Sun Gazing for Health: An Ancient Therapy

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2014

9 Amazing Sun Gazing Health Benefits

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve health and treat specific ailments – an endeavor that takes us around the world and into many different cultures. During one of those quests, we came across the process of sun gazing for improved health. It may sound like an unusual health treatment; however, it is actually considered to be one of the most effective therapeutic activities.

What Is Sun Gazing?

Sun gazing, a practice also known as sun eating, is a strict regimen of gradually allowing sunlight into your eyes at specific periods of the day. The goal when implementing the practice is to look into the sun at periods of the lowest ultraviolet-index which occur at sunrise and sunset each day. The practice follows specific guidelines to render the most benefits and to limit dangerous exposure.

The practice is also known as the HRM phenomenon, a termed that the practice received after Hira Ratan Manek submitted himself to NASA for testing. Research suggested that Manek actually did possess the seemingly super-human ability of not eating. With regular practice, following a strict regimen over a period of approximately 9 months, many practitioners report losing the need for food and subsisting on energy from the sun.

What Are the Benefits of Sun Eating?

In essence, sun gazing provides beneficial stimulation to the body. The process itself negates the body’s innate need for food and retrains it to run on the energy of the sun. As such, the process helps increase energy, clarity of thinking, and overall health. NASA research suggested that the process could make an individual maintain a level of health that was far better in comparison to other individuals of the same age.

The process has also been shown as an effective treatment for specific conditions. Melanoma, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, and a number of other cancers benefit from the treatment. Likewise, the increased vitamin D gained from the process is a known healing agent.

How Do I Start Sun Gazing?

Following the specific process for sun gazing is crucial to prevent sun damage. The process involves a 9 month practice, which is typically broken into three phases: 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 9 months. After the initial phase, you’ll continue walking barefoot for 45 minutes daily for the rest of your life.

To begin, select a safe period of the day (sunrise or sunset) and gaze at the sun for 10 seconds. Continue consecutively adding 10 seconds a day. Be sure to stand on the bare earth and look straight into the sun. During the first three months, you’ll notice mental depression subside and an increase in balance of the body and mind.

Continue daily gazing at the sun adding 10 seconds each day through the next phase and you’ll experience the curing of physical diseases. Progress into the last phase, 6 to 9 months, continuing to gradually increase the amount of gazing to 44 minutes. Once you have reached 44 minutes, begin walking barefoot on the earth for 45 minutes daily. Complete this practice for a total of 6 days straight at a period of the day when the earth is warm and the sun shines on your body. This period is when you’ll realize the full effects of the practice.

To maintain the benefits of sun gazing and to boost the immune system, continue the practice of walking daily. The process is illuminating and enlightening and has the potential for increasing health in super-human ways.  To find out more from people who have been sun-gazing for years, continue reading below for feedback from our  readers.

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Sun Gazing Feedback

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[YEA]  04/17/2014: Sam from Uk: "Dear Ted, I have been sun gazing since I was a child, I am now in my 40's. I came across articles about sun gazing recently like it is a new thing and that someone has suddenly invented it, which is not at all the case. I have read some of the other comments about rules and suchlike regarding sun gazing and I personally feel that individuals should research carefully so called "new" methods of healing and health before practicing. However I also agree that the individual must follow their instinct when it comes to these things as there really is no rule or set path to healing, as we are all individuals with our own way. What works for one does not necessarily work for another. I have personally been sun gazing for over 40 years with my eyes closed. That's it. No particular time of day or place and no particular amount of time except when I feel it is time to stop. The sun is a nourishing life giving energetic force, so any moment at any time or place I personally feel is suitable. Healing does not occur in specific places except in our minds and there is no right or wrong way. There is no right or wrong way to connect to the source .. there just is. Healing is healing as long as our intent is there and we follow our instinct along with common sense and plenty of research. Energy will follow thought."

[YEA]  03/13/2014: Karyn from Santa Barbara, California, USA: "I learned about sun gazing from an old friend in the 1980s. Every so often I go to the beach before the sun sets and watch it go down, I'd say about 10 minutes total. Like others have said, it is very energizing and produces wonderful and intense dreams. It absolutely affects the pineal gland!! I have no proof of this, but I believe this practice has kept my eyes strong."

[YEA]  10/28/2013: Lovelychuo from Manila, Philippines: "Sungazing is really very helpful since as we all know sun contains a lot of energy but it must be done in correct and proper way or else one may suffer eye damage."

