Home Remedies for Razor Burn

Last Modified on Dec 13, 2013

No one wants an unattractive, red razor burn. Some of the home remedies for razor burn below may help prevent or cure the skin irritation.

- Rule No. 1: Have face HOT before shave (hot towel or in shower); COLD after shave (ice pack or cold water to close pores). Apply moisturizer.
- Stop shaving until irritation goes away. Keep skin clean and exfoliated.
- Use gel or shaving cream to protect skin from irritation. Leave on at least one minute before shaving. Don't use soap.
- Aloe vera gel can soothe skin and reduce lesions. Apply 30 minutes after shaving. Pores will be closed by then, reducing irritation.
- Avoid aftershaves containing alcohol.
- Shave in the shower. Second choice is to shave while the bathroom is still steamy. Buy a no-fog mirror.
- Do not shave against the direction of the hair. There will be less skin irritation even though the shave is not as close.
- Witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide are mild astringents and help prevent infection.
- Use a high-quality single or double-blade razor.
- Do not use a razor with 3-4 blades. It is too strong for sensitive skin.
- Let the razor 'float' over the skin. Pushing the razor too hard into the skin causes nicks and irritation. Don't rush.
- Avoid going over the same spot more than once. If a second pass is necessary, go across the grain (ear to nose) and apply more shaving lotion or gel.
- For serious cases, consider Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet laser treatment at a dermatologist's office.

Please post any home remedies for razor burn that have worked for you!

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[YEA]  05/21/2012: Erin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "I mix a dab of neosporin with almond oil and massage it into freshly shaved skin. This works wonders for preventing razor burn. I mainly use it in the bikini area which tends to be the most sensitive for me and susceptible to the worst razor bumps. As long as I use the combo, there are no bumps even if I have noticed little blood drops while shaving."



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