Wheat/Gluten-Free Diets

Last Modified on Jul 15, 2012

Increasing anecdotal and scientific evidence is accumulating to suggest that many of us suffer from a host of ailments due simply to unrecognized wheat or gluten allergies. The gluten content of many common foods has increased dramatically over the years, and it may have reached a tipping point that is causing negative health consequences including digestive issues, skin problems, typical allergic reactions, and systemic health failures.

Check these pages out for first-person accounts of the widespread health benefits some people have gained from going on a wheat-free or gluten-free diet. Find tips on how to enjoy a gluten-free diet with less hassle and expense.

Dietary Changes

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[YEA]  03/31/2012: Becky from Chattanooga, Tn, Usa: "I was suffering from severe pollen allergies this past month, thanks to an early spring and higher than usual pollen count. Before the allergies hit, I was getting virus after virus since the late fall. I figure I had about 8 low grade viruses, which I rarely get. I realized that my immune system was compromised and that things would only get worse unless I changed my diet. I have intense cravings for sweets and I know that sugar was probably causing some or all of my issues. So I cut out the cookies and desserts. In their place, I bought the highest concentration of dark chocolate and ate a small piece whenever I had a sugar craving. It worked!

I also decided to eliminate wheat products from my diet and go gluten free. I focused on easy to digest food a la hunter and gatherer style, like chicken or turkey protein and plenty of mixed green salad. I got off all starchy vegetables like potatoes. 24 hours hours my skin was glowing and I started to feel better. 48 hours later my allergies were gone. Brain fog also disappeared after 48 hours and I stopped forgetting things. I lost 5 pounds in the first five days since I wasn't eating any bread and crackers and had probably cut my calories in half by doing so.

A week later, relatives came to visit and I lost my will power not to eat sugar when we went out to restaurants! In3 days, I gained back all the pounds, my allergies started to return, and my brain fog returned full force. Oh and my skin lost its glow. All this just with the addition of sugar, mind you!! I managed to stay off of gluten during their visit. When they left, I resumed my low sugar diet and within 24 hours I felt better again. The pounds are harder to lose this time around, but my will is made of steel. I am fed up with feeling lousy.

Hope this helps people out there suffering from poor dietary choices. Blessings to all of you, Becky."

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07/07/2012: Acandrei from Iasi, Romania: "Hello everybody and congratulations for this wonderful community. First of all I am not quite sure where this post belongs, in the allergies section or asthma section. But since I believe that my asthma has an allergic base I would go for the first one.

Some history about me and my disease:

Today I am 26 and live in Romania. In my early childhood I was quite healthy until a bad episode at the age of 14 with a strong cold (lungs involved) changed everything. After that I got repeated colds and went to literally tens of doctors that made me take quite a lot of pills including a great deal of antibiotics. Things went on without nothing new and around 18 years I got my amygdala removed as a "wise" doctor considered it to be the source of my problems.

What happened next was that I got the same amount of colds but this time with the lungs involved too and using the same treatments I only think that I did things worse. In the end I was diagnosed with asthma and allergic rhinitis. This was the period I stopped listen to the doctors and decide to take the problem into my own hands. While also taking Ventolin , Singulair, Aerius, some allergy shots, without much effect, this is what I did:

Homeopathic treatments - 3 different doctors, no major changes
Acupuncture- 2 different doctors, no major changes
Buteyko method- worked for only 2 weeks
Gesret method- worked for only 2 weeks
Some other treatments involving bio resonance that didn't work.

I pretty much changed a lot between traditional medicine and holistic medicine without many improvements. Last year I discovered Earthclinic and I am very grateful for that. This is what I am taking now, after discovering Earthclinic:

ACV worked for about 3 weeks
Turmeric/Ginger no major changes
Lemon with baking soda I have been taking it for about one month, 3 times a day; I am still waiting for a feedback from my body
Supplements: Vit C, Vit D, Omega 3, Selenium, Magnesium, Iodine, Cod Liver Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, H202 Inhalation method, Garlic , Cayenne pepper and some other too which I can't remember now.

Among with that I have a gluten free diet, no dairy, no processed food, no fruits (I use to eat a lot of fruits and it seemed to make things worse) only meat (especially chicken), vegetables and legumes. I am still experimenting with food elimination.

But after all this efforts it feels that it is not enough. Sometimes the allergy/asthma disappears for one week in which I am incredibly excited just to strike back a week after on a higher intensity. This cycle is devastating me because I am young and full with energy and wish to accomplish a lot of things.

Some more info about my disease: I would say it is allergic because on regular episode I got: itchy eyes OR sore throat OR nose running and sneezing OR problems with breathing and mucus in the lungs. The curious thing is that they NEVER APPEAR SIMULTANEOUSLY. The same thing happens when I get flu or cold (which by the way it happens quite frequently and last for quite a time) my breathing problems stop. My opinion is that my auto immune system is focusing on a real threat and it offers me relief with my asthma.

Usually when I travel I feel good for the first 2 weeks after each my problems start again with higher or lower intensity.

I also want to say that despite my problems I am maintaining a good physical condition; I do a lot of sports, especially climbing, and also try to control my stress levels, even if sometimes I get really depressed about my situation. Now I feel that I've tried almost anything and I am remaining without options and also feel that I am entering in a state of panic. I also feel that I miss something obvious that could be of a major difference.

Any advice is highly welcomed. Just want to live a normal life and give the best out of me to this world. Thank you"

07/07/2012: Amyh from Cambridge, Uk replies: "I have found that using a saline spray or saline drops in the nose helps with anything sinusy. And I have been reading about using a neti pot and also about oil pulling (on this site) in the hope that they will help. Any feedback on those would be great. The saline sprays are. Specially formulated for use in the nose and are found in the baby health section of my store."
07/09/2012: Acandrei from Iasi, Romania replies: "Thank you for your advice. I remember that I used them once and they did keep my nose clean but didn't have any effect on the asthma."
07/14/2012: Mt from Ottawa, On Canada replies: "There are four plants that you should make tea of: Stinging netle, Yarrow, Horse tail and Calendula Marigold. Each tee has to be drunk for one week and after that the procedure has to be repeated. You need to drink 3 cups a day, spreaded during the day. The tee is an infusion (for 1/2 minute) of a tsp of plants in a cup of boiling water.

For more info you have to read a few books by Maria Treben (http://www.librarie.net/autor.php?id=15898&pg=2, http://www.librarie.net/carti/73667/Sanatate-din-farmacia-Domnului-Maria-Treben)

I think also that you have to stop taking pills and vitamins. You should continue to eat garlic and any foods that boost the immune system. Unpasteurized wild flower honey should help with seasonal allergies.

You have to consider that your place could be the source of your allergies (mold exposure, chemicals in your furniture, etc)"

07/15/2012: Tina from Houston, USA replies: "Eating probiotic-rich foods like home made kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, lacto-fermented veggies is a GREAT and trusted way to get rid of allergies, asthma, eczema, candida, etc. Please refer to here to see how easy and cheap one can make these at home. http://culturedfoodlife.com/

If you are in the US, and have access to BUBBIES brand sauerkraut and dill pickles sold in the refrigerated cold section of grocery stores, those can help too. Other brands are 'NOT' probiotic-rich, so please beware.

Renew Life (a Canadian company) sells probiotics in bottled form that are specific to the issue you may be experiencing, so google them, call them and see what they suggest.

In the long haul, it is advisable to ALL to consume probiotic-rich sources of foods on a daily basis, several time daily. Good luck! "



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