill canal let soak for 5 mins, empty and repeat til gone. 4 oz should be good. Also a betadine rise is helpful as well. Make sure your wiping front to back!"

03/11/2013: Sharon from Sunny, Oz replies: "Hi Priscilla, when you say a Betadine wash, is this Betadine antiseptic for wound care? and what dilution do you use?"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/16/2011: Gab1919 from Miami, Florida: "hi, ive been recently reading on these post on how hydrogen peroxide is helpful for bv so last night was my first time using it with water as a douche and today I went ahead and did it for the second time BUT I dont know what went wrong that now my vagina area where the douche was entered is ALL SWOLLEN!!!! Im really worried cause its been about 4 hours since I did the douche and its still extremely swollen. It hurts and I just want to know if this has happen to anyone who has used the hydrogen peroxide and got swollen as well. PLEASE HELP I need some answers and maybe a tip on what I should do?! THANKS!!"

09/03/2011: Bfelic from Los Angeles, Ca, Usa replies: "Hello ladies! I just recently got bv and its my first encounter with it. I developed bv from birthcontrol pills. I began taking bc pills in June but my body wasnt reacting well to the pills. Once I stopped taking the pills I began to get symptoms of what I believed was a yeast infection. When the over the counter meds didnt work I went to my doctor and learned I had bv. He perscribed me flagyl but I wanted more options. So I came here. I tried folic acid, didnt work. I tried folic acid and probiotics, didnt work. So I tried peroxcide and omg its a lifesaver. Immediate relief of symptoms and the odor. I began the treatment yesterday morning. I stood dry all day and night. No white discharge and no odor. I repeated the treatment today and everything is still good. No symptoms. Im not going to douche for another four days or so to see if these are lasting results. give it a try its amazing how fast it relieves bv."
09/04/2011: Kim from San Francisco, Ca, Usa replies: "I'm going to try the peroxide douche remedy for 7 days for a current BV infection. I seem to get them a few days after intercourse. Does anyone have a suggestion as to upkeep with this remedy? In other words, once I get rid of this one (my doctor has ANOTHER metrogel prescription at $60 wating for me, but I'm tired of paying that kind of cash!! ) with the 7 day peroxide douche, how often and when - how soon after sex or once a month? Any ideas would be really helpful and thanks all for the great advice on here!!"
[YEA]  11/12/2011: Tiffany from Columbia, South Carolina,america replies: "This remedy absolutely works! I was doing 2 tbsp for 7 days, but I couldnt do it on the 4th night. I had severe bv and it caused me painful sex. Ever since starting the whole peroxide thing, it absolutely does not hurt anymore. The only thing is that you should probably do it with the acidophillis or whatever it's called because you more than likely will incur a yeast infection."

07/26/2011: Danielle from Houston, Tx, United States: "WOW! I have been battling BV for a couple years and nothing ever really worked. But now that I have a boyfriend I was a little more insistent on finding something that worked. I tried using a tampon soaked in H2O2 but wasn't relly successful, but I used 1 part H2O2 and 3 parts water and used a syringe and already feel great! I am going to keep up with this for a couple days then probably just do it once a week or every other week. this is so great."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  09/24/2009: Hzelle from Northridge, Ca: "I started douching 2 days ago with hydrogen peroxide 1/5 and distilled water 1/5 for vaginal infection. afterwards i started feeling itchy in my vaginal area. has anyone experienced this before? I used a small travel douche as an applicator so i don't know if this was one of the cause."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  12/26/2009: Ladyt from Somewhere, Il replies: "I too started using the H2O2 with a tampon and started having extreme itching on the outside of my vagina. Is this normal? I am going to continue the treatment because I am tired of having BV with the hopes that the itching goes away. If anyone has solutions that would be great."
06/25/2010: Vixen from San Francisco, Ca replies: "I imagine it's because the vagina is irritated - but if it is BV then it should work. I'd probably put some plain yogurt in there afterward to replenish the good bacteria, and soothe/lube it a little."