[YEA]  11/25/2011: Lady Light from Phoenix, Arizona: "Amazing how so many people criticize or condemn something without actually doing it, or researching it! I am a "sun gazer" of FULL sun light! I DO follow HRM's protocol of standing barefoot on DIRT, relaxing my eyes and body, and ONLY looking at the full sun just after it tops the horizon, when there is NO appreciable UV in the sun--this is the KEY! Also, to begin at 5 or 10 SECONDS for the day, until your eyes can withstand looking at the sun without tearing or hurting; THEN and ONLY then can you add more time in 5-10 SECOND intervals!!! It is about THE JOURNEY, not the destination!

People who stare at the sun for unequal amounts of time, at any time of the day, or add 1 or more MINUTES per day are totally missing the point of Sun Gazing!

When I first began Sun Gazing in 2005, I lived on the beach in San Diego, and got up to 25 minutes - I felt the best physically and mentally in years, and had phenomenal physical strength (I was 59 yo). I moved to Colorado, and encountered trees and snow, so I ended my gazing at 30 minutes. My physical and mental health totally deteriorated in Colorado! Artificial light did not "do it" for me! There I was finally diagnosed with lifelong, mis-diagnosed Celiac Disease that has destroyed my ability to absorb B vitamins and lipids from my foods.

6 years later, I have moved to Arizona - the land of the sun - and have started up Sun Gazing again. I had to stay on 5 SECONDS for an entire week until I could add another 5 SECONDS per day! Then I began to add the normal 10 seconds/day, and I am up to 2 minutes of gazing -NOT STARING - into the new sun each morning.

I cannot begin to tell you how "whole" I now feel! My endocrine system is coming back into balance, even at this beginning stage! I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is primarily a disorder of the ADRENAL glands, which severely unbalances the thyroid and sex hormones, the endocrine triad. When it is cloudy, I go outside and practice my gazing, but I do not add more time after - I only add time after finishing the SUN gazing, and ONLY if I feel that I can move on to more time! HRM and others who successfully practice REAL Sun Gazing write and tell, over and over, that it is up to the individual to feel comfortable with this practice, to slowly add 5-10 seconds per day, and to STOP if it does not feel right; that it is a SPIRITUAL practice that will OPEN up a person to using the other parts of their brain that lie dormant; that it is about SLOWLY releasing the emotional content stored within us, cleansing, revitalizing with the energy of the sun, and becoming a whole new person. It is not a race, not a fad, not something to take on as a whim.

It is very upsetting to hear so many messages of people who do NOT follow SAFE practices of Sun Gazing as taught by HRM. Don't get me wrong--I do not follow a "guru", but I DO recognize SAFE protocols, which he outlines on his website. To point-blank say that looking at the sun will cause you blindness is pure hysteria! I just finished reading an extensive account of the FACT that Galileo did NOT go blind from looking at the sun through his telescope, but from cataracts, diet, and other causes, AFTER he was 73, and LONG after he had FINISHED his telescope viewing. Besides, people who look at the sun during eclipses ONLY damage the CENTRAL part of their retina - they can SEE perfectly well except for their central vision - they do NOT go "blind"! And most of them actually regain all of their vision 3-4 months later! The media does not report that.

Mis-information is far worse than ignorance, althought they come form the same source. Paranoia and hysteria, such as I have read in many of these messages, are ill-founded. I was up to 30 minutes per day STARING INTO THE FULL SUN at sunrise, and I have NOT gone blind - in fact, as I begin again, my vision is gettting BETTER!

I feel that the most important factor in Sun Gazing has not even been touched on by anyone commenting on this message list: that of SURRENDERING oneself to the sun and cleaning out the mind, body, and spirit in doing so. This is a SPIRITUAL practice, handed down for centuries in some cultural practices. It is not for those wishing to get over hangovers quick, or to brag to others about what they are doing! If you really WANT to get into a SPIRITUAL practice that involves a complete mind, body, spirit transformation, then DO SOME RESEARCH, first, before spouting off hysteria and showing the world your ignorance. Really. Lack of research - meaning, combing the web and libraries and reading MANY research papers, many websites, COMPARING notes on who said what, with what facts to back it up, etc. - is the root of all misconceptions that lead to OPINIONS, not fact. Research in today's American society means 120 characters on Twitter! Impossible! But that is what we have degenerated into... A nation of "twitter-heads", a nation of fast-paced society that will not take the ime to stop and smell the flowers, or stop and take the time to do a week, a month, a year of research. But, that's not the instantaneous gratification that our nation has become addicted to. So, it's best to condemn before spending so much time discovering the truth.

I started Sun Gazing with 4 other friends six years ago, and all of us are just fine and have NO vision damage! Other friends reached their 44 minutes of GAZING into the full sun at sunrise/sunset without the ills perpetrated here. And we are all better "connected" with nature and vibrational frequencies because of our Sun Gazing experience.

