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Sore Throat Cures

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ACV and Cayenne

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[YEA]  09/23/2007: Amy from New York, NY: "Cayenne pepper and ACV cured my sore throat. I get really bad sore throats once or twice a year. Last time, I tried swallowing pieces of garlic, and ginger tea with honey, lemon juice, and a little cayenne pepper. It worked somewhat, but I still had to go in for anitbiotics in the end. This time, I talked to my dad and he told me about this site, and told me to try Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne pepper, and hot water. The first sip was weird, but now I like the taste, I think the vinegar goes well with the pepper (better than the honey and lemon juice did!), and it does taste like wing sauce. It burned a little, and my throat felt better within minutes. I just keep a cup nearby and take a sip every 15 minutes or so (stirring well each time). Normally the sore throat is worst in the morning, but the next day it felt almost 100% better. Thanks!!!"

[YEA]  09/07/2007: Mark from Wexford Town, Ireland: "I went in search of a sore throat remedy on the internet in desperation after 5 dreadful days and sleepless nites. Having been at the doc and exhausting all the anti-biotics he had given me without any sign of my burning throat being cured.I then found your site and found the remedy for sore throats.Using cayenne pepper apple cider vinegar and honey mixed in warm water and used as a mouthwash. Sceptical i was but also desperate to rid myself of the extreme pain and discomfort i was feeling.So i went to the local 24hr store and bought the ingredients.I then made the remedy and gargled as instructed.Man is that cayenne hot! But unbelievably after the initial discomfort disappeared my throat felt almost normal again. I could gulp without being in agony. Will continue to use at the prescribed intervals indicated on your site. All i can say is thank you so much. Wot a cure!"

[YEA]  08/04/2007: Jennifer from Pasadena, CA: "Used the recipe on your site to brew up a pot of the ACV/cayenne tea for a sore throat that has been going on for six days with postnasal drip congestion in the back of my throat. Yes, it does taste like buffalo wing sauce (minus the wings, of course!) but it has realy calmed my throat pain and is breaking up my congestion. I hope the effects will continue!"

[YEA]  07/29/2007: Martha from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: "I periodically come down with truly horrible sore throats - can't swallow; talk and even hurts to breathe. I've always gone to the doctor for antibiotics. This time I had to go to Urgent Care last weekend because the pain was unbearable. I was given a 3-day course of antibiotics which seemed to work until I ran out and could feel the soreness returning by mid-week. Today I woke up with the same nightmarish pain. Reluctant to make another trip to Urgent Care, I searched this site and found the ACV/Cayenne recipe. In desperation, I dragged myself to the store for the ingredients and brewed up a cup. The first sip was a little shocking, but I persevered. As I write this it's been about a half an hour and the pain is noticeably diminished. I will carry on and probably try the gargle as well. So far, I am really amazed!"

[YEA]  07/03/2007: Debbie from Danville, Virginia: "Within minutes of trying ACV and pepper, my sore throat was soothed and congestion began breaking up. I tried James tea recipe but found that ice water, ACV, and various dashes of Texas Pete were more effective for me. I had two small cups before I left work and felt almost well. I continued drinking small cups through the next day and was relieved of bronchitis and sore throat days before my co-workers and family had any relief with their prescription meds. When I felt well enough to go to the store to purchase cayenne pepper, I no longer needed it. Having to substitute Texas Pete for the cayenne pepper didn't lessen the effectiveness. I am really, really glad to have found this and will definitely use it in the future at the first sign of illness."

09/26/2011: Patsy from Mount Juliet, Tn replies: "Can you tell me what James' recipe for a sore throat is? I can't seem to find his post."

[YEA]  05/31/2007: Steve from Denver, Colorado: "First off I would like to thank everyone on here for posting and responding to this remedy! Last night I noticed I had a sore throat, so tried gargling peroxide to avoid infection and clear anything out, but to no avail still woke up with a sore throat. I went to work, could barely talk, found your site in desperation and decided to pick up the ingredients for the ACV Cayenne tea. AND WOW, JUST WOW. I gargled the pepper, every 15 minutes while I sipped on the tea and in about 15 minutes, it was all but gone. My voice is back and the pain is barely there. Excellent remedy! Thanks again!"

[YEA]  05/31/2007: Hannah from Addison, Maine: "After reading the info and replies that you had posted on cheyenne pepper for sore throats, I was skeptical but desperate. So I made a "tea" of 2 Tablespoons cider vinegar, a 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper, a slice of ginger, a little honey and water. Boiled it for 4 minutes, cooled and gargled it, swallowing small amounts periodically. I woke up the next morning and my sore throat was gone. Thank you."