[YEA]  02/16/2009: Criss from Orlando, FL, Usa: "Hey Ladies, BV Hydrogen Peroxide Remedy WORKS GOOD!

I wanted to take the time to say Hydrogen Peroxide is the magical cure, I used 3% to clear up Bacterial Vaginosis on a tampon the kind with the plastic applicator that way to will stay in as the solution expands it. Take a large shot glass fill it with 3 parts 3% Hydrogen peroxide fro local drug store and 1 part bottled spring water, it is more pure than tap. Soak tampon for about 30 seconds insert it for a half hour remove and repeat no ore than three times a week. I was nervous at first because I thought peroxide was to harsh but it isn't it shouldn't even burn. It should feel refreshing. Good Luck LADIES Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced in the Vagina. I

I am also trying 1400mcg of Folic Acid a day! I will up date you on that soon. Thank you ladies for your feedback it really helped me."

01/15/2014: Krystal from Bainbridge, Ga replies: "I'm not sure if this work but I am trying it I just put some peroxide in a douche bottle half warm water in half peroxide I then placed it in the vjayjay in place some pillows under me so that my bottom would stay in the air I just told my friend girl about this cause she to have the same problem to in we have both sick in tried of the discharge I personal am sick of the smell I am a lady I hope this work in good luck to all that try it"
01/18/2014: Mezzmerrize from Atlanta, Florida replies: "Krystal From Bainbridge, Ga - I too am from Bainbridge, Ga and think I may want to try this remedy for BV."

[YEA]  02/13/2009: RE from KINGSTON, JAMAICA: "I have had bv for probably two years now,not knowing what it was until late last year when the smell and the itching was really bad. i went to the gynae got meds and it didnt help at all (flagly and metro...) i found this site this morning hoping to find out what bv was really about. i did and tried the 1/2 peroxide 1/2 distilled water douche. when squeezing in the solution i didnt know what to expect..then i saw yellow looking discharge coming more like flowing out. i waited 3 and a half minutes, squeezed out all the liqiud from the vagina, then waited a minute. the area started foaming and it burned for a second. i then washed the area thoroughly with water..i actually dont feel itchy and dont smell anything literally anything..i will start the acidophlius later on when i eat. i will comment on my condition in a week... thannk u to every woman who posted their experience im very sure it made us all feel normal in the way that we werent alone."

03/23/2014: Carmen from Gainesville Ga replies: "I was so excited to read your post especially, I'm soon moving to Kingston and one thing that is haunting me is that I get bv an yeast infection very often. Last time I was there I got the worst yeast infection OMG!! A lady told me to drink neem tea and it worked!! But for bv I was worriedbecause I don't know anything about how the medical treatment is there, I'm having bv symptom right now and going to try the peroxide as soon as I finish this message!! Thank u for posting!"

[YEA]  01/31/2009: Nicki from Pensacola, Florida: "Like most other posters, I've suffered with BV for almost 10 years, getting it sometimes up to 4 times a year. I always took metronidazole and that cured it, but the past 6 months it has not. I think maybe my body is simply resistant from taking it so much. A few months ago I again got it, and it is ALWAYS after I have sex that I get it. I took the metronidazole and it got better but not cured. After several weeks I thought it was gone but after having sex again it once again came back. Took metronidazole AGAIN and it didn't work. This BV has been affecting my life so much! I needed to find something that would work and found this website, I was skeptical at first about using hydrogen peroxide on my "lady parts" because it seemed harsh but after doing some research I found that actually the "good" bacteria in the vagina produce hydrogen peroxide naturally so I figured it was safe, plus all the testimonials here.