The very FIRST question that you will want to ask yourself is this: WHY do you want to do Sun Gazing, anyway? The ONLY answer that is acceptable is: to actualize your full potential. And HOW would you even get to that answer is by researching everything about Sun Gazing, which is very evident that 99% of the commenters here have not done.

I wish you all better intentions and better research for a more real experience and outcome."

05/18/2012: George from Sydney, Australia replies: "To Lady Light and all others that have provided viewpoints and perspectives here about the safe practice of sungazing. Thank you. It is warming to know that there are other beings treating it with respect and reverance. May all of you find peace and happiness if you haven't already. And may your light be an example to all beings everywhere.

Warmest regards, George"

09/26/2012: Eloven11 from Reno, NV replies: "To Lady Light from Phoenix, good job on reporting your personal research with Sun Gazing. I myself am up to 20min 20seconds as of this morning. :) I concur with the increased energy and spiritual aspects, and I believe that more people should educate themselves on the different levels of alternative medicines. Feed your mind, and not with junk food. :) Thank you again for your report. :))) eLoven11 to all"
[YEA]  12/19/2013: G.b.t. from Bangalore, India replies: "YES, YES, and YES, Finally! Thankyou so much Lady Light. I wish that your perfect TRUTH, about safe sun gazing will reach out everywhere. I do think that people who are messing arround in good things, doubting, changing it etc, maybe are just not ready to commit themselves to it.... don't know. I'm also following SAFE SUN GAZING/SOLAR MEDITATION, following EXACTLY what an expert, HRM, is telling...its sooo simple, and if there is any questions we just email him, and the answer is there within 3 days. Again, THANK YOU."

04/05/2011: Diana Parker from Mill Valley, Ca, Usa: "Given that your community has an interest in sungazing, we thought you might be interested in a new documentary film coming out later this month called Eat The Sun. The film explores the litte known world of sungazing by following a young man around the country meeting others who felt benefits from staring at the sun. It's a surprising film and inspires some fascinating discussions surrounding the benefits and risks of staring directly into the sun."

[YEA]  03/12/2012: Bernard from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia replies: "I have been sungazing for close on three years. I do not follow any "ritual" such as standing on bare soil or counting the seconds and minutes because I do not think that this will really make a difference; if anything it gets in the way of surrendering to the process.

My special procedure involves placing myself in such a way that I have the foliage of a tree between myself and the sun; using a gentle swaying motion I can control the amount of light that hits the eye.

Occasionally I gaze at the sun (I live in a subtropical area) at noon time for a up to a minute at a time and can only say that the alleged dangers of doing this are nothing but hysterical hype, coming from people who have never done any kind of any sun gazing.


04/04/2013: Tom from Toronto, Ontario,canada replies: "Video on Sun Gazing:"

[YEA]  02/06/2011: Biljana Leone from Belgrade, Serbia: "I loved this video about sungazing Thank you."

07/17/2011: Im Nazelis from Portland, Or replies: "You will not go blind sungazing. Geesh! If you can watch TV for 3 hours, surely you can see look into the sun. This is an ancient practice, and if you do ALL your homework before committing to the 9 months it takes to get to 44 minutes, then you know that there are guidelines to go by. Eye can receive the entire spectrum of sunlight. The rising and setting sun has minimal to zero UV rays. It is important for anyone who is looking into this SAFE practice to do their research first, because if you don't, then it is no longer considered a safe practice because you are not following the correct way. Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) is the best source to look at. He has several university studies behind him. I have been sungazing for about 2-3 months, and I am at 11 minutes, just about to finishing the 1st (of 3) stages, which allows the sun's energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye to charge the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway behind the retina leading to the human brain.

Stage 2 (15- 30 minutes), mental depression will go away, It is possible to achieve a perfect balance of mind. Physical diseases will start being cured as well. 70 to 80% of the energy synthesized from food is taken by the brain and is used up in fueling tensions and worries. With a lack of mental tension, brain does not require the same amount of energy as before. As you proceed in sun gazing and as your tensions decrease food intake goes down.

When you reach 30 - 44 minutes duration of continuously looking at sun you will slowly be liberated from physical diseases since by now all the colors of the sun reach the brain through the eye. Brain regulates the flow of color prana appropriately to the respective organs. All the internal organs get ample supply of the required color prana. The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana. Kidney red, Heart yellow, Liver green etc. Colors reach the organs and address any deficiencies."