[YEA]  05/28/2007: Kathleen from Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico: "Have had a sore throat for 2 days with post nasal drip; even causing serious snoring! I just whipped up a batch of James' "tea" and my throat already feels 100% better! It even tastes good! My hubby had a taste and he even liked it! I would say you have to like the taste of vinegar to start with, which I do,and I love HOT stuff (chilies!!!!) I'm just sitting here breathing it in while typing and THAT is helping!!"

[YEA]  05/11/2007: Kerry from Brooklyn, NY: "Cayenne pepper with apple cider vinegar and honey helped my sore throat! I've always had allergies, but all of a sudden, this year, they just knocked me off my feet. I've been suffering from all sorts of sinus problems and stuffy nose and problems breathing. Most of the other stuff I've found help for, but the one lingering thing was my sore throat (brought on by post nasal drip, in case you were wondering). While I know I can't completely get rid of it until I manage to get rid of my allergies, it was so bad that I was actually grinding my teeth when swallowing. So I tried gargling with cayenne, and that helped a little. But the hot water with ACV, honey & cayenne was like a god-send. My throat is not completely better, but at least I can go to bed without worrying about not being able to swallow! I'm going to keep this up until my allergies are gone! Thank yoU!"

[YEA]  05/09/2007: Melanie from Great Falls, Montana: "Hello Sore Throat People, I am trying James' remedy as I type, somehow I felt it might be easier to swallow than gargle, also if it does so well in the throat, what could it hurt going down the pipes?? There is a burn, and I am still sipping. The house smells like I am canning pickles or something... LOL Have had a terrible sore throat the last two days/nights, typed in a search for some relief and found a wealth of info, I am still sipping... almost reminds me of when my mom would make watermelon rind pickles and this is the brine, minus the 'hot'. Okay, I just did a 'hard swallow' and I think it is better, it is not gone, but I still have at least a good cup to go, might take me awhile, was hoping for instant relief. I will stop my rambling and get to sipping."

[YEA]  05/02/2007: Patti from Toronto, Canada: "Wow! I used James remedy mixed and once I got over the jolt from the ACV my throat is immediately feeling better. My voice seems to be returning as well. I am going to force myself to finish the cup I made and hopefully I can go back to work tomorrow. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Patti and voiceless in Toronto"

[NAY]  03/30/2007: Carissa from Pewee Valley, KY: "1:00AM - Well, after a week of having a sore throat, gargling with anything hot or cold, taking antibiotics "just in case", and having visited your site twice, I broke down and went for the cayenne pepper cure. So far, I can't tell much difference. My mouth is on fire (I have a low tolerance to hot foods!) and that is at the very least taking my mind off my throat. I will gargle again in a few minutes. I really need to get some GOOD sleep. 1:15AM - Just gargled again and took a sip and swallowed. My lips, mouth and throat are on fire. I am out of milk now, so that is the last i will try for the night! Honestly, at this moment, it doesn't feel any better than it did. Maybe overnight it will feel better. Good luck to you all!"

[YEA]  03/23/2007: Deb from Margate, FL: "I came across your site and thought I would give your ACV/Cayenne Pepper remedy a whirl with my 7 year old daughter. She's been in so much pain with a sore throat. We tried the old "salt water" gargle but to no avail. When I told her about your remedy recipe she was like "no way!". I then said I would do if first and then she agreed to try after me. She said it was like "soup" and said it tasted like Buffalo wings! She actually liked it and said I should make it with tacos as a soup- amazing! She did it only once so far and says it has already helped! With the recipe you give, it's enough for several uses and I will do it every 15 min. to a 1/2 hour till she tells me it's all gone! Praise to holistic home remedies!"

[YEA]  03/04/2007: Tyler from Long Grove, Illinois: "Hot water, Cayenne pepper and Apple Cider Vinger worked great! Instant relief. The pain is almost all gone after the first use. I am going to recommend this to alot of people! Thanks!"

[YEA]  03/02/2007: Tim from Gainesville, GA: "I am very succeptable to getting a sore throat. All of the head colds I have had in the last 9 years have started with a sore throat. I have had Strep the last 3 times. I gargled with Cayenne Pepper, ground, and apple cider. I could not get to the sore area with gargling so I mixed the two. Gargle first and slowly let it trickle down your throat. Be careful not to inhale it ! I did and it is like tear gas! Anyway, it worked flat out, no questions. I had the throat for 4 days and killed it in 2 using Pepper and Apple cider. It didn't taste too bad either, but it did the Job! I have 2 jars of pepper ready to go !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"



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