Before I started treating myself, I had a thick discharge with itching and burning. I used a 1/2 water, 1/2 hydrogen peroxide douche the first night before bed, it didn't burn but did feel tingly for awhile. The next morning I couldn't tell if I was better or not. It seemed the same so I soaked a tampon in 3% peroxide and put it in for about 30 mins. Again, same tingly feeling. That lasted a couple hours and I thought "Oh no, I might have made it worse" but then as the hours passed I felt better and better. By that night the discharge was much less and the burning was gone, just some mild itching now and again. I did the 1/2 peroxide 1/2 water douche again before bed and soaked another tampon with 3% peroxide, left it in about 10 mins. No tingling. This morning I woke up feeling better. Still a little discharge but nothing like it was. Over the course of the day I have felt better and better and now it's bedtime and I have no discharge and the itching is almost completely gone. Wow! I would say it's important to try the peroxide more than one time to ensure that it helps but also give your body some time to get balanced again. It won't be 100% fixed overnight, but I am definately on the right track, thanks to everyone who posted!"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/03/2008: Tomika from Decatur, Georgia: "I have had BV reoccurrences for several years now, every time I went to the doctor they gave me the same medicine and yes it worked, (ONLY FOR A WHILE) then like always it would reoccur again. I have been so frustrated with going to the doctor with the same issue time and time again. This particular time around, I was like there has to be some type of home remedy I can do. So, I googled and yahooed and googled and THANK GOD I came across this site, I started to read all the comments and stories and praises, at first I was very skeptical and didn't really want to try the Hydrogen Peroxide and water douche. I was like 'there is no way it's that simple', and then I thought 'you can't put Hydrogen Peroxide inside of your vagina', then I was like 'what's the worst that can happen', besides after reading all the successful stories, I thought 'why not'. I went to my local 24 hr Kroger grocery store @ 12 am, yes 12 am, I was beyond tired of dealing with this problem. I purchased Hydrogen Peroxide 3% @ 50 cents a bottle and also some folic acid pills @ $4.50 a bottle. When I got home I mixed half warm water and half Hydrogen Peroxide together and inserted into my vagina while lying on my back. I did this twice and then a third time with just warm water, just to rinse myself. I then took 800 mg of the folic acid, 2 capsules of 400 mg. That was every bit of maybe 40 minutes ago, the Hydrogen Peroxide so far seems to have worked, and I sure hope so. I will keep you guys posted as to my results. I'm more than thankful for this site. Sincerely, extremely grateful and anxious female."

[YEA]  09/05/2008: Angela from Baltimore, Maryland replies: "I have been reading the comments from this site for three days before I finally decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide and Folic Acid. I have been suffering from BV for 10 years on and off, so while waiting for one of my endless gyn appointments next week, I took 800 mcg of Folic Acid and after work I douched with half warm water and the hydrogen Peroxide. After douching, the discharge was non-existent and the itch and irritation cleared up. I didn't have a smell, so that wasn't an issue. I also douched again this morning and this time, I felt a little bit of a burn, but that subsided right away and there is still no discharge or itch. I will update everyone soon. Thanks for the advice everyone."

[YEA]  08/31/2008: TT from Atlanta, GA: "flushing with h2o2 and water cured my smelly vjajay! "flushing" (with a applicator from a metrogel)fill the applicator with 1/4 h202 3% and 3/4 water. tilt the applicator a bit as to not lose the mixture.by doing the 'douche' as a "flush" youre able to get the mixture further in the vagina instead of merely the walls as with a traditional douche applicator. i take 800 mcg folic acid twice a day. one prenatal vitamin a day. killed the oodor immediately. sprinkle a little baking soda in your panty. good luck ladies. were all in the fight!"

[YEA]  03/26/2008: Patrice from Greenville, SC: "Oh my GOD!!! It's a miracle. I can't believe it. After suffering from this monster for over 30 years and trying everything avaliable through the medical community this remedy has finally worked for me. The 50/50 solution with hydrogen peroxide and water erased the fishy odor and gave immediate relief from all vaginal irritation including the tingling sensation during urination. I decided to use 2billion probiotics along with 800mg of folic acid per day and Viola!!! IT'S GONE. I believe success depends on regular use."



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