[YEA]  11/16/2010: Diana Moore from Auckland, New Zealand: "My husband and I have been sungazing for a few weeks now and we feel amazing. We also have changed to a Raw Food Diet consisting of mainly fruit too.. So it could be a bit of both. But after Sungazing you just feel so good. We are addicted to it and can't wait to get out there and do it again. It makes you feel more connected. I have really deep sleeps now with vivid dreams. I have noticed my appetite has decreased already.. With a feeling of wanting to eat to heal my body instead of just satisfying it with taste. I am increasing the sungazing time 10 seconds a day. The first time I did it for 10 seconds, I could barely look at the sun. Now I can gaze at it for a long time with no problems. I am hoping for better eyesight in the long run."

11/16/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Can't it burn your retina?"
04/14/2011: Jai from Calgary, Alberta replies: "Sungazing is one of the most high vibrational methods that helps us awaken to our unlimited potential. Intuitive Breathing (pranayama) and sungazing along with a few other methods have been the most powerful I've come across. In fact, you can see Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) and Umasankar in the award winning sungazing movie, What If? The Movie"
06/30/2011: Elaine from Edmond, Oklahoma replies: "Do not do that!!! Your eyeball is made up mostly of water. The sun heats it up and litterally boils/cooks your eyes. Your skin sunburns and so do your eyes except being made up of so much water it happens more quickly. If you burn your retina it's permanent damage. If you don't believe me ask an eye doctor. I just don't want to see anyone cause permenant damage to their sight."
07/02/2011: Lou In Texas from Somewhere, Texas replies: "When I was a little girl, we drove about 20 miles to church. To pass the time, I used to stare at the sun all the way there. I have told several opthalmologists about this, and they all said that my eyes were not damaged from it."
08/03/2011: Wyleen from Santa Rosa, Ca replies: "I ran across that docu yesterday on the documentry channel. I highly recommend it. It was very informative."
08/20/2011: Chris from West Midlands, England replies: "The issue with sungazing is - living in england where I live, we see the sun rare so building up 10seconds a day would result in about 5-7years before building upto the full time of sun gazing time, plus where I live - there is absolutely no accessible place to sungaze where there is soil. I do sungaze when possible and I started off with more than 10seconds and it didnt cause me no harm. Im now on 7minutes but I do this in 3minutes then another 3minutes then a further minute a present. What would be the feedback advise? to just increase one sitting of sun dose? because clouds dominate the skies by me almost 24/7 so getting to see it for more than 3minutes is somewhat of a revelation in england. Its constantly grey industrial skies here but if you need soil too - then I just cannot do that because id be too low that I would miss the sun completely in the rising and setting hours. I live in the shitty (i mean city) end basically.

i have noticed that I have gone 5hrs sleep on many nights in a row though lately and I walk several miles a day and go the gym and although I wake up worn out always, I manage to stay awake during the day for much longer now. Cant say as im on top of the world mind anywhere near yet"

[WARNING!]  08/22/2011: Quanlan from New York replies: "Have you ever taken a magnifying lens and positioned it in the SUN so its focal point was a piece of paper, and the paper caught fire? You are doing exactly the same thing if you look at the sun. By burning the maculas of your eyes, you will lose your central vision for life. Don't be a fool."
08/22/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "sun"gazing" for a few minutes WITH EYES CLOSED, I find it is very calming."
08/23/2011: Oscar from Syracuse, New York, Usa replies: "I am very reluctant to critisize any of the treatments discussed here. But I have to agree very much with what Quanlan has to say about "sungazing". Sunlight is very damaging to skin. Sun burn is a very real phenomonen, many of us have first hand experience with sunburn to our skin. What would anyone expect to gain by focusing these damaging rays on what are very delicate tissues as described so well by Quanlan ? That is why it hurts our eyes to look directly at the sun. Thank you Quanlan for pointing this out to your fellow forum members. Any one who doubts that can do that simple experiment with a magnifing glass and a piece of paper. That is what you are doing to your eyes when SUNGAZING....Oscar"
08/23/2011: Mike from Visalia, Ca Usa replies: "Yes it can be damaging if you dont know how to do it properly. If you even just google it you will see that your only to do it at sunrise or sunset, preferably sunrise between 4am and 6am and no longer than 10min. Some do it in 3min increments and like everything else you must work up to it very slowly. So yes caution is necessary. Please research before trying, best of luck"
09/03/2011: Joy from Manila, Philippines replies: "Jo-ann Ramos/Philippines: I have been doing sun gazing for more than a year, at most 10 minutes. My eyes are still intact. My eyes closes at the first attempt of sun contact. After this, there are small dark spots appearing on the second sun contact and finally these small dark spots form a circle and covers the sun. Then, I see the sun very clearly, as if I am just gazing at the moon."

[YEA]  07/24/2009: Kirsten from London, UK: "I have started sun gazing after hearing my mother in law raving about it. At first it was just curiosity and I stopped when the weather went bad. I then went to this group where a guy Hira Ratan Manek was talking about sun gazing and made some amazing claims. I started up again and before long my appetite started to fall dramatically. HRM teaches that one should sun gaze at safe levels starting at 10 seconds and adding 10 seconds each day until you reach 45 mins, then you can go back to 15 mins or stop all together. He claims that when you reach 45 mins all physical problems will be healed, you will no longer need food as you get all your energy from the sun and can even drink water energized by the sun (store in glass not plastic in a spot where it will be exposed to lots of sun for a day minimum). He says that addictions and mental health problems will be cured as the body is finally working at peak efficiency.

My first thought was that these are some wild claims, however with the increased energy I feel and the way my body seems to be able to process food better so that I get more from simple fruit and feel full very quickly which is the exact opposite of how I have felt my entire life I do wonder what more benefit I will get by keeping up with it. I am up to 9 mins today. I would love it if sun gazing will give me enough energy to reduce how much I sleep at night (10hrs) and break my dependence on smoking- that would be enough to totally change my life forever.


08/16/2013: Lee from London, U.K. replies: "This is for Kirsten and her motherinlaw.

As you can see I too live in London and reslly want to meet others who have been gazeing at the sun.

I'm not even sure if you will get this message as I am truly computer iliterate and things tend to go awol into cyberspace, so I hope this gets through. I thought I was the only person who did this and have been sungazing for 10 years. So was surprised to see that there was a worldwide community. None of whom seems to have had the same experince as me. As I say me and technology don't get along I'm very much would like a face to face chat with as many people as possible so anyone who reads this and wants to get together let me know. Love and peace, Lee."

[YEA]  01/18/2009: Mauro Giller from Curitiba, PR - Brazil: "I wish to tell you all a experience I had with Sun Gazing a few years back.

At that time I had never heard of any "Sun Gazing " therapy. So it all happenned by accident or by "instinct!

This happened here in Brazil during the Carnival festivities in 1989. I went to the beach with some friends to stay there for the 5 day holyday. On the first day (it was a saturday ) and it was very hot and we stayed drinking beers and caipirinhas in front of the beach. At night we went to this night club and danced a lot and drinked a awfull lot as well. When we got out of the club we noticed that the day was dawning. We were very very tired and a bit drunk as well. So some of our friends decided that we should go to this small plateau of rocks near the ocean to watch the sunrise. We sat at the rocks and started watching the Big Sun God in golden and reddish color slowly coming out of the South Atlantic. I kind of entered a meditative state automatically.The vision was amazing. The Sun went up and and when it became a full disk and started to glow more and more we went home. I noticed that all my tiredness and drunkness went away and I was replenished with energy for the entire sunday.No one slept. It was really amazing all of us didnt'feel tired or sleepy. I figured that the rising sun gives more life energy than in the sunset. especially coming out from the horizon on the sea. It's a surplus of energy made of high level of impressions entering the body."

[YEA]  07/04/2008: Shad from Houston, TX: "My Sufi teacher has Mr.K.S.Azeemi( at age 81 he does not need eye glasses) done sungazing and he reccomends sungazing with closed eyes for enhancing energy level. Best time he recommends is when at sunrise the disk is orange-red (infra_red). Sungazing with closed eyes is considered safer. But increase your time gradually. This whole thing about bare-foot is nonsense though.

He recommends that while sungazing imagine that energy is coming to your body through the third eye (between eye brows)."

[YEA]  04/13/2008: Raven from Toronto, Canada: "I have sungazed since October 2006. I stopped for about 3 months, not sure if i should continue. I felt like I needed a break and then started up. My appetite reduced significantly and I did a 7 day water fast feeling great, whereas in the past if I tried to fast, I could barely wait until the end. My body felt weak and deprived of food. I feel great, have lots of energy.I still binge on food , think to keep me grounded. It almost feels impossible sub consiously to be able to live completely without food. I am just not hungry and it scares me sometimes , so I will eat a little and the odd time go crazy for a day, feel really aweful and stop again.

I still love Chocolate alot.

People will come up to me and say" What are you doing , you look incredible , you have a twinkle in your eye, you are so youthful"

Try it you'll love it. Oh and I did see an eye doctor and confirmed that my eyesight is perfect and she supports sungazing during safe hours 100% She said "Good for you, the sun has gotten a bad rap for far too long"

[YEA]  04/03/2008: Diane GeO : "I have been sun gazing for four years now, and have learned from a couple prominent sun gazers, one being scientist Vinny Pinto. I write you because of your admonition that sun gazing at clouds is safer than looking straight at the sun. This is not accurate. Clouds cause a glare, that can actually be harmful. Doing so for short periods of time on occasion is okay, but not often. The best time is early in the day, or later in the day, looking at the sun directly. I sun gaze at all hours with full sun exposure, with no problem, as do many sun gazers I know. This however is not suggested for beginners, who should only sun gaze early, or later in the day. The thing is you must be barefoot on actual soil, and after gazing, continue to stand on bare earth for at least 10 minutes to ground the energy. This last part is very important. No corrective lenses should be in use at the time of gazing. Starting at one half minute, and working up a half minute a day is ideal. So, first day one half minute, second day one minute, etc. As your eyes adjust, eventually you can do it for long periods of time. I can do it for twenty minutes a day now. My lens prescription improved by a couple numbers doing this practice. Do expect there will be a blinding effect for up to an hour afterward, but this effect lessens, the longer one sun gazes. I highly suggest thoroughly reading Vinny Pinto's suggestions before gazing which can be found near the bottom of this page: Sincerely, Diana Geo"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/07/2007: Ron from Reno, Nevada: "I'm referring to sun gazing. I'm 72 and honestly am trying to live forever or at least as long as I feel it's worth it. I tried the sun gazing technique a couple of years ago but living in an apartment complex found bare ground hard to come by. Furthermore, winter came along and the ground was either too hard, too cold or covered with snow. After three months and getting up to 10-20 minutes of staring at the rising sun, I really didn't feel all that different and gave it up especially with the oncoming winter.. Now, in November 2007, I go out on the terrace and just let the morning sun hit me full in the face for around 10-20 minutes. It feels great but I keep my eyes closed. Still, after five weeks, I'm still dead tired at the end of the day even though I don't lead a terribly busy life. I still work as a teacher but only for a couple of hours Mon-Thu although class preparation can be hectic. My main ailment is high blood pressure and BPH and I'm hoping to get better as time goes on. What I want to address/ask is whether sun gazing with the eyes closed is a worthwhile practice or must I go some distance to find bare ground plus criticism from wife and kids. I fully accept the logic but I guess I'm seeking reinforcement."

07/08/2013: Ap from Blaine, Wa replies: "If you can't get to soil, you can still get grounded. There are simple devices that plug into the "ground" of a power outlet. Use google to find them for sale. That way you can stay in the apartment and get grounded!"

[YEA]  08/21/2007: Michael from Gig Harbor, Washington: "I started sungazing one year ago because I needed more balance in my life. I was depressed do to the lack of sunlight in Western Washington state. In the past year I have logged hundreds of hours of sungazing directly at the sun. Depression disappeared in a matter of weeks, my vision and night vision have both improved. I sleep less and have more energy then I have ever had before. Being in a good mood almost all of the time is another wonderful side effect."

[YEA]  01/23/2007: Toma from Chicago, IL: "Day light lamp not only helpsto relieve the symptoms of SAD, but it, also, works great for depression. Make sure the lamp has a filter that blocks UV rays."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/12/2007: Dana from Las Vegas, NV: "I haven't tried sun-gazing yet, but I think there's a bit of trust in the theory. Sometimes when I'm about to go to bed, I feel I need light. I've gone to bed with the light on and I couldn't understand why. I just thought I was afraid and might have nightmares. Now I understand why I felt I had to have the light on. I had no problem sleeping on the nights I needed light."

[YEA]  12/06/2006: K.L. from Dallas, TX: "Sun gazing cured cured caffeine addiction, insomnia, and helped depression! Suffering from insomnia and depression, I had gone to a natural physician who suggested I stopped drinking coffee and replace the coffee drinking with sunshine in the morning by looking almost directly at the sun for a minute or two every morning. He said the effect would be much the same as coffee as far as waking up the body goes.

This physician didn't lie. For the past 2 years I go out every morning upon waking, either on the balcony or if not just through my window and look up for a minute or two towards the direction of the sun. There is an almost immediate energizing of the body. I no longer have any need for caffeine. After 15 years of coffee, I don't crave it at all. I sleep with no sleeping aids (the result of no more caffeine) live a much more peaceful life without all those stimulants, and from my half hearted effort at this "sun gazing" practice, my depression is definitely manageable."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, a common improvement in sun gazing is the body's circadian rhythm is synchronized with the sun. The body's pineal gland now goes and work in cycle. The reason is that the body needs something to reset its clock. What really messes our body is the use of artificial lighting which can be opened for 24 hours a day and the body's clocks are off. The other issue is the light spectrum of the artificial lighting is incomplete causing very favorable biological effects. People who raises fish aquarium noticed that fishes needs a full spectrum lighting so that fishes don't get cataract, or their scales don't become dull as well as causing them to be more healthy generally. The reality is, you need the sun, but you really shouldn't stare directly into the sun either. This will cause blindness. Just look indirectly is the best approach. The simple fact of just opening your windows in the morning to allow the sun to shine through and enjoying the sunlight is more than enough for the body to re sync itself, but preferably getting the sun exposed without the filtering of glass windows or plastic windows is much more preferred then anything else."
09/06/2010: Fluidfilm from New York, Ny replies: "Very interesting article. I appreciate how you make sungazing/lightgazing accessible and safe for anyone to try. I am just beginning my exploration of sungazing. I produced a short video that explores one person's experience with it, meditating during sunrise in New York City."

Ted's Feedback on Sun Gazing

03/10/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Sun Gazing is an ancient method of healing that originated in India about 2600 years ago with the teaching of Lord Mahavir of Jain. Most people who do sun gazing have gone to extremes such as gazing like 10 minutes or 30 minutes. What it does, basically, is that it activates the pineal gland, the glands responsible for the body's circadian rhythm.

How it works I do not know, but for some reason at certain times, the eyes needs lights necessary to re synchronize with the body systems. What I do know is the pituitary was once considered a "master gland" until they later found out that it was actually controlled by the pineal gland.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant, controls blood sugar, sleeping, controls pituitary gland for example.

Seasonal Affective Disorders can be normalized by staring into a tungsten light bulb (good low wattage ones like 5 watts or 10 watts) for a couple of minutes to cure depression, etc, especially in countries where there is a light deficiency.

In fact, whenever you expose this light during the morning or make sure your bedroom lights are full spectrum, it will give you more energy for the entire day. That means the body functions better and the pineal gland can integrate various functions of the body to work in harmony with other glands as a result of greater activation by the lights. This is why the body gives you more energy.

Whenever you are exposed to light, the body needs to reset its timing mechanism everyday, and at least for me the best times to set the the biological clock so that you will be at least energized throughout the day is to at least get the sunlight into the bedroom in early morning hours.

It is necessary even if the room does not have access to bright lights to at least install a good bright tungsten light bulb or at least buy several light fluorescent from a local aquarium shops to have full spectrum lights turned on especially during the morning hours before going to work.

The practice of holistic medicine is to recognize that light, sound, energy, vibration are all related mathematically and this can be use to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Without going through too much math, it was Dr. Alfred Partheil that first recognized the relationship between lights and sound. He noted that the molecular weights of different elements of periodic tables at least from spectrum analysis were related to sound, by octaves. This concept can be further extended using the principle of octaves to sound, light, vibration and electromagnetic frequencies.

Assuming that I recorded your voice and break down the frequencies of your voice, the peak will show excess, the lack of it will show deficiencies. Therefore, these frequencies whether they be light, sound, or electromagnetic frequencies are related and allow the body to be complete.

Therefore, complete light spectrum frequencies, such as sunlight are best, but not necessarily does it have to be the sun. Most outside light, coming from the reflected clouds usually will have complete spectrum of frequencies. If you can program a sound generator sweeps from 0 Hz to 5000 Hz, the body can also be able to absorbed full spectrum of sound too, allowing equilibrium.

Basically the practice of sun gazing involves standing barefoot and looking indirectly into the sun for several minutes. However, I have modified the practice so that I will get the least problems (and complaints) with people who do it. Whenever people overdo something and encounter problems, they will generally quit doing everything altogether.

This is hardly the solution. The solution lies by starting something quite simply without resorting to extremes. For one thing, I have some correspondence with one person who uses sun gazing, but I prefer to call it light gazing, so people won't have to stare at the sun, which is generally not safe anyway.

The best way to start is to use more lights or make the room much brighter than usual especially during morning hours so that the body can reset its biological clocks. Just notice how less depressed you are and how much more energy you have for the rest of the day.

Another point that you can try later is to expose yourself to more lights than usual during the times in late afternoon where you are most depressed. Depending on where you live, that will be very different times, but if I lived in Chicago during the winter seasons, I would definitely need a very powerful lights full spectrum around between 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. In warmer climates such as Houston, the ideal time at least for me when I feel most depressed is between 6.00 - 7.00 p.m. is the time I need the lights. Winter hours, I may need more sun gazing or light gazing where two times are preferable such as the morning and the late afternoon before the sun sets. These two times will uplift the body.

There is also a strange observation, that if I don't do this, and stayed in the house all day, I might have trouble sleeping. And it is strange that I sometimes have to sleep with the lights open if the turning off the lights is not working. This means that the body needs certain lights to reset its clock. If you won't do it during the day, then I guess it has to be done while you sleep! If you are aware that the lights involve the resetting of the body's clock necessary for normal function, you can use this to the best advantage for you.

While it is claimed that you can go without food, (but not water) for more than a year using sun gazing, it is best done under medical supervision.

The best ways to do it is not to go on hunger strike. A more moderate means, by observing whether you eat less or whether your weight has declined to normal levels. These don't need any effort and it happens automatically.

So that is the moderate way we can do it. The key to sun gazing effectively is basically keep it simple and stupid, or do the obvious with plenty of moderation making sure you don't make mistakes. If you master the basics and everything is on your side, further developing this techniques is quite simple. The key is to stick to the fundamentals first and master that and make sure your health is improving, this I would call success.

The time you do sun gazing is to look into white clouds and you need not look at the sun. The idea is for your eyes to receive full light spectrum, for a couple of minutes, such as 1-2 minutes. You need not stare too long, but you can do enough that you feel well enough then stop. Then if you feel you need some more exposure due to depression, tiredness, or burnout, look at it again. The key is not to strain but to relax. If you feel a strain in looking into the white light such as the sky or clouds, then you should really stop. Once the body is removed of its strain and the feeling that your body is being filled up with energy then that is the key to successful sun gazing. The idea is to do it at different times of the day, especially in morning and late afternoon. What exact times really depends on how much sun you are getting at each particular time.

For example, winter in Chicago and sun is lacking you may need a full spectrum light bulb or full spectrum lights that you might get from a aquarium shops. It must be noted that when you are exposed to this relatively brief period that you are not strained and you feel you need it. If natural sunlight is not possible than staring at a rather weak tungsten light bulb will also help as it has a rather continuous light spectrum compared to neon lights.

Sometimes when the body lack or deficient in lights, I have noticed that I cannot sleep without lights. I had to leave the lights on to sleep! In other words, after working in a home for days, the body just needs it. The body sometimes need to sleep with full lights, and in some instances it must sleep in total darkness. The key is the body must be relaxed, not strained. If it is strained from night lights, or if it is strained from lack of lights, you need to be aware of this fact without forcing yourself in such a situation. The brain needs lights to reset itself or to integrate various hormones by energizing the pineal gland where the eyes act as receptors. Without lights or lack of lights or body by instinct tend to signal your body into hibernation, so getting sleepy working in an office with lack of lights is hardly conducive to health since the issue of strain is there. Whenever constant source of strain exists, the body goes into adrenal exhaustion or accumulates way too much stress to cause the body into a breakdown condition, which means of course, sickness.


05/18/2012: George from Sydney, Australia replies: "It is my feeling that your information regarding sungazing is slightly misleading. You give no mention of starting at 10 seconds per day and increasing by 10 seconds within the safe sungazing periods of first and last hour of sunrise and sunset (ie no UV ). I refer you to HRM's protocol. He is the leading authority (so to speak) on sungazing. He has researched sungazing for around three decades and as a result has formed the practise of safe sungazing. Anything outside the guidelines of what he has suggested (being a perspective- as he himself has reached the 44 minute mark) is not only leaving oneself open to potential harm but would be irresponsible to pass such information onto people who may be collecting data on the practice of safe sungazing.

My intention here is not to offend or put down you or anyone who has posted information on the site, rather it is to protect the interests of all of us when referring to sungazing.

If you feel what I am saying here about the practice of safe sungazing and passing on information to others about the practice of safe sungazing is in any way incorrect, then please feel free to provide me with the information you have regarding the practice and why you feel this information supports the safe practice of sungazing and I am happy to review what I currently consider as safe practice.

Sincerely, George"


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[YEA]  02/07/2014: Silvermist from Maine, Usa: "Sun Gazing is the closest "remedy" I could find to post what happened to me. My family all had a 4 day GI virus- constant vomiting. I also got this virus. I had been vomiting for about 6 hours on day 1, and then laid down shirtless in the sun through a window, like a cat. It is winter but the sun was bright and very warm on my back. I fell asleep for 45 minutes. When I awoke I was completely well, and in fact felt like a whole new human being. Mentally I had been slowly spiraling down for months without realizing it, until I woke up feeling so incredibly well. Positive brainwaves, etc. I am so amazed that I am searching everywhere to discover how the sun healed me so completely. Thank you sun!"

02/09/2014: Timh from Ky, Usa replies: "Vit-D deficiency seems like another likely culprit here. At least 20 min of Sun daily is recommended for Vit-D production and D is a big Immune Booster."



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